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Summary: When Wyatt returns from the future Chris learns just how devious his older brother is. Set between Hyde School Reunion and Spin City.

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Chapter 10: Family

They all walked down the stairs, tired but glad the ordeal was over with. They got to the living room when Leo suddenly remembered Wyatt. Baby Wyatt.

"Piper, where's Wyatt?" Leo asked slightly concerned.

"He's with Sheila and Darryl. They are going to drop him off later. Oh, no." Piper said remembering something.

"What?!" Everyone said looking worried.

"I invited them to dinner tonight." Piper said.

Chris' eyes grew as big as saucers and he looked at Autumn who looked as though she was stuck between delight and horror. She turned to Chris.

"What do we do? He'll recognize me." Autumn said nervously.

"We could hide you?" Leo suggested.

"I can't keep hiding from them the whole time I'm here. I think we have to tell them." Autumn said looking at the others.

"Are you sure? There could be repercussions." Phoebe said looking her in the eyes.

"I'm sure. They can't be any worse than they already are. Call them." Autumn said looking at Phoebe.

"Ok, I'll call them right now."

Paige walked into the kitchen to call Darryl as Autumn looked out the window.

"Wow, what a difference twenty-three years makes. I can't remember the city looking this beautiful."

"Autumn, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?" Chris said over Melinda's crying. Autumn leaned over and took her from Chris.

"She just misses her daddy. Leo why don't you try? You and Wyatt look so much alike maybe it'll calm her down." Autumn passed her to Leo and she immediately stopped crying. Paige choose this moment to come back in the room.

"They'll be here around 5:30." Paige said sitting down.

"Thanks, Paige." Autumn looked at herself then looked at Melinda. "Oh, no."

"What?" Piper said looking at her.

"I can't let them see me and their grandchild like this." She said gesturing to her blood-red revealing dress and Melinda's black baby outfit.

"Well, it's only eleven. Paige, Phoebe why don't you guys take Autumn and Melinda shopping, while I get to work on dinner." Piper suggested.

"Awesome. Let's go." Phoebe said jumping off the couch. After her, Paige, and Phoebe left Piper turned to Leo and Chris.

"As for you two. Get to work." She said handing each of them a rag and a broom.

Chris turned to Leo and frowned. "How is this fair?"

Leo shrugged his shoulders and got to work cleaning the house. When Autumn, Phoebe, Paige, and Melinda got back around three, each carrying bags, the house was spotless and smelled of Piper's cooking. Piper, Leo, and Chris came bustling out of the kitchen when they heard the door slam.

"Woah, how much did you guys spend?" Piper said looking from bag to bag.

"Not much." Autumn said innocently.

"Now, Paige and I are going to fix Autumn up to look like a queen, and not a queen of the underworld, either. Can you guys watch Melinda?" Phoebe asked handing her to Piper.

"Sure. I'll get her dressed when I dress Wyatt if you'd like." Piper said putting her in the playpen with Wyatt.

"Thanks Piper." Autumn said then hugged her.

"No problem, sweetie. Now hurry or you won't be ready on time."

Piper watched her as she climbed the stairs and then went to check the food. At five-thirty Paige, Phoebe, and Autumn still haven't come down and Piper went to the steps to yell at them once more but was cut off when the doorbell rang. She took the apron off and handed it to Chris who went into the kitchen to check on the food one last time. She opened the door and Sheila and Darryl stood there.

"Hi, guys. Come on in."

"Hey, Piper." Darryl said hugging her.

"Hey, Piper." Sheila said following Darryl into the house.

"Why don't you guys sit down while I see what's taking Phoebe and Paige so long." Piper said leading them into the living room where Leo was sitting with Wyatt and Melinda.

"Hey, Wyatt. How ya doing buddy?" Darryl said tickling Wyatt. "Leo, I've never seen her before. Who is she?" He said pointing at Melinda.

"Oh, that's Melinda. She's... uh... her and her mother's staying with us for a while." Leo said. Darryl noticed Leo was nervous but didn't push him. They would tell him if they thought he needed to know. Suddenly Piper appeared in the living room.

"They'll be right down. Why don't we go into the dining room?" She said leading them through the conservatory.

Just as Darryl sat down Paige and Phoebe walked in. He did a double-take as a young girl followed them. She was a beautiful girl, her long black hair fell down across her shoulders and the lilac dress she had on fit her perfectly. She seemed familiar to him and he couldn't help but stare. She walked up and took the baby from Chris and sat down across from Sheila. That's when it hit him like a ton of bricks, she was the spitting image of his wife. He looked at Sheila and she seemed to notice it too. Darryl then turned to Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Leo, and Chris. His faced hardened as they smiled at him.

"What is going on?"

"Darryl, calm down. We can explain this." Phoebe said putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Who are you?" Sheila asked looking like she had seen a ghost. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife when Autumn finally spoke.

"My name is Autumn Morris Halliwell. This is my daughter Melinda Prudence Halliwell." Autumn said looking into her father's eyes.

"Did you say Morris?" Darryl said getting more freaked out by the second.

"Yes I did, Daddy." Autumn said taking a hold of his hand.

"How?" He choked out through sobs.

"Long story short. I rescued Chris, Leo, and the sisters from my husband, Wyatt. So I had to come back in time until we can find out what turned him evil." Autumn said looking at him.

"But does this mean I'm going..." Sheila started then trailed off.

Autumn turned to her and smiled.

"How was the trip to Hawaii? You always told me you brought home something you never expected. You once said it beat the hell out of a t-shirt." She watched as realization dawned on her parents and they glowed when they realized they were going to have a baby. They turned back to her and looked at the little girl she was holding.

"May I?" Darryl asked. Then took his granddaughter in his arms as Sheila hugged Autumn. Tears were streaming down their faces after they broke apart and they looked at Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Chris.

"Thank you so much." Darryl said as he hugged his daughter.

"You're welcome. Now anyone hungry?" Piper said smiling at them.

They all ate that night, smiled, and laughed. All their worries disappeared for that one night.

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