Nothing's Impossible

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a small rewrite of my original story. A lot of the information in this story is completely made up, such as the Impossibles real names, the city Megatropolis, The Secret Security Headquarters, and how they got their powers, since these things were never mentioned in the original Hanna-Barbera cartoon. As far as the characters go, The Impossibles, Big D, and Professor Questology are Hanna-Barbera's. Everyone else is mine.

It was a normal night in the city of Megatropolis. Our story opens at the State University, in the science lab. Inside, Professor Jerry McDonald, one of State U's most brilliant young minds, was perfecting a formula of his. The formula was capable of getting rid of the common allergy. Jerry had been testing it on a lab mouse, who had sinus troubles. Finally, he was about to perfect it.

"Well, Freddy, let's see if we can't unclog your sinuses a little," he said.

Jerry picked up the mouse and stuck the syringe in his leg. Then he put Freddy back in his cage. Two minutes later, the results happened. Freddy sniffed around his cage, but he didn't sound so stuffed up. Then Jerry opened the cage door, took the mouse out, and put him in the maze he had created for Freddy and the other lab mice. There was a small piece of cheese in the center of the maze. The mice were supposed to use their sense of smell to lead them to the cheese, but Freddy never could make it, until now. In fact, he was faster than all the other lab mice.

"That's incredible," Jerry said, looking at his stop watch. "Freddy, you've completed the maze faster than any other lab mouse!"

Jerry picked up Freddy and put him back in the cage. Then he poured his formula into a test tube. He was thrilled that it worked. All he had to do now was present it to the science department as soon as possible, and then he'd use himself as a test subject. He had allergies of his own, and there were times when his own sinuses drove him crazy.

"And they said it couldn't be done," he said.

"What couldn't be done, Jerry?" another science professor, Milton Questology, asked, coming in.

"Hi, Professor Questology," Jerry said. "I was just working on my allergy theory. I've created the solution to all allergies."

"Is it like an antihistamine?"

"No, this you only have to take once. I've already tested it on Freddy, and all I need now is a little presentation time."

"I think we can arrange that. I have to tell you, Jerry, if this formula works, it could make millions."

"Great. I'll start cleaning up here."

Professor Questology nodded, and walked off. Jerry proceeded cleaning up the lab. As he was putting the test tubes away, someone entered the room.

"Professor McDonald?" a deep, sensuous voice asked. That sort of sent shivers up Jerry's spine. He turned around and saw a woman standing in the doorway. She was about the average height for a woman. She had a pretty face, flaming red hair, and a body that looked like it wouldn't quit. Her skin tight black cat suit showed off her figure very well. Jerry gulped.

"Yeah?" he asked, staring at this woman.

"I hear you have a formula on your hands," the woman said.

"Well, yeah. See, it's supposed to cure allergies. Get rid of them for good."

"I'll bet a formula like that is worth a million dollars."

"If it works, it could be. Who are you anyway?"

"Little ol' me? They call me The Siren."

"The Siren? How come they call you that?"

The Siren laughed, and took her amulet in her hands. It looked like an ordinary red stone in a gold setting. Jerry looked at it. Suddenly, it began to mist, and the strangest sound came out of it. It sounded like singing, but there were no words. Just a hypnotic melody. Jerry was entranced. He dropped a couple of empty test tubes on the floor, smashing them to pieces. He felt dizzy, and then passed out. The Siren let go of her amulet and pulled the young professor off the ground.

"You and I have places to go, McDonald," she said. "The city will pay handsomely for that formula of yours!"

At that moment, Professor Questology came back into the room, upon hearing the crash of the test tubes.

"Jerry, I heard a crash," he said. "I was wondering . . . . ."

The professor stopped suddenly when he saw the Siren standing in the middle of the lab, holding the unconscious young scientist.

"The Siren," he said.

"Glad you recognize me," the Siren said. "However, we must be going."

With that, the Siren used her amulet to disappear into thin air. Professor Questology then ran to the nearest phone and dialed the Secret Security Headquarters (SSH for short). He was an old friend of the chief of SSH, Big D. His secretary, Phyllis Dawson, answered the phone.

"Secret Security Headquarters," she said.

"Phyllis, I need to talk to Big D," Professor Questology said. "It's an emergency!"

"I'll put you through right away," Phyllis said. She pushed a couple of buttons and then rang the chief. "Big D, Professor Questology is on line two. He says it's an emergency."

"Put him on," Big D replied.

Phyllis pushed another couple of buttons and transferred the call.

"Big D, this is an emergency," Professor Questology said. "The Siren broke into the science lab here at State University. She took off with Professor McDonald, just as he finished creating a million dollar formula."

"I'll put my agents on it right away," Big D said, hanging up the phone. Then he pushed an intercom button. "Phyllis, I need you in here, as well as Mike and Reggie."

"Yes sir," Phyllis said. Then she pushed another intercom button. "Attention please! Would Mike Rogers and Reggie Johnson come to the chief's office please?"

Mike Rogers, SSH's chief mechanic, dropped a wrench and abandoned the car he was working on. Reggie Johnson, SSH's top inventor, stopped what he was doing and dashed for the chief's office. They met Phyllis in the office, and walked inside.

"What's up, Big D?" Mike asked.

"We have a problem," Big D said. "The Siren has struck. She uses her amulet to hypnotize people and knock them out and then she steals from them. We need to put our top agents on the job."

"But boss, all of our agents are no match for the Siren!" Reggie shouted.

"Besides, they're all out on other cases," Phyllis said.

"Then we'll just have to recruit some new agents," Big D replied. "Some that may be able to handle the Siren. I want the three of you to work on that."

"Yes sir!" Mike, Reggie, and Phyllis shouted, saluting. The three of them left the office.

"How are we going to recruit new agents?" Reggie asked. "Especially ones that can handle the Siren?"

"Nobody can handle the Siren!" Mike shouted. "That's doin' the impossible!"