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I.K.A. Valian


The two boys screamed as they plummeted through the darkness. Link's floppy green hat, along with the longer strands of Genis' hair and his Kendema ball, whipped around wildly, sounding like a hudnred people clicking their heels on pavment. Their voices echoed in the dark abyss beneath the Martel Temple off of walls they could not see.

Thus it was they failed to notice the large net like objects that they slammed into until they tore through it, it ripping like a wet sheet of paper but producing a sound similar to a tree limb snaping. They slammed into another net, and another, and another. Each net slowing their descent until finally the fourth net gave way and they slammed into the ground at a sub-terminal velocity.

Link tried to push himself up, but he started coughing from the dust that their impact thew into the air and fell back onto the ground when his muscles gave up the fight. This secondary impact cause more dust to enter his lungs and extended his coughing fit.

Several minutes later, when both boys regained control of their ability to breath with only a few coughs between deep lungfulls of stale pitch black air, Genis said, "Wow... I didn't think... we'd survive."

"We're just... lucky..." said Link. Link blinked a few times, giving himself a headache trying to see through the darkness. "Wow... It's dark in here..."

"Did you... hear something?" Genis asked.

Link shook his head. "No..."

For several moments, nothing was said. Other than the two boys' labored breathing, there was no sound. Everything in the pitch black space was stark silent. Then something scraped the ground. Link turned his head to look behind him but he couldn't see anything. The scraping was slow and not very loud, but it was getting closer and it was getting louder.

"Genis, what is that?"

"I...I'm not sure Link!"

Link stood up and reached for his sword, only to realize that the blade was knocked from his hands when he and Genis were thrown into the abyss. He got down on the ground and started feeling about. When his hand touched Genis' leg, the small mage screamed.

"Calm down," said Link, "it's me, Link."

"How can I stay calm when that scratching is getting closer," moaned Genis, "You can hear it just as well as I can!"

"That's why I'm looking for my sword," said Link. "Maybe... Maybe I can defeat whatever it is." He said this with what he hoped was confidence, but whatever it was that approached them was making louder and louder scraping noises. Clicks were soon added to the noises. Soon the sound was nearly on top of the boys and Link still hadn't found his sword.

And then it stopped.

"What happened?" Genis wondered aloud in a soft tone.

Link continued to feel around on the ground and finally grasped the hilt of his sword. "I found it!" he shouted.

Suddenly a peircing scream filled the air from above. Shortly there after, a pink light enshrouded body landed with a thud on top of a newly revealed giant spider. The light also revealing that Link was holding its leg and not his sword in his right hand. The boys swallowed loudly as they stared slack jawed into the gaping maw of the man sized spider.

"Oh crap."


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