Warning: future boy on boy and het relationships.

Disclaimer: if I owned Naruto, would I be writing FANFICTION? Hmm?

I'm too lazy to write this all in as an actually chapter, but basically the story goes: Gaara was a non-talkative outcast without any friends and an abusive dad. But once Temari turned 18 she fought for custody of Kankuro and Gaara and moved them away to a new town in the beginning of the summer. Gaara meets Sasuke and Naruto and eventually becomes friends with both of them, and through them becomes friends with others like Kiba, Hinata (not in this chappie), and Shikamaru. He's not aware of the fact that Sasuke has a huge crush on him, nor is he aware of his feelings towards the raven. Wheh. That's about everything for now.

Pairings (that I've planned so far): Sasuke/Gaara, Neji/Gaara, Naruto/Hinata, Kiba/Shino. Shikamaru/Temaru

Screen Names

IHateTheLog - Sasuke

RealMenWearEyeLiner - Gaara

FoxyRoxy - Naruto

Cloudgazer - Shikamaru

WolfRainLives - Kiba

MasterOfPuppets12 - Kankuro

MyOwn#1Fan - Temari

PrettyInPink15 - Sakura

Here we go!


You have been invited to chat room 'High School At Last!!!!!'

RealMenWearEyeLiner has signed on

IHateTheLog: yo

FoxyRoxy: GAARA!!! glomps

RealMenWearEyeLiner: who else is here?

WolfRainLives: I am. Shika's here too, but he's been a lazy ass like usual

PrettyInPink15 has signed on

IHateTheLog: I'm out

FoxyRoxy: Noooo!! Sasuke, come back!

PrettyInPink15: looks around. Aww, I thought Sasuke was here! w/e

PrettyInPink15 has signed off

WolfRainLives: Nice to cya 2

FoxyRoxy: lol

MasterOfPuppets12 has signed on.

MasterOfPuppets12: FRESH MEAT!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!!

RealMenWearEyeLiner:…oh god. What r u doing here?

MasterOfPuppets12: hey, hey. Chillax , little man. I'm just hanging out.

WolfRainLives: who r u?

MasterOfPuppets12: Only the coolest older brother evah!.

RealMenWearEyeLiner: …he wishes

MasterOfPuppets12: So mean!

WolfRainLives: lol

FoxyRoxy: aww, you guys r such a cute family!

MyOwn#1Fan has signed on

MyOwn#1Fan: hey

WolfRainLives: hey Shika, ur gf is here

Cloudgazer: shut up.

MyOwn#1Fan: aww blushes

FoxyRoxy: Ooo, he talks!

RealMenWearEyeLiner: omg! Temari! Kankuro! don't talk to me on AIM! Just get off your lazy asses and walked 10 feet to ME!!!

MasterOfPuppets12: Methinks our little brother has an attitude problem

MyOwn#1Fan: You're right! points with authority Time out!

RealMenWearEyeLiner: …my ass

FoxyRoxy: lol

RealMenWearEyeLiner: and isn't it ur turn to make dinner, Kankuro? What r u doing HERE?

MasterOfPuppets12: Don't worry, the pizza will be here soon. 

RealMenWearEyeLiner: U lazy piece of crap!

MasterOfPuppets12: Mwahaha!

RealMenWearEyeLiner: Get ur ass in the kitchen and make me dinner, woman!

MyOwn#1Fan: thin ice, Gaara, thin ice

MasterOfPuppets12: Watch it, pal

RealMenWearEyeLiner: Sure, buddy

MasterOfPuppets12: got it, chef

RealMenWearEyeLiner: it's CHIEF….GAYLORD

MasterOfPuppets12: oh l…o…l rolls eyes. Get ur own damn jokes!

Cloudgazer: You guys are so troublesome…

MyOwn#1Fan: then y don't you start a new conversation?

FoxyRoxy: cause it's troublesome, ne?

Cloudgazer: …yeah

WolfRainLives: I'm commenting for no reason

RealMenWearEyeLiner: ok, this is ridiculous. Some1 bring Sasuke back. He left because of Sakura and he's still online, right?

FoxyRoxy: yeah. I'll do it. Brb

MyOwn#1Fan: I just heard the doorbell!!!

MasterOfPuppets12: PIZZA!!!

MyOwn#1Fan: cya suckahs!

MyOwn#1Fan has signed off

WolfRainLives: say 'byebye' Shika!

Cloudgazer: ….

MasterOfPuppets12: Gaara?

RealMenWearEyeLiner: 5 minutes

MasterOfPuppets12: kk

MasterOfPuppets12 has signed off

FoxyRoxy: hey, I'm back! And I brought emo-boy!

IHateTheLog: hola

RealMenWearEyeLiner: Finally, the siblings are gone!

WolfRainLives: Dude, u missed the whole convo!

RealMenWearEyeLiner: Not really. Wasn't this chatroom supposed to be about high school?

FoxyRoxy: Eh. No one really cares

WolfRainLives: All I've learned here is that apparently we're fresh meat

FoxyRoxy: I just hope there aren't a lot of cliques

Cloudgazer: yeah, those things are a waste of time

WolfRainLives: Choji's going too, right?

FoxyRoxy: yeah, and Shino I think

WolfRainLives: Really? I haven't seen him since middle school

RealMenWearEyeLiner: Who and who?

FoxyRoxy: Choji's this kid that eats A LOT and Shino is a really quiet guy that always wears sunglasses. They're both cool

RealMenWearEyeLiner: Ah

WolfRainLives: Hey Sasuke, ur brother goes to our highschool, right?

IHateTheLog: Yeah, don't remind me.

RealMenWearEyeLiner: I didn't kno that

IHateTheLog: He's a senior. But he hangs out with really weird ppl

FoxyRoxy: U can say that again

IHateTheLog: but I won't

FoxyRoxy: Orochimaru, ne?

WolfRainLives: Yeah, can you say 'child rapist'? That guy is creepy on a stick. So watch out!

RealMenWearEyeLiner: salutes Roger that!

RealMenWearEyeLiner: ugh, Temari's calling me. Gtg. I'll cya guys 2morrow

Cloudgazer: Cya

FoxyRoxy: NOOO!!! Don't leave MEEEEEE!!!

IHateTheLog: Dobe. We're still here.

WolfRainLives: Nope. Sorry, I gtg too. Adios amigos. Next time I see you, we'll be embarking on a new journey into the hell that is high school!

FoxyRoxy: lol. Bye

WolfRainLives has signed off

RealMenWearEyeLiner: I'm going. bye

IHateTheLog: K, bye Gaara

RealMenWearEyeLiner has signed off

Cloudgazer: bye

Cloudgazer has signed off

FoxyRoxy: ok, well I'm going too, Teme

IHateTheLog: same goes to you dobe, adios

FoxyRoxy has signed off

IHateTheLog has signed off