Title: The Knight

Title: The Knight

Author: Padme

Category: Adventure/Romance

Summary: When things go different than George plans a beautiful new tale is born. One of high adventure, narrow escapes... and and the discovery of the power of true love.

Age: Obi-Wan is 20, Amidala is 18

Spoilers: "The Phantom Menace"

Rating: I think PG-13 just to be really safe... because I am not exactly sure where this is going. But as Lao Tzu says, "A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving."

Feedback: Please! I want to know everything and anything that you have say!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, George Lucas and all of his associated companies do. I am making absolutely no money for this, just having fun practicing writing skills. :)

Author's Note: This story picks up at the part in "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" just after Theed has been captured. Okay, I streched Amidala's age a little... but as for Obi-Wan... the only real indication of his age in TPM is the novelization... which we all know can't be counted on for anything. So in this story Obi is 20... and he is in my world. :)

The Knight

Part One:

Queen Amidala of the Naboo's mind was racing. The Trade Federation had taken control of Theed, the capitol of the planet. Foreseeing this move she had quickly changed identities with Sabe, a handmaiden who served as a decoy queen when needed.

Amidala had washed away the characteristic face paint and donned the orange, hooded robes of a handmaiden. For as long as the situation called for, she would be Padme, handmaiden to her royal highness.

Sabe put on the dark colors of the queen's mourning gown and headdress, the ghostly white face paint adding to her woeful appearance. As Padme watched Sabe dress she marveled at her courage; so much courage to protect just one person.

Amidala considered herself brave, she would do anything for her people. But it is different, she realized, when you do something for a thousand people, and when you do something for one. She vaguely wondered if she would ever need to risk her life for just one person.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Captain Panaka entering their chambers. "Our time is up," he said. The Neimoidians had been kind enough to allow the queen and her handmaidens time to change. Not that they could try anything, they would be searched immediately.

Sabe turned to Padme.

"How do I look?" She was trying to hide her nervousness.

"Like the queen of the Naboo," Padme offered with a smile. Both wore a sad expression as they hugged each other.

"We are brave," Sabe whispered. She took a deep breath to compose herself.

"Amidala," Captain Panaka nodded at Sabe, and gave a worried glance to Padme.

Amidala and the handmaidens were searched by scanning droids then proceeded down the staircase, followed by their unarmed guards. Governor Sio Bibble began speaking with the Neimoidians.

"How will you explain this invasion to the senate?"

"The queen and I will sign a treaty that will legitimize our occupation here. I have assurances it will be ratified by the senate," Nute Gunray, the lead Neimoidian stated.

"I will not cooperate," Amidala drew herself up.

"Now, now your highness. In time, the suffering of your people will persuade you to see our point of view."

Amidala did not respond. She remained stoic as Nute addressed a droid.


"Yes, Sir," was the robotic reply.

"Process them," he said with more than a little glee.

"Captain," the commander droid addressed another. "Take them to Camp Four."

"Roger, roger," replied the other droid.

As Padme passed she could see the disdainful look on Nute's face. She tried to look humble.

The group proceeded down the next flight of stairs that led to the beautiful palace courtyard. The shadows cast by the lovely statues seemed foreboding.

As the group herded by battle droids continued through the courtyard no one noticed the three shadowy figures in the open hallway above. Suddenly, two blurrs of brown and white dropped down in a dance of green and blue color. After a second Padme recognized the two blurrs to be humans... attacking their droid escort!

The battle, if it could even be called one, was over within seconds. A funny looking creature clumsily let go of the edge of the hallway and fell to the ground. Now that he commotion had stopped Padme could see that their rescuers were two men: one was tall and appeared older than the trim one with him. He spoke.

"We should leave the streets, your highness."

As Sio Bibble directed Sabe to a safe place, Panaka ordered his troops to get the now dismembered droids' weapons. The clumsy creature said something almost indecipherable about being "bombad."

Once in an alley the tall man introduced himself.

"We're ambassadors for the supreme chancellor."

"Your negotiations seem to have failed, ambassador," Sio Bibble snorted.

"The negotiations never took place," the ambassador explained. "It's urgent that we make contact with the republic."

"They've knocked out all our communications," Panaka informed him. The ambassador appeared to be quickly thinking something out.

"Do you have transports?"

"In the main hangar. This way," Panaka directed.

The ambassador and Panaka trotted off, leading the way. The younger ambassador hung back to follow behind the group. Padme kept her eyes on the queen. Sabe was doing well, she had easily fooled the Neimoidians so easily. She tried to stay as close to the queen as possible, but it was proving exceedingly difficult with that clumsy creature between them. Padme finally got a good look at him. He was a Gungan, one of the other species of her homeworld. She wondered what a Gungan was doing with ambassadors; Gungans didn't even communicate with the Naboo, let alone the senate.

Suddenly the tall ambassador had his weapon drawn and was using it to deflect laser shots coming from around the corner. Her majesty's guards quickly unsheathed their captured blasters and moved forward to protect the queen.

Padme could barely hear above all the commotion. The younger ambassador stood behind her, laser-sword drawn, watching for hostiles approaching from the rear.

"They've undoubtedly alerted the entire invasion force to our presence!" Panaka yelled while disarming a droid with one, clear shot to the control panel.

"Then we haven't much time! We must reach the hangar!" The ambassador was graceful as he deflected the laser shots in front of the queen. From Padme's perspective, Sio Bibble was hiding his head behind the queen.

"It's only a little ways ahead! I say we run for it!" Panaka said. The ambassador nodded and they looked to the queen. 'It's your call,' Padme thought.

The queen took a deep breath as she quickly looked around her. There wasn't much of a choice. She nodded her approval and the large man leapt out, moving fast as lightning, covering their escape route. "Go!" he shouted.

Panaka led Sio Bibble and the queen to the safety of another alley while guards flanked the handmaidens.

Before the large ambassador had time to warn them, three destroyer droids rolled onto the scene. He leapt as one fired a deadly missile. It hit the wall behind them, exploding on impact.

The missile had been fired just as Padme had begun to cross the open area. She immediately dropped to her knees and tucked them into her chest, covering her ears at the sound of the explosion.

The younger ambassador immediately saw the danger the explosion would cause and raced forward to pull the handmaiden away from the threat. He reached her just in time and pulled her back as the rubble began to fall.

The handmaiden and young ambassador ended up as a heap on the opposite side of the rubble as the rest of the group.

"Padawan!" Padme heard the tall ambassador yell. She climbed off of what she realized was the young ambassador's chest and he helped her to her feet.

"We're allright!" he yelled back. He turned to Padme, who was attempting to dust herself off. "Are you injured?" he quietly inquired.

"No," she shook her head. The young man glanced about, apparently trying to find another way to reach the rest of the group. Almost as if on cue, another large section of the hit building fell, concluding for him that there was no other way over the now mountain high debris.

"Padawan, we cannot reach you! We must continue on our own!" The tall man shouted once more.

"Take the queen to Coruscant! we'll be allright!" The young man called back. Padme, suddenly comprehending the full scope of their situation, opened her mouth to protest when laser fire erupted from the other side of the alley.

The young man's weapon was once more in his hand as he moved to protect the handmaiden. As he deflected shots with graceful skill he asked, "Where can we go?"

Padme's mind was racing.

"The streets are crawling with droids! There's nowhere safe! We have to get out of the city!"

The young man suddenly moved forward, turning the droids' own shots into their fatal blows. He quickly glanced up and down the cross-street at the end of the alley. They were safe for the moment. He turned to the handmaiden.

"Which way's out?"