She felt a small kick in her stomach. Glancing down at her expanding belly, she sighed and sat back against her pillows. She hadn't realized how strange it would be to have a small human being growing inside her. Not that she minded, really. She was quite excited for the day when the little girl growing inside her would be welcomed into the world. No regrets at all.

That is what she kept telling herself, anyways.

Because even though she had told herself that she would not miss him, would not remember him, he continued to invade her thoughts, seeping into her head when she least wanted him there, wiggling into every spare moment when she was just about to be perfectly content with everything.

No, she told herself for what must have been at least the millionth time. It's better this way. You would have never been happy with him. Neither of you would have been happy. It's better this way.

She closed her eyes, her head sliding farther into the pillows. But if I had stayed with him . . .

Images began playing through her mind. She saw herself looking just as she did now, swollen from pregnancy, but instead of Ted by her side it was another man.

She saw herself, slightly older, sitting on a regal-looking sofa with two young children, both with his piercing gray eyes.

She saw herself playing with her two children on tiny toy broomsticks, wondering yet again why her husband always worked such late and sporadic hours.

She saw herself on his arm, yet he was distant, cool, and only interested in telling her about his lord.

She saw herself as she waved good-bye to her blonde girl as the Hogwarts Express carried her away, her husband suspiciously gone on this important day.

She saw herself, lying next to him at night, the tattoo on his bare arm exposed for all to see.

She saw herself, arguing with him yet again about his service to his 'lord' as he heatedly debated with her.

She saw them, getting older and grayer and moving on with their lives, their lives that were entwined, but never happy with one another.

If I had stayed with him . . .

Neither of us would have been happy.

She rubbed her belly as her future child, the child that belonged to she and another man, gave a second kick.

I will learn to be happy with this new life.

Because it's better this way for us both.

She sighed, her head sinking deeper into the pillow.

All will be well.