He's handsome, attractive, beautiful; his looks can captivate her with just the merest of glances and make her never want to look away.

He's charming, bewitching; she's drawn to him no matter how she tries to pretend that she isn't.

He's compelling and desirable, everything she could possibly want and more, bundled together and topped with a bow.

He's overwhelming to her, flooding over all her other thoughts and senses when his presence invades, and no matter what she tries he can't be stopped.

But he's dangerous, risky, unsafe; she knows he is a killer, a killer who once killed without thought, for a cause that was meaningless.

He's menacing, threatening, deadly; he will inject venom in another with absurd ease, sometimes not even realizing what he is doing.

He has hurt her before, and she is afraid he will do it again without even knowing until it is too late.

He is harmful and painful, and he goes against everything she ever thought she would want in a man.

Yet he is the only one she wants to spend her life with, the only one she wants to end her life with, and she would do anything to be with him again.

But he's out of reach, untouchable, for even though they both want to be together it can never be. Their love is not meant to be known or shared, despite the fact that he wants it to be.

She knows her place, and she will follow through. She will not be with him, no matter what he does. Nothing good could ever come of them being together. For she is drawn to him irresistibly, eternally, no matter how she tries to hide it, and this pull to him cannot be acted on.

He says he will wait. He says he will never be with someone else, not while she breathes, not while she is dead. He says he will wait for her.

He will have to realize eventually that she will not ever come to him, no matter how long he waits for her.