Love /lʌv/ Pronunciation Key - [luhv, noun.

By: Ethiwen

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter– JK Rowling does. I don't own the song "In Between"– that belongs to Linkin Park. If I did, I would be typing this on a better computer. And Albus Severus would have been named something entirely different.

Summary: Sirius is not defined by his reputation. Remus is not defined by The Wolf. They define themselves…and in doing so define each other.

Ships: RemusSirius. Don't like it, don't read it. Simple as that.

Warnings: Boy loving boy. Probably some mouth. Mentions of adult topics…you know…whispers masturbation, sex, probably some alcohol someplace….oh and gay. Lots and lots of teenage gay. Not one to be subtle, am I?

Spoilers: Not really any…unless you haven't read the third book. And if you haven't? Where have you been living? Snuffles' cave?

Author's Notes: Ahhh! My first HP fanfiction. I usually do RENT, so this is just a bit unorthodox for me–but if I fail, I tried valiantly not to. I was a bit tired of the ordinary version of Remus. You know the "Poor me I'm a werewolf, and now to top it off I'm gay and in love with Sirius" version. And a little tired of Sirius "Macho" Black. This isn't a role reversal where dominant!Remus or submissive!Sirius come out to play…sorry folks. Just a quest to see the normalcy.


love /lʌv/ Pronunciation Key- [luhv Pronunciation Key - noun, verb, loved, lov·ing. –noun

1. a strong positive emotion of regard and affection; "his love for his work";

"children need a lot of love" [ant: hate

2. any object of warm affection or devotion; "the theater was her first love"

3. a beloved person; used as terms of endearment [syn: beloved

4. a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction; "their love left them indifferent

to their surroundings"; "she was his first love"

5. sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people


Sirius blacked paced across the common room floor, frantically seeking answers he knew could not be found.

What answers could there be when you just saw your best friend naked and liked it?

Only one. And that was unacceptable. Sirius Black, most attractive student in his year, ladies' man extraordinaire could not be…


Could he?

He had never meant for it to happen– how could he? It was the day before the full moon, and Remus had missed their transfiguration lesson. He was simply worried, he told himself, it had nothing to do with missing his friend's smile, or brushing hands with him, or the way his amber eyes sparkled mischievously when Sirius told a joke in front of the class, or how when he raised his hand to answer, his robe would slip down, revealing his toned and muscular forearm…

No. This had to stop.

So when he had walked into the dorm to find Remus bracing himself against a wall, eyes closed, completely and deliciously naked, doing things to himself that made Sirius's mouth go dry…he was rather…surprised.

Pleasantly surprised. That was the problem.

He felt his ears and neck burn as an uncommon blush overtook his tan skin, hearing Remus, seeing Remus, wanting Remus. And just then, as Sirius was growing aroused, Remus had opened his eyes, and stared at Sirius almost…hungrily with his darkened amber eyes as he came forcefully into his hand.

And Sirius was still hard at the memory.


He needed a cold shower. Now.

The raven-haired boy walked slowly, almost guardedly, back up toward the dormitory. He tentatively pushed the door open, and saw Remus looking thoroughly sexed– his tawny hair was tousled and messy, as he lay on his bed, half-clothed in the summer heat. He was haphazardly dangling his head off of the bed, reading a book. Trust Moony to make reading sexy…

Shower. Showershowershowershowershow–

"Hey Sirius."

Fuck. "Hi Remus. Listen, about earlier…I know the full moon's in a few days, so no worries about your Wolfie hormones…"

"Wolfie hormones?" Remus laughed. "Have you been reading Calle of the Wilde Werewolfe again? I already told you that book is complete bollocks! Wolfie hormones, honestly."

"It wasn't? Well, then what wa–"

"I'm a teenage boy. I was having it off."

Sirius spluttered, "Well…obviously, but, I mean…"

"Oh, because you've never had a wank before?"

"Of course I have, I just didn't thi–"

"That I would? I'm human 30 days out of 31; I have the same, -human- hormones."

"Oh…well, right. Of course." Sirius walked toward the bathroom. "I'm just going to go have a shower and I'll see you down at breakfast, okay?"

Remus smiled lazily. "Alright, then." Sirius couldn't help but notice the way his lips turned at the corners, and how he had a dimple on his left cheek. Or the way his eyes brightened, or the way his hand was laying so low on his pale stomach…

Sirius stepped into the shower, and hoped that Hogwarts faucets had water temperatures below freezing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Author's Notes: So, because this is a first attempt, if there's support with this, I'll continue it using the other definitions of love. If not…this is where it'll end. You decide, folks. So why don't you push that little periwinkle button and tell me?