Author's Note: Well, I've been converted to the fandom by Skywalker05.

My first Star Wars fanfic. This may be revised at a later date when I know more about the cannon. Constructive feedback welcomed. Flames will be sent to the planet of Mustafar where they belong.

Voices of Alderaan

"No voice, but oh! the silence sank like music on my heart."
He knew strange things often happened to him. The problem was, he didn't know why they happened.

Not that he didn't try to understand. He'd spent hours at the University of Alderaan, looking for answers in the vast halls of the library. But the closest he ever came was a reference to an old data-disk that seemed to have been removed from the shelves.

He did have his suspicions though. He'd heard stories growing up about children who could levitate in their sleep, or move objects around without touching them. But in an age where having Jedi powers meant attracting the attention of the Empire, he didn't think it would be wise to mention anything.


She'd always preferred the oldest section of the library, the part that was modeled like the old Jedi Temple. It was there that she had managed to maintain the last surviving records of the Jedi Order.

She alone, it seemed, still believed in the inherent good of the Jedi. Not that there where very many – if any at all – left to believe in. But every once in a while someone would cross her path, and in some corner of her mind she would know that, if any Master still existed to train them, they could be taught.

But that was part of an age long past. She only counted herself lucky that she'd lived to see it.


Because strange things tended to happen around him, he didn't find it too odd when a small convoy of shops not scheduled to fly took off into space. Nor did he take particular notice of the space station that was now visible beside the moon.

He did, however, find it very strange when the ground he was standing on suddenly disappeared underneath him.


The noise that the ships made always distracted her, and there seemed to be a lot of them taking off all of a sudden. She directed her gaze out the window and watched one zoom past the building. Then a boy stepped into her field of vision, blocking the natural light and causing the smart lights overhead to activated.

A muttered curse about vaping technology was the last thing she knew before the Death Star fired. That, and a familiar tingling in the back of her mind that told her the boy was Force Sensitive.


Death wasn't at all like he expected it to be. Instead of silence, he found himself surrounded by an infinite number of voices, all clamoring to be heard. It wasn't exactly the same as hearing them, though, more like they had become part of his own thought, or he'd become a part of theirs. It was almost too much to make sense of in the short moment he had.

Almost, because just before he returned to the Force, he was able to make out one voice very clearly.

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as though millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear…"

And then he slipped into oblivion.