We Are One

Disclaimer: This is purely a fanwritten work and does not intend to infringe on any copyright material.

The sun spread its warmth gently, smiling down on the cleansed earth. The smell of rain hung in the air, gently tickling his olfactory sensors. The animals crept slowly out of their dens, relishing the scent of life.

A red hand shaded his optics as he turned his gaze skywards, a wry smile crossing his faceplates.

"Sun, the harbinger of life to this world."

Optics dimming, he turned to face his twin, hands ghosting across his chassis, frantically scrapping away at dirt and grime that marred the yellow paintwork. A drop of optic fluid leaked and he hastily brushed it away.

"Slag it. Must be a broken pipeline or something. So don't you dare say I'm weak, Sunny."

He fell silent, hands working desperately to return the yellow paintwork to its former glory as optic fluid continued to leak.

"You know Sunny, the humans say when the sun burns out, everything will then cease to exist."

Sighing, he brushed the dirt from his hands, shifting himself as he lay down, head resting next to the empty spark chamber of his twin. He brought a hand around the yellow chassis, grabbing it possessively. He felt his systems offline one-by-one. The pumping motion of his spark slowed.

"You know, you slagging pithead, that even if you saved me once, got offlined on my behalf, you're only prolonging the inevitable. We're one remember? We depend on each other. Wherever you go, I'll be there, like an annoying shadow."

He felt his spark fizzle out.

"You're my sun, Sunny."