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Bella's POV

Being with the Cullen's 24/7 was the best thing that has happened to me. I mean I get to be with Edward and Alice all the time. It was like one big happy family. But something was bothering, like I was forgetting someone or something. Charlie and Renee are well into their 60's. I mean not that I talk to them. So that can't be wait I'm missing.

It has been 16 years since I had been changed. I'm enjoying every minute of it too. But as the years have gone on this feeling seems to be getting stronger and stronger.

I feel like I'm going to exploded!


Edward's POV

It has been an amazing ten years of having Bella as my wife. I get to spend every waking minute, which is a lot by the way, with her. But as of now I was out with Jasper and Emmett hunting or rather wasting time. The wives were probably out shopping or watching The Notebook for the millionth time.

"Edward, do you smell that. It smells like young vampires." Emmett said.

"Yes, I do. Let's go see what they want. Hopefully it is not much." I said.

As we ran closer to the strange vampires, it became apparent that they looked to be about 16 and twins. A boy and a girl, spitting images of each other. They were so young; it hurt to look at them knowing that their life had to been taking away from them.

"Umm, excuse me, do you think that you could help us?" the girl stammered.


Audrina's POV

"Umm, excuse me; do you think that you could help us?"

The younger looking vampire with auburn hair stepped towards us, "It depends on what you need help with."

Gee, could he be any colder. "Well umm, I'm Audrina and this is my brother Drew. We are looking for someone that is well important to us."

The really big one step forward, which made me take one BIG step back. "Where did you come from? We know all the vampire that pass through here. We won't help you till we know more about you."

"My brother and I came from Texas. We are half-vampire and…."

"Wait, there is no such thing as a half vampire!" The big one said.

"Umm, actually there is or we wouldn't be standing here, now would we!" Gosh my brother can be so rude. We need these people's help not for them to get ticked off.

"Audrina and Drew, I'm sorry for my brother's ignorance. My name is Jasper and this is Edward and Emmett. Who is it that you are looking for?" The named Jasper said.

I grabbed the piece of paper with "Her" name on it. The one that would fill in the missing hole in me and my brother's life. "Her name is Isabella Swan or I guess her new last name is Cullen. Do you know where we could find her?"