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Drew's POV

I watched my sister disappear into the darkness. Shutting her window, I gazed around her room. It was a complete mess of course. Clothes everywhere from failed fashion attempts. I smirked. Then it hit me. My sister was going to have a baby. A baby! A living, breathing, pooping baby. This house would no longer been the quiet sanctuary that I looked forward to after a long day at school. I slumped down on the edge of Audrina's bed and ran my fingers through my hair. Wow, I'm an uncle.

I figured I should go check on Mom and Edward. I knocked lightly on their door silently hoping that they wouldn't answer. "Come in." Dang it.

I opened the door and peeked into the room. Edward and Mom were sitting next to each other having a moment. "I just umm wanted to make sure that everything was ok." They nodded. "Alright then I'll just leave you two..."

"Did you know that any of this was going on?" Edward asked before I could shut the door.

I rolled my eyes. "No. Audrina and I haven't really talked that much these past couple of weeks. I thought her and Xavier were solid." Edward nodded. I could tell he felt guilty about making Audrina faint and everything. "Just give her some time. I know that Audrina wouldn't want me to tell you this but she is staying at Jacob's until things smooth out." I could sense that he was about to protest. "Just leave it alone, Dad. She'll come back. I promise."

At least I hope she comes back. I shut the door and walked to my room. No sooner had I turned on my computer, I felt huge muscular arms wrapped around my neck. "Hey Buddy. Guess what you get to do come Monday after school?" Emmett taunted me.

"Come home and work on my homework?"

"No, how about community service? You have to report to your probation officer and he'll tell you all the exciting details. Have fun." He slapped me on the back and left.

I leaned back in my computer chair. I can't believe that I'm even in this situation right now. I would have never imagined in all my years that I would spend a weekend in Juvie and be on probation. When I was five years old, I wanted to be a pilot. Now it's going to be nearly impossible to find a job because of my record.

I glanced at a picture on my desk of Audrina and I. We were camping with the Blackburn's in Colorado. We were about twelve years old and as Audrina liked to put it at the height of our dorkiness. We were brace faced with curly frizzy hair. I was wearing my favorite Lord of the Rings shirt while Audrina was wearing a neon striped shirt. She threatened to kill me if this picture saw the light of day.

Things were just so much simpler back then. Now I have a probation officer and community service to do. Audrina is a soon-to-be-mom with baby daddy drama. What a pair we were turning out to be.

Audrina's POV

Normally I would speed through the forest to meet Jacob but tonight I lightly jogged pondering about what just happened at my house. Edward flipped but that was to be accepted but it seemed like he was the only one who had a problem with the situation. Or maybe the shock hadn't worn off yet for everyone else. I knew Drew would love me no matter what. I was just surprised that he helped me escape and most likely covered for me.

His smell filled my nostrils and relief immediately came. Before I could even open my mouth his lips were on mine and his huge arms wrapped around me. I melted into his embrace completely forgetting about all the drama. He scooped me up in his arms and carried me all the way to his house.


I've been at Jacob's house for a couple of days now. School has been the last thing on my mind. I'm claiming to be deathly ill with a high contagious infection. In actuality I just can't imagine going to school now. I don't think that I can handle the stares. What am I going to tell my friends? I'm sure Xavier has informed them all on my condition. What will Caleigh think? How will I let the school know? I know their policy for pregnancies: The expecting mother and father, if he can be identified, will be removed from campus. Being as Jacob doesn't go there I won't have to worry about the last part. I wonder if Mom and Edward know about that policy.

Jacob went to St. Ed's everyday to pick up my assignments and then back the next day to drop off the completed ones and pick up the next set. So at least I wasn't behind. I heard Jacob sit behind me on the couch. I shook my head and looked down at the unfinished problem I was working on till I took a mental vacation. "Audrina, you know that I would never pressure you into doing anything that you're not ready for…"

I interrupted him. "I thought that we had talked about this already. Are you having second thoughts? I mean I am too. But I thought that no matter what we were going to…"

"No, no. Audrina listen to me before jumping to conclusions." This pregnancy has made me super paranoid. I smiled embarrassed. "I think that you should go back to school."

"NO! I can't go back. I'm not ready. You said yourself that you wouldn't pressure me to do anything I wasn't ready for."

"Would you just listen, please?"

"Yes. I'm sorry."

"You won't be able to hide this forever. You should enjoy what you have left of high school. Once the baby comes you may not be able to go back to school. I just want you to be able to have a sort of normal life because that will be nearly impossible when the baby comes."

I exhaled loudly. "Jacob, I know that this isn't going to be easy. I know that my life is going to change. I know that I won't be able to go back to school. I know that I won't be able to go out like I used to. I know all this."

"I'm not saying that you don't. I just want you to be able to do as much as you can. I don't want you to miss out."

I stood up and turned around sharply to face him. "It's hard for me to want to do or experience something that I no longer fit into. I'm not the same carefree person I was two weeks ago. I have to worry about things that kids my age won't have to worry about for another 10 years. I have absolutely no desire to go back to school and endure the stares and silent judgments. All the kids are going to know. Gossip spreads like wild fire at 's. I'm sure Jen enjoyed telling as many people as possible. Once the administration finds out…it's over. I may be able to bargain with them to let me stay till I can't hide it anymore but only because the Cullen's have donated a ton of money to the school."

"Well then maybe they will let you transfer out and get homeschooled for the last remaining months. Then when the baby comes and things settle down you can transfer back. I'm sure the Cullen's can think of some elaborate excuse to make that work. You may not even need to worry about them finding out."

"That sounds great, Jacob. But you're forgetting one important thing. Who's going to watch the baby?"

"I can watch him while you're at school and you can take my place after you get off. I'll do the night patrol."

"Ok well that solution raises two more concerns. While you're going out on patrol I'm going to be here watching the baby while doing my homework which will be nearly impossible. Then I have to endure a sleepless night and wake up early to go to school." I glare at him.

Jacob stood up abruptly. His skin rippled slightly. "You think that me being up all night patrolling and then staying up all the next day is going to be easy!?" He laughed. "This isn't going to be easy for anyone. We will have to make sacrifices."

"Ok, , try this out for size…how are we going to afford the baby? The hospital bill? The diapers and formula? We can't live at your house forever. It's already cramped. So who's going to pay the rent?" I crossed my arms waiting for his answer. "And don't even think about saying the Cullen's. They may not want to help us. We made this choice and we have to learn to live with it."

"I can work." He shouted at me.

"Great! You work and we'll just leave the baby at home by itself. Or do you have a clone I don't know about."

Jacob sighed angrily. "You're never happy with anything, are you?"

"How can I be happy about a situation like this?" I yelled.

"So now you're saying that you're not happy about having this baby? Let's just get rid of it right now. Will that make you happy?"

I slapped him with all my might and I immediately regretted it. He grabbed my wrist and pushed me up against the wall. His face was inches from mine. "Don't ever hit me." He said through clenched teeth. "I haven't done anything to you. I being as supportive as I possibly can." His grip on my wrist tightened. I flattened myself against the wall as his face came even closer to mine. "Most guys would have left you out in the cold. Remember that." He let go of my wrist and walked away.

I rubbed my wrist knowing that I would have a pretty epic bruise there in a couple of hours. "I'd rather be in the cold than abused."

Jacob stopped in his tracks. "What?"

"You heard me. I'd rather be in the cold than abused." In two huge strides, Jacob was in my face growling his skin rippling like crazy. My instincts kicked in. I took a step back and lowered myself into a crouch and bared my teeth. Jacob's skin exploded and I was face to face with an over sized wolf baring his teeth. "Don't threaten me." I yelled at him not once breaking my stance. He leaned back on his haunches ready to pounce. Don't do it I thought. He sprang forward and slammed into me sending me flying into the sliding glass door that led to the back yard. The huge pine tree in the yard stopped my flight. I slide down the trunk and assumed my stance like I wasn't just thrown 50 feet. I ran as fast as I could towards him and pounced landing on his back. I bite his shoulder with all my strength. His howl pierced the sky. I hit and bite him till he threw me off. I slammed into the moist ground. He was on top of my in seconds hitting me with his paws. I put my hands up to protect my face and feel his claws sink in. Suddenly Jacob is thrown off me. A huge black wolf pinned Jacob to the ground. Jacob fought back but the black wolf managed to hold him down. I got up and ran to the safest place I could think of. I looked back once to see the two wolves turn in to humans and Jacob calling out my name.

I ran and never stopped. I never slowed down even when I was past the boundary line. I ran up the familiar driveway following its winding path. There it was the safest place I knew. My house. I burst through the front door and stopped in the living room where they all were as usual. They looked just as shocked as I felt. I looked down at myself for the first time since my fight with Jacob. My arms were mauled and dripping blood. My clothes were covered in a mixture of blood, mud and grass. I could feel the blood drip down my back and face from being thrown through the glass door.

Surprisingly no one reacted. "What happened to you?" Drew asked.

I opened my mouth to explain when I saw movement outside. I immediately crouched. "Audrina, calm down. You're safe now. What happened?" Edward asked slowly coming towards me. The front door opened and I pounced on whatever it was. I pinned it to the ground only then did I realize it was Xavier.

"Jesus Audrina. What happened?" He asked. I got up off him and back myself into the corner of the front room. I slid to the floor and wrapped my arms around my knees. "What happened?" he asked more frantically.

"I, uh, we, uh," I didn't even know how to explain what just happened. "Oh my god! The baby!" I grabbed my stomach. Carlisle and Edward immediately rushed towards me. Jasper sent out waves of calm. I was vaguely aware of being moved to the couch and being touched by cold hands. Then there was nothing but darkness.

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