-1Edward and Alphonse Elric were just getting back to Central after an extremely boring assignment in a small village. Colonel Roy Mustang, AKA the Flame Alchemist, send word for the Elric Brothers when he found out they arrived. No sooner than Ed walked though the door, Mustang made fun of his diminutive size. "Did you have fun in the eastern village itsy bitsy?" "WHO YOU CALLIN SO SHORT THAT A BLOOD CELL CAN RUN HIM OVER!!!!"

While Ed is throwing his arms up and down, the phone by Mustang rings three times before he picks it up. Mustang talks on it for a few seconds before hanging up. "Boys, it you need to go to Resembool straight away." Ed and Al look at their CO, and start wondering why they would need to go back to their home town so early. "It seems that your friend Winry has been……" He couldn't go on. "Been what Mustang", Ed says with thoughts of Winry hurt, or worse.

"Well Ed that Winry's grandma on the phone. She told me to send you back to Resembool, 'cuz Winry was raped by an unknown assailant." Everybody, including Roy was silent. After a second or two, Ed runs out to the train, followed by Al. "Damnit, Winry was hurt, and that damn Mustang was sending us on fucking boring missions!" Luckily, there was a train leaving that moment for their home town. The brothers barely managed to board it before it left.

The train ride seemed like it was days long. The whole time, Ed was mad that his one and only love had gotten raped. "I'm going to kill the fucker that did this to her! I'm going to rip of his 'tool' and shove it up his ass!" Now Al, who had never seen his older brother so mad before, just sat there, hoping what Mustang said wasn't true. The moment that the train stopped to let of its passengers, Ed took off towards the Rockbell house, with Al in hot pursuit, going as fast as his armor can take him.

Pinako saw her adopted grandchildren run from the pathway to her house. 'Thank goodness they have arrived', she thought. 'I don't think Winry can hold up much longer without Ed by her side.' As soon as she finished her thought, Ed skid to a stop, breathing really hard. "Where is she? Is she Ok now? Can I see her?!" Pinako, expecting Ed to be a little jumpy, nodded and pointed upstairs to Winry's room. "Just don't scare her, she is still frightened." He nods, and walks calmly to his best friends room. "Winry, it's me, Ed. Can I come in?" He hears in-between sobs, a faint yes. What he sees when he walks in is heart breaking.

There in her bed, is a broken and bruised girl, sobbing into her pillow. "Winry…." Ed rushes to her side and looks up at his loves face. She has red puffy eyes from crying so much, and her hair is disheveled. All of a sudden, Winry jumps up and latched on to Ed, who has tears running down his own eyes. "Oh Ed, it was awful! He hurt me so bad; I thought I was going to die!" Ed was shocked, hurt, and mad and pissed off beyond belief. "I know Win, im sorry that I wasn't here to protect you. But I promise, ill never leave again!" All Winry could do is weep into Ed's chest. All of a sudden, they heard a knock which made both of them jump.