The Greatest Night for Severus Snape By Raye

The boy turned around. He knew someone was following him. But he couldn t figure out who. It was cold in the dungeons. Very cold. And it was late. Students aren t supposed to be out of bed at night. It was against school rules. But that James Potter always went out at night. But he had to talk to Lily. He just had to ask her.

Severus Snape was not very popular. Not like James was. James was popular, athletic, and handsom. Severus was just dingy and not-so-popular. He had but a few friends and they were all in Slytherin, like him. Only one was a Gryffindor. And that was his love, Lily Evens. James Potter also fancied her.
A slight breeze ruffled Severus cloak as he silently walked past a window. It was cold out tonight. Thoughts raced through Severus mind. Thoughts about if he was caught. Thoughts about Lily. Thoughts about how he was going to apologize to her. He had to ask her out. Before Potter did. He had to, just had to.

A low, whispering voice cut the silence. It said, Sirius! You stepped on my foot! It was James Potter. He must be sneaking out again. Like always. Severus hid in the shadows. Thank Merlin that Slytherin s robes blended in perfectly with the shadows. A very handsom dark green robe was all he needed to save him.

The posse moved on. Severus waited a few moments before continuing on to the Gryffindor Tower. It took him a few moments before he reached his destination. The window at the far end on the corridor showed that dawn was not far off. He should have gone sooner then he did.
At once he found the portarit of the Fat Lady. She was dozing off in her world of art. Whispering the password (Merlin s Beard, which he had gotten from Lily earlier the other day) to the painted Lady, she swung open, reveling glowing fires and red arm chairs. Severus sent his owl, Snakeweed, up to the girls dormitries with a note to Lily.

He waited a good half hour for Lily. And when she finally turned up, a scowl was on her face.
That James Potter has disappeared again! ranted Lily. It s been like this every night this past week! Severus just stared at her. He couldn t believe that Lily, the one person who despised Potter just as much as he did, was ranting on about why he was not in the common room.

He is going to lose Gryffindor major points! shouted Lily. Thank Merlin that she wasn t concerned about him. Just angry that he could lose house points.

"Lily?" Severus finally said something.

"Yes, Sev. What is it?" asked Lily.

"Will you… Will you be my girl friend?" Severus asked her.

Lily just stared at him. A very hard and cold stare that seemed to last for ages. Severus looked away from her. For the first time, he noticed that the window at the end of the corridor was open. No wonder he was cold. It was snowing and the wind didn t help much, either.

Severus turned his gaze back to Lily. She was still staring at him. But her face had softened. Then finally, "Yes, Severus. I will go out with you." Severus, who was sitting on the cold floor, jumped up at her words. He didn t expect her to say yes. But she did. She said yes, to him!

Lily walked over to where Severus was standing. She hugged him and went back to the portrait, said the password, and vanished from view. Severus stared after her for a few seconds more then left to go back to his common room, down in the dingy, cold dungeons.