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The Prometheus Files Chapter 1: Life Decisions

Kim looked to her right and saw Ron in the passenger seat with his eyes closed. He had a strange look on his face. "Okay, perhaps strange is not the right word, it was just rare," thought Kim. Ron was wearing his serious thinking face, which she had only seen a few times before. Once was at Bueno Nacho Headquarters right before he confessed that he loved her, and the only other one she could remember was when she had lost her memory and Ron was desperate to remind her that they were not only dating, but truly in love. Thinking back, their relationship was probably the only thing he ever thought about seriously, even before they were officially dating. She blushed, thinking about how long they had probably actually loved each other even before that Diablo incident.

Kim snapped back to reality as Rufus shrieked about the fact that they were flying straight into a tree. Kim quickly swerved upward. While her brothers had added heavy armor to her already impressive car, she didn't see any real need to break a tree apart. When she looked to her right again, she saw that Ron wasn't phased at all, he was still wearing his serious thinking face. Kim frowned; Ron had been wearing this face since shortly after they left the graduation party volleyball game. They had kissed, but then Ron had just slipped into deep thought. She was getting worried. Ron had started to frown through his serious thinking face, and she knew that he was thinking about their relationship.

She knew that Ron had been very worried about what would happen to their relationship after they left High School. She had said that it would work out, but that hadn't really had reassured him. After he came by from work one day, Ron had looked even more worried. Kim wondered if Barkin had said something to him. Barkin had experience in many, many fields, but he was also a little off. He was a good person, but he lacked common sense, and beneath his tough exterior, she thought he might suffer from depression. He would not be the only Vietnam veteran that did. This depression had transferred to Ron several times in the past.

After landing her car on top of a cliff that overlooked Lowerton, Middleton, and Upperton, Kim briefly looked out over the cities. The damage caused by the Lorwardian invasion was extensive, even greater than the destruction caused by Drakken's Diablos. It didn't bother her though, mass destruction had occurred before, and the city (and the world) always rebuilt and went on with life. At present, she was far more worried about Ron. She got out of the car, pulled a blanket out of the trunk and laid it out on some thick grass under a tree. After she spread it out, she sat down on it, and Ron soon joined her, though Rufus had stayed in the car. He had curled up in a cup holder and fallen asleep as soon as they landed. Much to Kim's dismay, Ron still had a serious look with frown on his face.

"Ron, are you okay?"

"Hmm, err, what was that Kim?"

"I asked if you were okay, not only do you have a serious look on you face, but you're frowning too. What's wrong?"

"I'm still worried about our future is all."

"What about the future, Ron? We just saved the world from an alien invasion. You have super mystical monkey powers. You can fly, you're at least ten times stronger than Hannah, and God knows what else. The future is bright; no villain can stand against us. And for that matter, Drakken and Shego are probably permanently out of the villain game. The got medals, full pardons, and are now dating. Monkey Fist is a statue buried underground. Those people were by far our most dangerous enemies. What could possibly be wrong with…."

"I said OUR future, not THE future KP," Ron blurted, cutting her off. He had been worried about this all along. Kim had gotten hundreds of offers for college, all over the world. He had received some too, but only a few. They were all from culinary arts programs. He had received one form Upperton University, and to his surprise, he had also gotten acceptance letters from some of the finest culinary arts programs in France and Italy. He new Kim had received offers from some of the same colleges, albeit for different programs. But he new that Kim would probably choose a university with a more prestigious program for international diplomacy, which was the field she had decided on. He had also received an offer to join the Yamanouchi School for both training and teaching other students in Mystical Monkey Power. He new that Kim had been offered the same thing, albeit only for martial arts, since she had no power. He wanted to be with Kim for the rest of his life, but not at the cost of making her sacrifice her career. He followed her. That's the way it always had been. But this time, he couldn't follow her, and he new it.

After Ron cut her off, Kim immediately knew what he had meant. Despite their recent accomplishments, nothing about the college sitch had changed. The same things Ron had been thinking about all rushed through her head as well. She wanted to be with him for the rest of her life. She had decided that quite some time ago, though she didn't really know when. She had some idea of what university she wanted to go to for her degree, but she new that none of her top choices had culinary arts programs, let alone had sent acceptance letters to Ron. She had also for while, seriously considered the offer from the Yamanouchi school. After seeing what Ron has capable of when he destroyed the Lorwardians and their ship, she found herself considering it again. "This time, I'm going to have to make the sacrifice, and follow Ron." Kim thought.

"Ron, I'm sorry, I should have known what you meant. I, err, I…." she drifted into a whisper having no idea what to say.

"Kim, I love you, and I want you to be happy, You…" Ron's voice began to break, "you go to whatever college you want, and I'll just… I'll just wait for you," Ron said, as his voice crumbled into a quiet sob.

Kim didn't know what to say. "Would Ron really be willing to wait for me for four if not six years? No, she already knew the answer to that question, of course he would." Ron knew that all she had to do was make a small sacrifice and not go to her choice university, and they could be together. She knew that Ron knew, but that he was unwilling to ask to her make that sacrifice.

"Ron I love you too, and I'm not going to make you wait for me," Kim suddenly blurted out, somewhat surprised with her voice's sudden conviction.

Ron looked at her, slightly surprised, and began to say, "But, Kim…"

"No Ron, this time I'm going to make the sacrifice, not you," Kim cut him off. "You pick whichever college you want to go to, and then I'll apply to the same one, even if I didn't already get an acceptance letter from them."

"Kim, I'm the sidekick, I'm supposed to follow you, its… it's the natural order of things!! It would be sick and wrong to just violate that!"

Kim grabbed Ron's head and pulled him into one of deepest, longest kisses they had yet enjoyed. They both lied down on the blanket as the kiss ended.

Kim spoke up, "Aren't you the one who always says, 'never be normal.' That right there means to violate the natural order of things. You've always followed me on missions, without any thought to your own safety. You've always been there for me, even when I was dating other guys. It about damn time I followed you and was there for you!"

Ron stared at Kim astonished, she never, ever swore. Not once in her life. He was even more astonished about what she said about following him. "Kim, are you really that sure about it. I mean you have a promising future ahead of you. I can't ask you to sacrifice that for me."

"Ron, you have a promising future as a gourmet chef ahead of you as well. And besides, all of the universities you have been accepted to have programs I could go into as well, even if it isn't International Diplomacy. I love you, and I want to be with you for the rest of my life, even if it means sacrificing my favored degree. Besides, it's not like International Diplomacy is my only choice for a degree. For that matter, it's not really practical. We've already established well known reputations of dealing with sitches with our fists and feet. That intimidates people, and a good diplomat shouldn't be intimidating just by reputation. Not unless they plan on using gunboat diplomacy."

Kim immediately blushed. Only after she finished did she realize that she had just confessed that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Ron.

As astonished as he was with what Kim had said before, this was even bigger. He was definitely flabbergasted. She had just confessed that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. "Kim I want to spend the rest of my life with you as well," was the first thing he blurted out. "I love you. I can't live without you," he finished, blushing severely. He hugged her tightly. After they parted some, he laughed a little, getting over his shock, "I guess you're right about the diplomacy thing though. So what kind of degree would you go for, Kim?"

"Hmm, maybe Criminal Justice, which would fit nicely with our current reputation, don't you think?"

"Yeah, and I heard that Upperton U. has an excellent Criminal Justice program. Not to mention a great Culinary Arts program that I have been accepted to." Ron said with a slight laugh. "Plus we would still be around here so Wade and your brothers can keep supporting us in saving the world."

"Yeah, Upperton U. sounds nice, although, my dad will be a little upset." She said pulling Ron close to her and into another hug."

"Why?" asked Ron, wrapping his arms around Kim.

"Because it was the University that my Mom went to, and he'd always hoped I'd go to his old University." Kim responded while wrapping the blanket around the two of them.

"He'll learn to live with it, besides, science was never really your interest set to begin with." Ron said before kissing Kim again.

"Yeah, he will," Kim responded quietly after the kiss.

They kissed once more before drifting into sleep, not thinking about what their parents would have to say about them sleeping together, even if they were still fully clothed. Neither one of them thought about the implications of Ron's comment about world saving, and the trials it was going to put before them.

For the time being, the subject of combat and world saving was being considered by the man dressed in black trench coat, wearing a black hood and black sunglasses, standing on a mountain peak five miles away. He had been watching them with his telescopic vision, and listening to them with hearing that surpassed any other being in the universe. He new he wouldn't be spotted. Most, if not all observational technology was still off-line from the Lorwardian invasion. He also knew that Ron's powers had not yet advanced to a level where he could detect him at this distance. Not yet anyway. The man smiled. He could warn them about the coming danger, but knew that as strong as those two were, there was no way they could prepare or be ready for it. That was why the man was here in the first place. "The least those two deserve is a few months of peace. I'll let them get that at least. Besides, protocol states that I'm not allowed to intervene, at least not yet." He laughed, looking at his watch and then frowning. "Shit, I need to get to the GJ database center and create an identity for myself before their security comes back online." With that, the man jumped off of the mountaintop and after falling about 200 feet, his feet glowed a very dim blue as he took off horizontally, turning invisible before flying towards Middleton's city center.