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The Prometheus Files Chapter 34: Flare Up, Burn Out

Kim and Ron landed silently on top of Jewel House in the Tower of London. Their enhanced hearing quickly alerted them to increased guard activity. Reaching down to the roof, Kim brushed away dust and dirt to find an odd material.

"Pressure sensors, they know we're here," she stated emotionlessly.

"Then subtlety is no longer relevant," Ron stated equally emotionlessly while he raised his foot off the ground.

A sadistic smile formed on his face as Ron slammed his foot down, blasting a hole in the roof. Multiple alarms began going off, and the guards scrambled to draw their weapons. Outside, the guards may have had traditional outfits and traditional rifles, but the inside was quite different. The guards in there wore full body-armor, and carried assault rifles. Before the dust even settled, several guards began firing into the recently formed breached.

Every single one was promptly rendered unconscious by Kim and Ron within seconds after they jumped down. Darting down the hallway that their blue prints indicated would lead them to the vault, they had no compunction about inflicting minor injuries on those in their path. However, when they reached the end of the hall, their previously emotionless faces filled with irritation.

"Well, the blue prints were wrong, just like we feared," Kim spat.

"Yup, that is definitely 100% genuine dead end hallway material staring at us," Ron responded with a humorous, yet slightly sadistic tone. "Wanna bust it to pieces just for kicks?"

Kim promptly responded by slamming her fist into the wall, shattering the stone, and blowing a hole into another hallway. As they stepped through the newly formed hole, a number of loud pops could be heard. Kim and Ron both looked slightly panicked as the hallway filled with tear gas.

"Ugh, not gas again. Come on Kim, lets get to some clearer air," Ron complained.

"Forget it! We're not gonna keep letting tear gas get in our way. Suck it up Zorpox, or you won't get any for a week!" Kim shot at him, starting down the hallway, deeper into the gas.

Ron's face blanched, and he proceeded to follow Kim.

In Global Justice Headquarters, the staff was all on edge. Not because Kim and Ron had gone bad. That, they felt they could handle. At the very least, Kim and Ron were no where near them at the moment. However, the one-eyed woman standing on the observation deck of the control room looked like she could kill with a glance. And if the rumors about what was really under that eye patch were true, she might just actually pull it off.

To say that Betty Director was in a bad mood was an understatement. Now that they had the original gas and research notes in their possession, GJ scientists had quickly come to the conclusion that they could engineer a counter-serum. However, there was one major issue. It would take at least a week to do it, probably a lot longer.

While the research staff was working round the clock, the rest of the staff was monitoring global information sources, trying to discern just what Kim and Ron's next move would be. Unfortunately, such a task was no easy manner, especially when they had to account for the fact that these two people now had drastically different personalities than they used to in addition to the fact that they had NO idea just what they were after.

Betty looked around the room from her perch, anger seething from her face. She knew that she shouldn't be getting angry like this. But at present, she was left with nothing to do, save for waiting. If she attempted to help search, she would just get in the way. And given the life she had lived to this point, waiting was one of a number of things that she was VERY poor at. She mused to herself that, given her occupation, patience should be critical to her, but to date, she had so far managed to find things to occupy her time. Her near total lack of sleep over the past several days likely contributed to her foul mood as well.

The expression on the Director's face had finally started to relax some, as she drifted into deep thought about the past, when an agent called her.

"Director! We've got them! They're at the Jewel House in the Tower of London."

Betty shot to attention. "RELAY THAT INTEL TO ALL OUT TEAMS!! NOW!!!"

Betty turned around walked out of the room with an air of confidence. She finally had something to do again.

Kim was starting to regret her decision to charge into the tear gas. First, this stuff was a lot stronger than what they had previously encountered. Second, for some reason that she couldn't comprehend, she and Ron had not picked up gas masks while preparing for this little foray. Third, power or no, she could NOT see where see was going. Yes, she could just blast through walls, but that would quickly drain her power. And, it wouldn't get them anywhere if they didn't know WHICH FREAKING DIRECTION TO GO.

Kim and Ron were both relieved when they finally escaped the gas filled maze of hallways. They found themselves in an empty courtyard. Ron pulled out a piece of paper from his pack.

"Hmm, okay, um. Yep, it's official. I have absolutely NO idea where we are," Ron said in a disturbingly happy tone.

Glancing at her wrist, Kim growled, "We've already been here for an hour. This was supposed to be quick and easy. Not a tear gas filled maze. AND WHY HAVEN'T WE SEEN ANYONE SINCE WE HIT THE GAS?"

"Maybe GJ warned them about our abilities, and they decided to stay back and try to drive us off with gas. It worked back at Knox after all," Ron replied, matter-of-factly.

"Yes, but we're stronger now. And we're getting stronger all the time. But even with that. What gives with this maze? Is this gas disorienting us somehow?"

"I don't…. wait a minute, do you hear that Kimilia?"

"Hear wha…."

Kim's voice trailed off as she heard several dull thumps, followed by hissing sounds.

Ron's eyes went wide. "GAH!! MORE GAS!!"

"We SOO should have gotten gas masks."

"Okay Hego, understand this, you do what I say, WHEN I SAY IT. In return, we save the day, save our favorite heroes, and I DON'T break your face, got it?" Shego almost growled from her position in the pilot's seat.

"Yes ma'am," Hego replied meekly.

"Good, now, listen. None of us can take those guys on our own, I've seen Stoppable's power at work, and it's the real deal. So, we stick together, and coordinate our work."

"Just like the old days," the Wego twins chirped in tandem.

"Yeah, sure whatever floats your boat. We're landing."

Team Go proceeded to exit their personal jet, and were promptly approached by a British man in a black suit contrasted by the Kevlar vest he was wearing over it.

"Welcome to London, Team Go. Our mutual friends are inside as we speak. Per GJ's advice, we've been using hallucinogenic doped tear gas to counter their movements so far, but they have moved through much of the facility. Here are the masks you requested."

"Put the masks on guys, and Mego, complain about the appearance and you'll have to get plastic surgery, AGAIN," Shego ordered.

Mego said nothing as they donned their gas masks and proceeded inside.

Inside the facility, Kim and Ron groaned as even more gas filled the room they were in.

"How long have we even been here Kimila?"

"Long enough for us fly in from the States Kimmy. Now, I know I like villainy, and while you're pretty good at it, it does NOT suite you. But, at the same time, I can't really blame you, what with the chemical weapons and all."

"Shego, come to join us have you?" Ron asked sweetly.

"And what do you mean by chemical weapons, Shego?" Kim asked.

"'Fraid not Ron. And it's a chemical version of that stupid attitudinator thing or something. I don't know, I don't care. GJ asked us to 'contain' you until they finished a counter-serum. Now, I get that normally, even together my family couldn't take you, but GJ has estimated that you've burned at least ninety percent of your power already, just messing around in this place. So, I think we probably have a chance. Let's get em."

"GO TEAM GO," Hego yelled. Shego groaned and began firing.

Kim and Ron were not having a good time. Putting aside the fact that the gas was still present, and their foes had masks while they did not, Shego and GJ were right, they HAD burned most of their power busting down walls. And with Shego present, Team Go was well coordinated. The fight continued, and Kim and Ron were almost out of power. With a burst of speed, they both leaped through the roof and high up the tower, positioning themselves on a window ledge.

"Kim, lets show these posers what real power is. No more holding back, we go all out, right now."


With that, Kim and Ron began moving at ultra-high speeds that Team Go was unable to counter. However, they sacrificed their power, and weren't able to land any substantial hits.

"Come on Kimmy, you can do better than that," Shego taunted. Becoming angry, Kim charged directly at Shego, who managed to read her movement, and perfectly timed a plasma blast to her face. Kim was sent flying into the wall.

"You're getting sloppy Kimmy," the green woman taunted, while dodging a blow from Ron.

"Gah, enough of this. Its time for a Mystical Monkey Beat Down! Kim, lets show these pathetic excuses for heroes what our power can become!"

Kim and Ron both jumped back from the Gos, and began channeling power around them. It started to rapidly expand and grow. Team Go chose this moment to surround them and charge, but a stray wisp of energy batted them away, sending them flying into the nearby structures. Just as Kim and Ron were about to move, the power flashed brightly. The newly married couple grabbed their heads and screamed, collapsing to the ground. Their power continued to churn around them, and then suddenly dissipated. Shego approached carefully, but found them to be unconscious.

"What the hell?" Shego mumbled.

On closer inspection, Team Go found that Kim and Ron's skin was once again its normal color.