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Pairings: Sasu/Naru/Sasu, Shika/Tema, open to other pairing suggestions.

Warnings: Sasu/Naru/Sasu, boy love, lemons and spoilers for the manga.

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Sakura walked through the village on her way to the Uchiha district early one morning. She had been sent by the Hokage to fetch Sasuke while Sai was on his way to retrieve Naruto. As she hurried to Sasuke's home, she found herself excited that she would have some time alone with the young Uchiha. She told herself that she didn't still have the silly crush from her girlhood for Sasuke. Of course not, cause she was a young woman now and had grown to see other men around her and appreciate them. As such, she knew that what she felt for the raven haired man was a true grown up love instead of her infatuation when they were younger.

While Sasuke had been gone training with Orochimaru and later hunting Itachi after killing the Snake Sannin, Sakura had grown to care deeply for Naruto who had also grown stronger. Though he would never strike her as mature, she could respect and care for him as never before. She had contemplated starting a relationship with him, but something always held her back. A feeling that she needed more. Sasuke had always been her vision of perfection, and she just never could bring herself to take another man seriously to the point of a romantic relationship.

She remembered several months ago when Team Kakashi and Team 8 had gone out hunting Sasuke after they received word of Orochimaru's death. They found Sasuke and his team, Hebi, just at the end of his battle and defeat of Itachi. After helping heal the injuries Hebi sustained, Sakura who hadn't been paying attention to anything at the time but healing a gash in Karin's arm, was surprised when Naruto suddenly walked up to Sasuke and punched him on the shoulder.

"Come on bastard, it's time to go home."

Sasuke, who looked like he was just rudely brought back to reality, merely sneered back, "I have no home."

Amazingly, Naruto didn't look surprised, just angry by Sasuke's statement. "Yes, you have a home, and a family, and it has missed you. I'll kick your ass if I have to, but you're coming back to Konoha."

Needless to say, they ended up beating the crap out of each other, and after they finally exhausted themselves, Kakashi and Yamato picked them both up and carried them back to Konoha. Hebi disbanded; Karin and Suigetsu deciding to go their separate ways and Juugo chose to follow the Konoha shinobi as he had nowhere else to go. He managed to integrate fairly well; Shizune was working with him to learn to control himself so he would no longer be a danger to himself and others.

Upon his return, Sasuke was put through interrogation by Ibiki to determine if he could ever be considered loyal to the village again. It was then decided that Sasuke would remain in the village with no more than C ranked missions for six months at which time his situation would be re-evaluated. It was not stated what he would never do again, just that Tsunade and the Council needed time to thoroughly decide the Uchiha's fate.

Sakura and Naruto had also stayed mostly in the village since on small missions. She continued working with the Hokage and in the hospital while he continued his training with Kakashi improving his wind techniques. Sasuke, though occasionally dragged around by Naruto, mainly kept to himself and didn't seem to try to make any friends. Not that this was any different from his behavior in their genin days, so Sakura was not particuarly worried. Lately, the Hokage and been grouping the former Team 7 together again for little missions around the village. Tsunade said that she wanted to see if Sasuke would work well with others and she might as well test him with his former teammates. Apparently, they were now considering allowing him to go out on B rank missions with the newly reformed team.

It seemed to be going well and Sakura thought about how the previous night they had finished helping with some farm work just outside the village. At the end, she had turned to Sasuke and asked if he would like to walk with her back and perhaps grab some food. He had declined and started to walk alone. She turned to Naruto with a small smile but was surprised to see a look of almost pity on his face. They started walking together towards the village.

"Sakura-chan, you're not still in love with Sasuke are you?"

"I believe so...after everything that has happened, I still feel so strongly about him. I've grown up and I realize he's not perfect, but I can't help my feelings. I know he probably won't ever return them...he's so cold all the time, but if he would just let himself be loved..." she trailed off looking miserable.

Strangely, Naruto looked miserable as well. "I'm sorry Sakura, I didn't realize you still felt that way."

Surprised by how solemn he sounded, but thinking that Naruto was feeling rejected cause of how he was always flirting with her during their childhood, Sakura replied, "It's ok Naruto, you know, you're special to me too. I just want the people I care about to be happy."

Naruto gave her a small smile. "Come on Sakura-chan, let me take you to dinner." They had just arrived at the village gates. "No thanks. It's getting late and I'm actually tired." She then continued walking home leaving Naruto behind. She felt bad that she couldn't love him as anything more than a brother. He had grown stronger, and handsome, and didn't act so much as a nuissance. But when she saw him, a part of her always saw the child he had been and how annoying she had found him. Just as when she always looked at Sasuke, she always saw the boy she had loved.

And here she was now, standing outside Sasuke's home about to knock on the door when she felt two chakra signatures inside. Trying the door and finding it unlocked, she walked in and headed towards where she felt the two. As she neared what she thought must be Sasuke's bedroom, she was able to make out that the two individuals that she sensed were Sasuke and Naruto.

What's Naruto doing here this time of the morning? she thought to herself.

When she was right outside the partially open door, she heard a voice from inside call out. "What do you want Sakura?" She thought that Sasuke sounded more irrated than usual.

"Um...Tsunade-sama told me to get you for a meeting that we'll be having."

"Ok, I'll be there in a few minutes" Sasuke replied.

Deciding there was no reason to pretend that she hadn't sensed him, "Naruto, you're supposed to come as well. Sai went to your apartment to fetch you."

There was a moment of silence and then Naruto answered from inside, "Thanks Sakura-chan. Umm...I'll be there soon too."

Something was making her uncomfortable about how uneasy Naruto sounded. "Naruto, why don't you come with me now? You shouldn't be bothering Sasuke-kun this early anyways." As she said this she started to open the door further and look inside. She was shocked to see both Sasuke and Naruto, apparently naked under the sheets, on Sasuke's bed. Naruto was sitting at the edge of the bed with his back to her and pulling up his boxers when she entered the doorway. He turned his head to face her and the look on his face was the picture of embarrassment.

"Sakura-chan!!" he cried as he quickly finished pulling up his boxers to cover himself. Sasuke continued to lie on the bed with the sheet covering him to the chest and a rather displeased look on his face as he stared at her.

Sakura could do nothing but stare in shock and then anger at the scene in front of her as Naruto continued to put his orange pants and black undershirt on. She noted with annoyance that he didn't seem particuarly rushed once he had gotten his boxers on. So, she was able to make out a few hickies fading on his, she grudgingly admitted, very hot chest.

Sasuke, looking none too pleased himself, had had enough. "Sakura, leave."

She met Sasuke's eyes and was immediately hurt by how coldly they looked at her. How could he not care about her? If he was not involved with anyone, she could handle that because it wasn't a rejection of her personally, but knowing that he was apparently sexually involved...and with Naruto no less!...hurt her beyond anything she thought she could experience. She felt like her heart was breaking and she started having trouble breathing as tears came to her eyes.

Naruto, looking concerned, started walking towards her raising an arm as if to comfort her. How dare he?!?

"Stay away from me!" she snapped. "Don't you dare! How could you do this to me?!? What kind of a friend are you?" Unable to take the sudden blank expression on his face and Sasuke's look of anger, she turned and ran out of the house. She needed to get control of herself before she could report to the Hokage tower.


Inside the bedroom, Naruto was still staring blankly at the open door that Sakura had just left. Sasuke got up from the bed and started getting dressed. He then walked over to Naruto and with a hand to his chin turned the blond to face him.

"Are you sorry?"

"For what?" Naruto said surprised.

Sasuke merely smirked and proceeded to strap on his kunai holster and weapons pouch. "Good. So why do you look like the few brain cells you have are no longer working, usuratonkachi?"

"She's my friend, teme. I care about her. But the way she just acted to you then me...I didn't like the way it made me feel. I wish I had been awake enough to sense her outside, I would've masked my chakra so this didn't happen." Naruto looked at Sasuke as he zipped up his orange jacket. "I'm not sorry for being with you."

Sasuke grunted and started to walk out of the room when he felt Naruto's arms wrap around his waist. He felt his slightly shorter lover nuzzle the back of his neck lightly. Accurately interpreting this as a need for assurance, Sasuke entwined his fingers with the blond's and squeezed lightly. He felt Naruto smile against the back of his neck and let go. "Come on, dobe."

With that, they left towards the Hokage tower to find out what Tsunade wants with them.


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