Chapter 7: Ouch!

(One Year Later)

"Will Dr. Robert Cuddy report to Dr. Lisa Cuddy's office?" Announced the intercom.

"Lisa, they're doing it again!" Robert Chase was highly annoyed as he walked into the hospital administrator's office.

"Well, Robbie, at least they're not singing 'Mrs. Robinson' anymore."

"Yeah, but I'm getting tired."

"Never mind. Anyway, are you ready for tonight?"

"Why a kilt? I mean, I'm Scottish on my mum's side, but a kilt?"

"Come on, Robbie, its a costume party."

"Oh, all right." Chase gave Dr. Cuddy a lingering kiss, and stalked off. He'd get over his mad soon enough, her little (Well, not so little, thank goodness) Wombat took a lot of ribbing, but she liked that he still stuck around, even after the inevitable teasing when everyone found out about their relationship.

(Later That Night)

"Well, we know who wears the pants in this family!" House snarked, pointing to Cuddy's pantsuit, and Chase's kilt.

"Shut up House! My Scarlett O'Hara dress was ruined!" Cuddy glared at House, it did sound like him to "accidentally" put a gash in her costume just so he could make that joke.

"Dance, Lise?" asked Robert.

"Lead the way. House, this is how a real gentleman does things." smirked Cuddy.

"Um...Lise, remember that thing we were going to try out later? Well, I made arrangements..."


The next day, Robert Chase and Lisa Cuddy reported in sick. They had managed to hurt themselves trying out free fall sex. Naturally, House inevitably found out, and much mocking was done.