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Max POV:

My name is Maximum Ride. But I'm not the teenager you knew six years ago. I am not a leader, not a mother, and if I could I would kill those people I called my flock. I'm twenty years old, I watched Itex destroy the world I was supposed to save, and I don't give a damn about anybody except numero uno.

Now stop your crying. "Oh no! Max is different. She changed WAH!" Well boo hoo. Get over it. We all change, and I think I changed for the better. I walked down the street littered with trash, humans, and what I call the untouchables. The untouchables were people who were dying from a contagious virus transmitted by touch. Another point for Itex.

The voice had pretty much shut up when the first atomic bomb went off. I was a drug dealer now. Working with other guys trying to get by, and trying not to get on Itex's bad side. Since Itex pretty much ruled the world now. I pulled my hood up over my dreadlocks and walked to my usual corner looking for potential clients.

G. had took me in. I was a lost, messed up teenager with no family, friends, or life. My heart was broken and I didn't know what to do anymore. I wouldn't have admitted to it, but I have to satisfy all you readers that have nothing better to do.

G. is his name. No one knows his real one. He cashed in big when America crashed and importing drugs became a whole lot easier. I lived with him, ate his food, sold his drugs along with a lot of other orphans, he was the closest thing to a father I ever had. He showed me how to live on the streets, and showed me what a true family was. Not like that stupid backstabbing flock. No, this family was better. We hung together, felt each other's pain, and stood up for each other to the death. No one had ever done that for me before, not even the flock.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a punk kid walk towards me, looking around every few seconds like something was going to pop out and bite him in the butt.

Maybe something would.

I hate new customers. Take this kid for example. He was making it obvious he was about to buy drugs and never done it before. On the streets you had to blend in. Or else you would get jumped of harassed just because he acted like an idiot punk.

"How much you want?" I asked, making him jump. Idiot.

"How much you got?" He asked. No dude, stupid question.

"No that ain't the right question. You think you are sounding all tough, but it's not your business how much I got. You come here and you tell me how much you want. Anything else and you just wasting my time. I could break your neck right here and now for that question alone. Your sounding too much like a cop and I don't deal with cops."

Hey someone had to set the boy straight.

I turned to leave. The boy jumped towards me.

"No. I'm not a cop, I swear! I just need a joint, man."

"Fine. How much you want?"

".. Uh. 50 grams?"

"Okay got the dough?"

He produced fifty bucks.

"You come over here with only fifty bucks man? I aint selling candy. I want the big bucks."

His eyes widened. "That's all I have."

I spit to the side in disgust. Now do you see why I hate new customers?

"I should snap your neck. Go away and don't show your face around here again. And if I find you snitched on me to any of the authorities you'll me waking up in Hell. You got that?"

I walked away. Time to go to another spot.

"Hey, Baby!!" Someone yelled behind me.

"I'd like some of that!!" Another voice joined in. My hands clenched in to lethal fists.

They kept on going calling after me. I wanted to kill them. Maybe I would.

"I'll rock your world, Baby!!"

That's IT!! No, I thought with a deadly grin on my face, I'll rock your world.

I stepped around the bodies and walked away. That felt good. Nobody would care about them anymore. They were just two more bodies on the street for the dogs to eat. Don't you just love this country?

The single figure waited and watched in the shadows. He was good at blending in the shadows. He watched this woman walk down the street alone. She was mean, she was hardly a shell of what she used to be, and she was dangerous. The man shook his head.

What happened to you Max?

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