Meet Me

Sadness takes over my body.
other Emotions are overrun by it.
I am the Silent Warrior.
I kill, I show no emotion whatsoever.
Some belive I Can't Show emotion.
Others belive I just won't.
Both are right.
In the battlefield,my tears have only fallen once.
No one can help me now.
I am lost forever in my war- filled world.
And only one seems to care.
She's always trying to help.
I tell her lies to keep her happy.
Such a hard life and no one to care.
I feel no regret or sorrow.I never will.
Although my heart is cold to some,she says i'm kind and hopeful.
I am anything but kind i've killed too many to count ignoring cries for mercy
But it's gone now the war is over and so is the only way of life I knew
and I am left as the Silent Warrior
I have lost her.
I don't know how to be alive,Maybe i'll know how to be dead better.
I'll See you soon, My Cathrine. Meet me.

disclaimer:I do not own gundam wing.If I did i'd be alot happier.