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"Optimus... I can't...I can't fix this..."

"You have to tell them Ratchet...That I have been honored... To serve them... "

"Prime... I...:

"You can..."

"But I... "

"Please... "

"I've failed."

"You are the most amazing medic I have ever known and I thank Primus for giving you to me..."

"How can we possibly go on without you?"

"You... Will do what you always have. Take care of them for me... "

Ratchet looked down at the shattered body of the one person who had always been his strength, as streams of blue fell from his optics and that source of endless strength flickered and went out. "I would follow you anywhere Optimus..."

Ironhide fell out of his chair as Bumblebee suddenly came running down the hallways and threw himself against him, clinging like a frightened sparkling. "WHAT THE SLAGGING PIT..." He stopped in mid sentence as he saw the look on his little Bee's face.

"I can't feel Optimus..." Bumblebee whimpered.

Ironhide dropped to his knees without a word, pulling Bee into a comforting hug as the gravity of what he was saying hit. Bumblebee had always been able to feel Optimus. It was part of being his sparkling. There could only be one reason. Ironhide's optics turned to the Med Bay where the severly wounded Optimus had been brought after a nasty ambush three days ago and held the sobbing Bee, bracing himself for what was to come.

He didn't have long to wait. Ratchet emerged a mere ten minutes later, wearing an expression Ironhide knew so well. It was the expression he always had, when he had failed to bring someone back. This time however, it was different. Because this time, for the first time in all the millions of years Ironhide had known him, Ratchet was crying.

-One Year Later-

Bumblebee ran his fingers across the cold, lifeless form before him. A song burst from his radio.

I will remember you...

Will you remember me?

Don't let your life... Pass you by...

Weep not for the memories...

The song cut off abruptly, leaving him in silence as he lay his head against the still form of the only father he had ever known.

"It's going to be ok Bee..."

Bumblebee's head jerked up as the wonderful voice he thought he would never hear again spoke those words that had never failed to make everything ok, expecting to see those gentle blue optics gazing back at him. His spark tore in two as he met orbs of black, dim and lifeless.

"Bee... Its going to be ok."

It was then he noticed Ratchet and Ironhide standing there in the doorway, as strong and noble as they always were. In that moment, Bumblebee let go. Taking one last look at the remains of the mighty Optimus Prime, he nodded and got to his feet. "Yes. It's going to be ok."

Together, they walked out of the crypt, heads held high, leaving behind the lifeless husks that had been Jazz and Optimus. Unseen, two sets of deep blue optics watched them go.

Optimus spoke, his voice soft "Is it?"

Jazz smiled. "Yeah."

Optimus Prime nodded and finally let himself fade away.