Crimson Tide

I'm going to keep doing chapters for Masquerade its just that I started to get ideas for another story and so I thought I should write them out to get them out of my head so here it is... I had trouble with the title as well .Ok some of these chapters will have flashbacks, there might be a few chapters without them spread through out the story, they might be at the beginning, middle or end of the chapter... who knows. Anyway hope you Enjoy it.

Oh almost forgot these are the parings so deal with it; slight (maybe even a little one-sided) Naru/Kaka, Naru/Kyu the main pairing though is Naru/Sasu there will also be a little one-sided Ita/Naru.

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Chapter 1: Azure Amongst Pink Sakura

A bright azure coloured eye could be seen peeking through the small gap between the partially opened screen door, watching the movement inside the room, listening to the conversation between the adults about what their clans will do to improve the country and about the shinobi in Konohagakure. If one looked close enough to the screen door one could see the faint shadow of a teenage girl cast upon the door from the sun, the girl jumps lightly as the screen door is closed blocking her view into the room, instantly she knew who it was that closed it, after all it was only a few months ago that her parents hired the strange man to guard her.

Slowly her gaze travelled upward to view the man that was standing behind her, strands of her long golden hair falling down her back forming spirals on parts of her light and dark blue kimono and the wooden floor, the gold hair pin jingling slightly as she moves her head, she had no idea that he was standing there, she didn't even hear him walk up behind her. A frown forms on her face as she looks at the orange book in his hands, she knew what is was, she had seen many men around the Uzumaki compound reading the disgusting book including her father, as soon as she opens her mouth to say something to him he brings his book down and presses his index finger up to where his mouth would be behind his blue mask, asking her to keep quiet, though his single gaze never leaves the pages of the novel.

After awhile of glaring at the strange man she eventually stands up, her long slender fingers grip onto the front of her kimono as she lifts it up slightly and walks away from the screen door she was sitting at, the back of her kimono dragging along the dark wooden floor boards as her bare feet barely make a single noise with each and every step that she takes, the shinobi slowly following close behind her. The man lifts his head up slightly, his single grey eye looking at the form of the young girl in front of him, he has only been watching her for three months now and each and every time she would always sneak off without him noticing and he could never figure out how she would do it no matter how much of a genius he is, she seemed to be more sneaky then an ANBU and they were trained, where as this young girl was brought up in a different lifestyle to that of a shinobi yet she was able to do things most civilians couldn't do.

gradually they made their way towards the garden near her bedroom, the wind started to pick up slightly allowing the sakura petals to gently glide on the wind as though they were feathers. Slowly they made their way towards the red bridge that went from one side of the large pond to the other, the girl then stoped in the middle of the bridge and leaned over the railing as she watched the koi swimming around amongst the pink and white water lilies and reeds. After awhile she broke the silence between them "Kakashi?..."

Said man was leaning his back against the railing not bothering to face her as she says his name "Hmm?" he answers, somehow managing to read at the same time without loosing his place in the novel.

"Did mother say anything to you about my trip to the village later on today?" she asks him as she turns away from the water and looks over at him.

Kakashi looks up from his book and over at the young girl, it was hard to believe that she was only 17, every time he looked at her he always found it hard to look away, just as most men had a tendency to do around her, unlike most girls who wore make up Naruka had a natural beauty about her, her skin was smooth and flawless, no blemish at all apart from the three whisker like scars on her cheeks, for some strange reason her skin was tanned apparently it has always been that colour unlike her parents who were pale, her slim figure slightly hidden by the light and dark blue kimono and black obi, the long sleaves only showing her fingertips, her bright blue eyes looking up at his tall figure.

Kakashi looks at he slightly sad as he see's the slight hope in her eyes, he then shakes his head slightly "Sorry but she said you couldn't go to the festival, I even told her that you would be safe in a shinobi village but she still refused"

She looks away from him, it was clear to him that she was disappointed with the answer "Oh..." she says softly as she walks away from him, towards the sakura tree's, the petals gently falling from the branches, some falling into her long blond hair while some fall onto her kimono, slowly she lifts up her hands with her palms facing up catching some of the floating pink petals. The mere sight of her standing amongst the pink tree's and floating petals making some of the guards stop in their tracks and stare at her, those that could see her face could easily tell by her eyes that she was sad, yet the sight still made her look beautiful.

Kakashi slowly walked up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder, the vile orange book no longer in his hand his single visible eye showing that he was smiling "Don't worry I herd that this year it will be boring..." his voice then becomes a whisper as he leans closer to her ear "No sneaking out tonight either"

Naruka turns around and looks at him, a slight pout on her lips "How do you know?... was it that weird bushy brow freak that kept speaking about something or other that told you?"

He looks at he and laughs slightly "No I followed you... though I'm glad that he didn't spot me"

She gives him an odd look then laughs a little "He did ask about you though"

Kakashi pales slightly and gets a little worried "You didn't tell him anything?... did you?"

She looks at him and smirks slightly at his reaction "Your not afraid of another Konoha shinobi are you Kakashi?"

He clears his throat and try's to look a little more composed " not at a...all" he says to her as he try's to wave it off.

"I wouldn't blame you though, he made me want to bang my head against something" she says to him as she looks towards the darkening sky, then towards the mixture of oranges, reds and pinks stretched across the sky where the sun is setting.

Naruka leans down slightly, her thin nimble fingers grabbing the front fabric of her kimono as she straightens herself back up "Well its getting late, I better go to bed before father gets up me" she says to him as she walks to her room.

Kakashi bows slightly as she leaves, straightening his back once she is far enough away from him, slowly he looks around the garden awhile ago he had sensed that there was someone hiding and watching the both of them but now any trace of them had vanished. It wasn't the first time this had happened after all this was the reason why he was hired to guard Naruka since only those who were around her would sense another's presence then sense nothing at all.

Naruka sat on the small stool as the maid brushed any of the nots out of her knee length blond hair, the maid then picked up a long piece of blue fabric and tied it tightly around her hair, making sure that her bangs were framing her face, she kept going until only a small amount of blond hair was sticking out of the bottom (you know similar to how Yuna his her hair in FFX2), making that it couldn't come undone while she slept. Once her hair was done she stood up and kept her back facing the maid as she undone the black obi around the blonde's waist, Naruka then took all three layers of her kimono off and laid them down on the stool she was sitting on while the maid helped her put on her white yukata (not sure if they sleep in it or not) and tied it securely.

Naruka moved over to her futon and laid down, pulling the silk sheets over herself. The maid picked up the kimono and obi up off of the stool and then picked up the candle before saying goodnight to the blond before she left the room, closing the screen door behind herself. Naruka looked around the dark room, she knew that Kakashi wouldn't be far just in case someone tried something at night, slowly she brings her hand up until her fingers are out from under the silk sheets, her fingers the curl slightly as she grips the soft sheets, sighing softly the room grows quiet as the light from the moon peers into her room through the window. The only sound to be heard are the chirping of crickets, the rustle of leaves and a soothing sound of running water coming from the garden, all these sounds slowly lull her to sleep as her eyelids grow heavy and slowly close until finally she is asleep.

A creaking sound could be heard in the quiet room as the door to the room opens, a stream of light enters the room through the open door, passing over the floor reaching all the way over part of the sleeping form on the futon. The figure standing in the doorway watches the sleeping occupant, his red slitted eyes watches the girl sleep peacefully, a serine expression on her face like it was all those years ago when he snuck into her bedroom for the first time. He then enters the room and walks over to the bed, his feet not once making a single noise as they touch the tatami mats, he then sits down beside the sleeping girl and brushes a golden bang back behind her ear, his fingertips brushing against her soft tanned skin tracing the whisker like marks on her cheek.

A soft groan could be heard from the sleeping blond as she wakes, her vision blurry at first but slowly focusing on the man beside her as her sight adjusts to the dark room "Hmm... can't I go back to sleep"

The man chuckles slightly as the candles are lit around the room one by one by some unseen force "I'm sorry Naruka but you have to help me tonight with the meeting"

She sits up slowly and pouts a little "Who are you meant to be meeting?" she asks him as she gets off of the futon and walks over to the dividing screen, her silo et appearing on the thin white rice paper, hiding her body from view but not her head.

"Its with Akatsuki, a few of them requested for you... It seems that some of them have missed you".

The blond turns around to face Kyuubi, she could now see his features, his long hair was a deep crimson shade that reached the small of his back, his slanted red slitted eyes standing out against his pale complexion. Just like her preferred to wear the more traditional clothing, his crimson kimono was trimmed with black with a small black obi securing it in place as it was open slightly to show his pale chest, his long finger nails painted black.

"Do I really have to... I don't like being around them, besides if anything bad happens don't blame me they are the ones that start it all the time" she says to him as she throws her sky blue yukata over the dividing screen.

Kyuubi a white fang slips over his bottom lip as he smirks slightly, he stands up and walks over to the closet and picks out a black and white kimono with spider web patterns on it "My dear I don't think Itachi started it, he isn't childish like some of the other members" he says to her as he walks over to her and hands her the kimono.

The blonde pouts once more and takes the kimono "He did start it... He kept looking at me funny and he wouldn't say anything" she says to him as she slips the kimono on and holds it around herself as she walks back around and stands in front of Kyuubi with her back facing him.

The red head raises a brow at this as he picks up the red obi and wraps it around the girls waist "Did he?... I never noticed him looking at you, maybe I might have to keep a close eye on him..." he pauses as he finishes tying the bow and ties part of her knee length blond hair up into a slight bun then places a small branch in her hair with sakura blossoms on it "Just try not to pull any more pranks on them"

Naruka turns around to face him once more "Fine then... but the moment any of them try or do something then they will regret it".

Kyuubi looks at her and sighs "Fine, fine just don't over do it, the last thing I need is Kisami running around my new bar recking everything"

The blond giggles a little at this "Not my fault he has a bad temper, besides I'm sure he can't get away with carrying around that large sword of his... I still think he is trying to over compensate for the lack of something"

Kyuubi looks at her with a frown "Honestly what happened to the Naruka I met all those years ago, you never used to be like this..." the red head then looks at her and pouts, though in some strange way it doesn't suit his handsome face "I miss the old sweet and innocent Naru-chan, the nice girl that even the cold undead seemed to adore".

The blond looks at him, her lips forming into a sweet smile "I'm still sweet and innocent, its just the people you introduce me to aren't" with that said she leans down slightly and picks up the back of her kimono so that it doesn't drag along the floor as she walks out of her bedroom.

Kyuubi frowns slightly at this, he knew she had a point but the fact that all of the undead that he knew besides a few were cold hearted and even when they were humans they were never innocent, especially his seven close friends and most of the humans he had turned. He never did bother finding out why there were the few vampires who were still the same as their old selves, but whenever he did think about it his mind would only come up with one possible solution and that was that they had come into contact with Naruka before they were turned.

After while he walks out of the room and into the hallway, he then walks over to the elevator and takes it down to the ground floor, upon stepping out of the elevator looks around the bar, making sure to keep a close eye on the humans running about as they cleaned the tables and bar top making sure that everything was in order before the bar opened for the first night.

Gradually he makes his way over to the front doors where Naruka was standing "Ok now when my guests arrive I want you to escort them up to the office, but not before they all get here, I was only informed that some of them were coming apparently some of them had gotten careless and they were killed" he says to her as he flicks a light switch on to turn the sign on outside.

Naruka nods her reply as she unlocks the door and turns the closed sign around so that it now says open "I sent one of the others up there not long ago so there should be some bottles of both red wine and fresh blood up there" she says to him absentmindedly as she watches the live band set up the instruments.

Kyuubi walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist as he leans over to whisper in her ear "Soon, very soon I will let you grace the undead ears with your haunting voice" a smile then forms on his lips as he watches her face "But for now they will just have to settle with seeing your beauty"

Naruka turns her head slightly and looks at him with sad sky blue eyes "But I want to sing now, you promised all those years ago when you had forbidden me to sing"

The red head looks at her and frowns "Don't look at me like that... you remember what happened in Konoha after Kakashi took you there, as soon as you started singing near that lake all those male shinobi were swooning over you as though they had herd a sirens song"

The blond pales at this and shudders "How can I... As soon as I stopped singing they all broke out into an all out fight and there were jutsu's going everywhere, I was just glad that I could sneak away without them noticing..." she then sighs softly "It didn't stop them from following me around" when mutters as she watches as a few people enter the bar.

Kyuubi laughs a little at this as he slowly moves away from her, his hands letting go of her waist "Well I better go up to the office it seems as though two of our guests are already here" he says as he turns around to face Itachi and Kisami and bows slightly.

Both had been standing there for quite awhile listening in on the conversation they were having, they both then bow slightly in response. Naruka turns away from the small stage and looks towards Itachi and Kisami, it looked strange seeing them without their black and red clouded cloaks, it looked more strange seeing Kisami without Shimada on his back though she knew that he must still have the large scale like sword covered in a bandage somewhere. What looked more strange was that Itachi's eyes were their normal black colour instead of the sharingan red, then again it had been ages since she had last seen the two.

Kisami looks over at the blond "Didn't know that you could sing" he says to her as his mouth forms into a twisted smile, his shark like teeth could be seen.

Itachi directs his attention to Kyuubi "Hn... maybe if the meeting goes well without any problems she might be allowed to..." he then looks over at Naruka and takes in her appearance "That is if she wants to" he adds as he looks at her kimono.

Naruka looks over at Kisami with a small frown adorning her face "What's that supposed to mean?... unlike the other noble women from our time I'm not tone deaf..." she then smirks slightly as she looks at the shark-like man in front of her "I'd like to hear you sing fish face"

Itachi becomes more paler then what he already was "Don't you dare Kisami" he warns him as he then glares at the taller man

Kyuubi chuckles darkly at this and places his hand on the blonde's shoulder "Sure if everyone behaves themselves she can"

Naruka looks up at the red head and smiles brightly "Really?..." she then turns and looks at Kisami, her eyes growing a slightly darker shade of blue "You try and mess this up for me and I'll make you regret even living" she says to him before going back to her normal happy self.

For all of them it was strange to see such an emotion show on the girls face, normally they only saw her happy side but this was a first even for Kyuubi. By now more people had entered the bar and half the bar was full, most of them were young vampires but there were a few older vampires. Within an instant Kyuubi had vanished, though they had known where he went, just as he left Deidara and Sasori walked through the door arguing about how Sasori doesn't like to make people wait and if puppets or clay are better.

Upon spotting Itachi and Kisami, Deidara perks up as they walk over to them, as they get closer they spot a blond, blue eyed girl standing in front of them "Un... Itachi, who is your new friend?" he asks as he looks the girl over.

Naruka looks at him and raises a brow "Honestly how can someone forget me..." an innocent smile creeps across her face as she looks at Deidara "Especially after what I did to you"

Deidara instantly remembers, it was hard to forget about that incident, hell he even had nightmares about it for almost three months "You blew up my favourite pants and bedroom with one of my own clay bombs..un... And you had the nerve to let me take the blame for it... un."

The blond girl covers her mouth with her hand and giggles "Guilty as charged but as I remember it was your fault you took my favourite kimono and then totally ruined it when you went training in it, so I decided to get a little payback with two of your clay bombs"

Itachi looks over at Deidara and Sasori "We will be waiting until the others get here before we all go up to met Kyuubi-sama" he says to them both just to make sure that Sasori doesn't start to grow impatient and start rambling on about how Kyuubi was being rude in making them wait for a long time.

Both Sasori and Deidara nod and walk over to an empty booth while they wait for the remainder of their group, Itachi and Kisami soon join them. Between the four of them a comfortable silence grows, though it was uncomfortable for Naruka, it wasn't long before Kisami and Deidara started arguing all because of the way that Kisami was looking at him. It was strange to think that two full grown adults could bicker like six year old children no mater how long they haven't seen each other for it was only twenty minutes into the argument when the rest of the Akatsuki arrived, upon entering Itachi, Kisami, Deidara, Sasori and Naruka went to greet them all.

Naruka bows slightly as she stands in front off all seven members "Please if you will all follow me I will take you to see Kyuubi" she says to them as she leads them over to the elevator beside the bar.

They entered the elevator after it opened, it was large enough to fit them all plus maybe two more people, the blond female pressed the button for the third floor after the doors closed and they all waited for the elevator to stop, some of them were leaning against the crimson padded walls while those in the middle were standing still as they waited patiently. It only took a few minutes for the elevator to stop end open up into a large office with black and crimson d├ęcor, the sofa's were a soft crimson velvet set against the black carpet and satin cushions on the sofa's, the walls were also black with crimson trimming and crimson curtains covering the windows. A large glass oval table was placed in the centre of the room with black leather chairs on either side, a small screen in front of every chair. A desk was at the other end of the room, the wood of it was painted black, on top of it was a silver computer and keyboard with a neat pile of papers beside it.

Kyuubi could be seen sitting at the oval table, he then stood up from his chair and welcomes them as everyone took their place at the table apart from Naruka, she had walked over to a cabinet and took out two sets of eight wine glasses one for if they wanted to drink one and one for if they wanted blood. She then went around and placed the glasses in front of everyone. (Ok a few minutes are going to go past cause no point in going over the meeting they are just basically catching up on things going around Konohagakure nothing important really beside's I think its a pain to write about a boring meeting.)

The entire meeting went off without a problem, it seems as though once they all herd that Naruka was going to sing they also tried to behave themselves as much as she did because they had wanted to hear her. They were all now on their way down to the ground floor, by the time they reached the ground floor the bar was almost full. The members of Akatsuki had kicked a few of the younger vampires away from two of the tables in front of the stage and sat down though Kyuubi walked up onto the stage as the band stoped playing.

"Welcome everyone to The Kitsune Bar and I'm your host Kyuubi, I hope everyone is enjoying their new heaven... I don't want to see any brawls start in here, if you want to fight then I suggest you take it outside otherwise you wont live to see your next night..." upon saying this he chuckles darkly making all of the undead patrons shudder and not want to think about what he could do to them. "Now I wasn't going to have this person sing so soon but I promised a few friends I would let her and I don't want you all thinking that she will do this every night... This will be the first time that the undead ears get to hear such an enchanting voice in such a long, long time..." he then pauses for awhile as his red slitted eyes scan the entire room "I'd like to introduce you all to Uzumaki Naruka"

Everyone's attention was drawn to the young looking girl in the black kimono with spider web patterns walk on stage, they could all tell that she was human just by her scent but they could also tell that she had and still does partake in the drinking of a powerful vampires blood because his scent also lingered on her and they could tell it was the owner of the bar Kyuubi that owned the human girl, but what they couldn't figure out was how old she really was since the vampire's blood has made her look younger and live longer then any normal human should.

Naruka walked onto the stage, her bare feet softly hitting the hard wood stage, the back of her kimono dragging along the floor as she walked up to the microphone with her head low. As soon as she looked up everyone could see what she looked like properly and almost everyone would have stopped breathing if they could, all they could see was a young innocent looking girl with knee length blond hair and sky blue eyes, she was defiantly an angel amongst demons. She then turns her head around and nods to the band to inform that she was ready and that they could start, her hands slowly rise up and take a hold of the microphone as she waits for the right time to start.

Hold onto me my love

You know I can't stay long

All I wanted to say was I love you and I'm not afraid... Oh

Can you hear me?

Can you feel me in your arms?

Holding my last breath

Safe inside myself

Are all my thoughts of you

Sweet ruptured light

It ends here tonight

Everyone had stopped what they were doing, even those who were serving the drinks to the patrons, while down in front at the tables Kisami's mouth was hanging open. Itachi was showing even more interest in the young girl, his lips forming a smirk as he started thinking about what her blood would taste like, even with Kyuubi's blood coursing through her veins he still wondered if she still tasted as though she was innocent.

I'll miss the winter

A world of fragile things

Look for me in the white forest,

hiding in a hollow tree (come and find me)

I know you hear me

I can taste it in your tears

Holding my last breath

Safe inside myself

Are all my thoughts of you

Sweet raptured light

It ends here tonight

Sasori was watching the performance with interest, just like everyone else in the bar his eyes never left the sweet temptress on the stage. Deidara on the other had was glad that he didn't place a clay bomb on her kimono when she had served him a drink earlier on in Kyuubi's office, is he had of done that then he wouldn't have gotten to hear her sing.

Closing your eyes to disappear

you pray your dreams will leave you here

But still your awake and know the truth

No one's there

Say goodnight

Don't be afraid

Calling me, calling me as you fade to black

As soon as she finished everyone stood up and either cheered or clapped, a faint blush adorned her cheeks as she looked around at everyone, it was the first time that she was congratulated for it since last time her singing caused a large fight amongst hormonal shinobi teens and men. Slowly she got down from the stage and walked over to Kyuubi who was now standing over near the Akatsuki members once again.

By now it was three o'clock leaving only three minutes until the sun would rise, though the sun never killed them they always preferred to sleep during the daylight hours since they always stayed awake during the night, slowly but gradually everyone made their way out of the bar so that all that was left were the Akatsuki members.

Naruka looks at them all and bows slightly "Well I hope you all enjoyed yourselves tonight but I'm feeling a little tired now so I will see you all next time there is a meeting or you decide to visit, excuse me" she says to them as she walks away and takes the elevator up to the second floor and heads to her bedroom.

Sasori looks over at Kyuubi "You were lucky to have found someone like her Kyuubi-sama"

Kyuubi looks at Sasori and reply's "Actually I found her after I turned all of you, Itachi may have once knew about her family before I killed them all"

Itachi turns his attention towards Kyuubi "So the rumours about you killing the Feudal Lord and the entire Uzumaki clan besides Naruka were true after all"

Kyuubi nods in reply "Yes I even got myself some more children in the process, I chose only the best amongst the clans in Konoha, all willing to obey their dear father even that copy ninja though he doesn't like to admit it... I had to get to them before Orochimaru did..."

Itachi nods in agreement "I'm glad I had turned Sasuke when I did other wise that fool would have, even if my foolish Otouto still doesn't see it"

Kyuubi slowly follows them to the doors "Yes well, I better not keep you any longer, I'm sure you are all wanting to rest, I hope we could do this again another time goodnight everyone" he says to them as he see's them out.

He then orders one of the servants to close the bar as he takes the elevator up to the second floor and walks to his and Naruka's bedroom, he then opens the dor and walks into the dark room, making sure to close it behind him. Walking over to the futon he see's Naruka's sleeping form and changes out of his kimono and into his yukata and slips in beside her under the silk sheets, his arm wrapping around her waist as he pulls her closer to him as he slowly closes his eyes and falls asleep beside her.

Preview Chapter 2: (still working on the title for it)

Naruka wakes up to the sounds of screaming coming from all around the Uzumaki complex, she could hear the guards running past her room shouting orders even their screams as they were cut down in mere seconds...

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