A/N: yes this is another one. Set during The Man in The fallout shelter.

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"Well Bones, you should probably start showing the same amount of respect to the man upstairs as you do to an invisible fungus." Booth said. The drugs were beginning to wear off by now.

Brennan sighed. "Booth wait!" she called, she got up out of her chair and walked in front of him, " Even though I don't believe in stuff like that, there is one Christmas tradition that I'm okay with."

Booth raised an eyebrow, " What are you talking about Bones?" he asked. Brennan smiled

"Look up,"

Booth looked up; there above his head was a small sprig of mistletoe.

" Bones, what-" he began but he was cut off by Brennan's lips. Wrapping his arms around her waist he moved his lips against hers. Her hands played with his hair then moved down his bare, well muscled arms to his chest.

" You know," Brennan said between kisses, " if one of us is sick, we're just spreading the germs."

" For you Bones," Booth began, breaking the kiss, " I'm willing to take the risk."

From behind a pillar, the rest of the squint squad was spying on them.

" I knew it!" Angela squealed, "I knew they'd get together!" she paused, " though I never expected it to happen now of all times."

" Well," Doctor Goodman began, "nothing brings people together like an invisible fungus. Come Zack, we should leave Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth alone."

" Hey Ange," Hodgins said once the others had gone, "Look up." Angela looked up and smiled.

" Uh, what the hell!" she leaned down and kissed him.

Booth, Brennan, Hodgins and Angela had to agree. Maybe being stuck in the lab over Christmas wasn't such a bad thing after all.