Code Xana The Missing Episode: XXX

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Naia, Dante, Skitz, and Barack are at the Factory. Dante wanted to test a new program and these are the only ones who would come. "Ok, go down to the Scanner Room and I'll Scan you." Naia, Barack, and Skitz get on the elevator but it won't move. "Hmmm, that's not right." Dante brings a screen up. "It will let you move up but not down? Barack, Skitz, go up and see what's going on." Naia steps off of the elevator and the other two take it up.

"Well, there's nothing up here." Barack and Skitz look around and see nothing that would block the elevator. They get back on the elevator but it won't move! "Well, how do we get down?"

"There is another way down, this way." Skitz leads Barack through the passage way and when they get the boiler room they get stuck. "Barack, help me!" Skitz can't turn the handle. Barack tries but can't move it.

"Let's go back." They turn around just as the other door slams shut. "Xana!" They run to the door but it won't move. There is a hissing noise as steam comes out of a valve. The room starts to get hot. "Call Dante and tell him what happened." Barack sits down on the floor.

"Ok." Skitz gets her phone out and calls Dante. "Dante, we're locked in the boiler room."

"That's not the bad part." Barack was freaking out. Somehow Xana had locked the Super Computer down. "Um, call the others I have to try and fix this." Dante gets to work on the Super Computer but finds it impossible to do anything.

Across the city a medical lab is broken into. But this is no regular burglar. It is a black mist looking for a new drug. The black mist forms into Ms. Delmas. "Yes, let's see what happens when this is added to their system. How hard it will be to be carrying a child and fight at the same time!" A new drug, Phloxen, a drug used to loosen inhibitions, is stolen.

Sanne gets the call from Dante. "Ok Krieger, um, can you finish my homework?" Sanne hands him a piece of paper.


"Dante just called. Xana locked the Super Computer and the Factory down with Dante and some of the others in it. I can't get in so I'll have to try and find a way to fix it from here."

"Ok." Krieger takes Sanne's history homework and works on it.

Dante is about to give up. There was nothing he could do Xana had the Super Computer locked down. "Naia this in not good."

"What's going to happen?" Naia is worried about the others.

"I don't know. I have no idea what Xana is doing." Dante pushes away from the control panel. "We just have to wait for Sanne to fix this." Dante gets out of the computer chair. "What can we do? Do you have any homework with you?" Naia shakes her head. "Oh."

"Well, um, we could talk or lie down for awhile."

"Lie down? Like, sleeping?"


"Hmm, I've never slept, what is it like?"

"You've never slept?" Dante shakes his head. "Wow, well, I guess that makes sense. So, want to sleep?"

"I don't know."

"Don't worry I'll be here next to you." Naia grabs Dante's hand and takes him over to the corner of the Control Room. "Just lay down next to me. Relax, close your eyes, and let yourself fall asleep." Naia lies down then Dante does. Naia wraps her arms around Dante and cuddles with him.

Sanne is working on her Jtop when Krieger starts to massage her shoulders. "Sanne can you do anything?"

"Not from the looks of it." Sanne enjoys the massage but wants to get comfortable before working more. "Krieger, could you leave for a few minutes? I want to change into my sleeping clothes."

"Ok Sanne." Krieger leans down and kisses the back of Sanne's neck sending chills down her spine. He leaves her room and goes down the hall when he hears a noise that sounds like someone in trouble. He recognizes that it is coming from Mira's room. He opens the door and…

"Krieger!" Mira puts her arms across her bare chest and rolls off of Ark. "What are you doing!?"

"I, I, um, thought, sorry!" Krieger slams the door shut and runs back to Sanne's room to hide but when he opens her door…

"Krieger!" Sanne puts her arms across her bare chest. She was in just her panties about to put her dress shirt on. "Get out!" Krieger slams the door shut.

"I'm going to hell." Krieger pulls away from the door. "I, I'm so sorry Sanne!" The door opens. "Sanne I'm so sorry I, I heard a noise and I, I saw Mira and Ark and I, I ran back here and, I'm sorry!"

"Krieger, get in here, now." Sanne wasn't mad just really embarrassed. As they go into her room a white cloud enters then dissipates.

Barack and Skitz are sweating in the boiler room. They had already stripped down to their underwear but it was still getting too hot for them to handle. "Skitz, go ahead, I won't look."

"I don't mind if you look Barack, you are my boyfriend and stuff." Skitz takes her bra off. "I'm still all hot and sticky."

"Yeah, hot." Barack looks at Skitz's chest. "I mean, um, sorry."

"Don't be, are they ok? I know they're small but I still have time to grow." Skitz looks down at her chest and puts her hands on them lifting them. "I'm hoping to get as big as my mom, would suck being a 36b my whole life."

"Uh, I don't think so." Barack looks away. "I shouldn't, I mean, I don't know." If Barack didn't have dark skin he would have been blushing.

"Well, they are nice being this size. Don't get in the way and stuff but I'd like them to get bigger." Skitz looks over at Barack. "Come on Barack this is your big chance, I may not be this uh, exposed for awhile." Skitz smiles when Barack looks over at her. "Come on, take yours off."

"Hey you still got your bottoms on."

"I'll take mine off if you take yours off." Skitz does a little dance shaking her hips. "Come on, let me see!"

"I, uh, if you really want to." Skitz nods. "Um, I, well, I still have time to grow to." Barack takes his boxers off. "Well, um, what do you think?"

"Nice, I've seen my brothers and stuff but that was when we were little." Skitz walks over to Barack. "Mmm, still have time to grow? Looks pretty big to me as it is." Skitz reaches out for it but Barack backs away. "What?"

"Um, take your bottoms off." Barack wasn't sure if he wanted Skitz to do anything, yet.

"Ok, a deal is a deal." Skitz hooks her thumbs on the top of her panties and pulls them off. "What do you think?"

"Wow, um, wow." Barack had seen naked women in porns before but never in real life. The reaction of Skitz's naked body was shown perfectly well in Barack. "I, uh, you uh, shave."

"Yes Barack most girls do. I mean, a guy doesn't want hair in his teeth does he?" Skitz laughs a little. "Do you?"

"No I mean, um, no." Barack can't back away any farther as Skitz reaches out and grabs him between the legs.

"Mmm, you're already hard. Do I really make you hard?" Barack can only nod his head. "Want me to take care of you?"

"I, uh, like, how?" Skitz kisses Barack on the lips then looks down. She starts to move her hand up and down.

"I think you'll like it. I've never done it but I've seen enough videos to know what to do." Skitz gets down on her knees and puts the end on Barack's dick in her mouth. She licks the tip of it while it is still in her mouth before moving down his dick. Barack lets out a moan of pleasure as Skitz starts to suck lightly and move her head up and down on his dick able to take about four inches.

Sanne and Krieger are in her room arguing. Krieger kept apologizing and trying to explain what happened but Sanne doesn't believe him. "I told you I was changing and you throw the door open just to get a look!"

"No Sanne I swear! I, I saw Ark and Mira and I ran back here and I, I didn't mean to Sanne I swear please believe me!"

"You want to see me that badly to lie? Fine!" Sanne takes her shirt off so she is in just her panties. "There, like what you see?"

"I, Sanne, I," Krieger looks away after getting a good look. "Sanne it was an accident I swear."

"So I'm not good looking enough for you to want to see me? What, they aren't big enough for you? I may be smaller then Sora but damn it I have them!" Sanne walks to Krieger and grabs a hand. She puts the hand on her right breast. "Go ahead, if I need to act like Sora to get your attention then I will." Krieger squeezes the breast then pulls away quickly.

"I, it's not that Sanne. I don't want you to act like Sora I want you to act like Sanne." Krieger looks down at Sanne making sure to look her in the eyes. "I love you Sanne and you don't need to do the things Sora did to make me love you even more. I'm sorry I walked in on you, it was an accident."

"Well, I, what if I wanted to do more?" Sanne grabs Krieger's hand and puts it back on her breast. "It, it felt good when you squeezed it." Sanne blushes a little but Krieger squeezes it again. He lifts his other hand and starts to play with the other breast. He gets a nipple between his thumb and pointer finger and squeezes it lightly. "That feels so good."

"I, um, want me to do more?" Sanne pulls away from him then sits down on her bed.

"Yes, please Krieger, um, I want to try more. Maybe, no, not all the way but um, I guess I'm ready for more."

"What about Dante and Naia?"

"I can't do anything. Whatever Xana did was so complete there is no way for me to help. Dante will have to do it." Sanne looks down at Krieger's waists and sees a lump in his pants. "But I want to forget about that now. How about you um, get undressed, and I'll take these off." Sanne puts a hand over the front of her panties feeling the cushion of pink pubic hair underneath.

"I uh, well, I want to say yes and I guess I will." Krieger smiles as he pulls his shirt off and undresses more.

Naia and Dante wake up when they hear a loud beeping noise. Dante rubs his eyes and is uneasy. "But, wait, no, what was that?" He had never dreamed before and has no idea what to think. "Naia, I, I was just, I'm not sure but there, I don't know." Dante is confused.

"What? Dante calm down." Naia yawns. "What happened?"

"I don't know, I, I was somewhere on Earth and then I was here, how?"

"I think you were dreaming Dante. It's what happens when you sleep." Naia smiles. "What was it about?"

"I don't really remember. I, this sleeping is confusing."

"No its not, it's nice. Especially when you have someone to hold on to." Naia leans and kisses Dante. "What do you think is going to happen? I mean, do you think Sanne will have us out soon?"

"I don't know." Dante sighs. "Well, I'm not sure what to do now." Naia gets a mischievous look on her face. "What?" She lunges at him and starts to tickle him. "Stop! I can't breath!" Dante laughs as Naia continues to tickle him.

A few hundred feet up and away Barack is about to climax. "Oh Skitz, keep that up!" Skitz had tried to take all of him but couldn't get all of Barack's dick in her mouth without choking. She tries again and suddenly she feels a spasm and something hit her in the back of the throat. She chokes and tries to pull away but Barack grabs her head and keeps it in place as he cums in her mouth. She swallows as much as she can trying not to choke. "Skitz, that was, wow." Barack lets her head go and she pulls away. "Amazing." Barack breathes hard after cumming.

"Thanks." Skitz tries not to make a face. She didn't really like the taste but Barack seemed happy so she was happy. "But it's your turn now mister." Skitz lies back and spreads her legs. "Unless you need a minute to rest." Skitz moves her right hand down to her bare pussy.

"No, I, I can do this." Barack gets down on his knees then leans forward so his mouth is over her pussy. He sticks his tongue out and starts to lick Skitz from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit.

"Oh fuck, again Barack." Skitz grabs Barack by his hair and pulls on it as he licks her again. He moves a finger into her pussy and starts to move it in and out when he feels something, her hymen. He didn't want to break it with his finger so he pulls it out and continues to lick Skitz's pussy.

Naia is still tickling Dante when he falls over onto his back. She gets on top of him and continues to tickle him. "Surrender!"

"I surrender! I surrender!" Naia pulls her hands away.

"Hmm, I win. What to do with my prize?" Naia leans down and starts to kiss Dante. Her hands go down to his waist and undo his belt.

"Naia what are you doing?" Dante and Naia had never gone past first base. Of course they never had a possessed drug going through their systems. But it did seem to affect Dante less. Most likely because he wasn't a hundred percent human but was also part Xana.

"You'll like this, love this." Naia pulls Dante's belt through the loops then throws it to the side. Her hands fumble around with his pants button and zipper undoing both. She slides a hand between his pants and boxers and grabs him.

"Naia wait, what are you doing?" Dante had never done or even thought of this before. He had an idea of what some couples did, like Ark and Mira, but had never thought of him doing something like this. He had never seen pornography, never read a sex story, or even taken a health class.

"I'm going to make you feel really good." Naia kisses Dante as she continues to rub him through his boxers.

In Sanne's room Krieger and her are dry humping through her panties and his boxers. She can feel his dick rubbing against her and when it rubs just right it grazes her clit sending incredible pleasure through her body. "More, Krieger I need more." Sanne reaches down and pulls her panties down.

"I, I don't have a condom."

"Are first time, it should be you and me, no condom in the way." Sanne grabs Krieger's boxers and starts to pull them down when his dick springs out. "Wow, its so, so big."

"I don't want to hurt you Sanne. It will hurt if we, um, you know." Krieger looks down and sees his dick is just a few centimeters from Sanne's pussy. He sees the pink pubic hair surrounding the wet hot folds of her pussy lips.

"I know, I, I masturbate but only use one finger. I, it will hurt but I want you to, please, make love to me." Sanne kisses Krieger slipping her tongue into his mouth. When she breaks the kiss she looks down at his dick. "Please, make love to me, take my virginity, and make me a woman."

"You're already a woman, my woman." Krieger lowers his waist to hers and feels his dick land on her pussy but misses the hole. He pulls back and tries again but misses again. Sanne reaches down and grabs his dick and helps him the third time. The head of his dick pushes past her pussy lips and soon moves in to hit her hymen. "Are you sure Sanne?"

"Yes!" Sanne pushes up with her hips and Krieger's dick breaks through her hymen. Krieger and Sanne moan loudly as his dick enters her completely. "Ow." Sanne feels some pain but the pleasure is more then she ever felt before. Krieger moves slowly hoping to ease the pain. "More, faster." Sanne wraps her legs around Krieger and starts to pull herself against him as he pushes into her. They make love like this for several minutes when Sanne starts to spasm as she cums. Her pussy squeezes down on Krieger's dick which causes him to cum with her.

"I'm sorry Sanne."


"Well, I only last a few minutes. Not like in um, the movies."

"Krieger it was our first time I didn't think it would be like in the movies." Sanne relaxes her legs and lets Krieger go so he can lay down next to her. "Besides the women the actors are with aren't virgins."

"I know but isn't it supposed to last for hours and be um, well." Krieger sighs. "That was incredible."

"Yes, yes it was." Sanne gets on her side and starts to kiss Krieger. "But it can last for hours, I'm sure it won't be long until you're ready for me." Sanne grabs Kriegers dick and starts to give him a hand job to get him hard again.

Ark and Mira are walking down the hall arguing. "If you had locked the door it wouldn't have happened!"

"I didn't expect Krieger to walk in on us! What was he even doing on our floor!?"

"I don't know and it doesn't matter! You should have locked your door!" Ark gets to the stair case. "Finally go out and buy condoms so we can finally go all the way and Krieger walks in on us before we can do anything!"

"Is that all you want from me!?"

"No! I love you Mira and wanted to show it but then Krieger messed it up! I'm going to my room." Ark takes the stairs to the boy's dorm floor.

"Fine." Mira starts to walk back to her dorm room when she hears crying. She puts her ear against the door and recognizes Sora's voice. Mira knocks on the door. "Sora, are you ok?" Mira opens the door and sees Sora on the bed crying. "What's wrong Sora?"

"Nothing, go away."

"You're crying Sora there is something wrong." Mira sits on the bed next to Sora and starts to rub her back. "What's wrong, tell me."

"The dance, the dance is coming and no guy asked me to it. I'm ugly. No one wants to go with me!"

"You're not ugly Sora." Sora turns onto her side and looks up at Mira. "You think Krieger would go out with you if he thought you were ugly?"

"I, then why won't anyone ask me? I got fat didn't I? I'm fat and ugly no one wants me."

"Sora you're not fat." Mira squeezes a bit of her own stomach skin. "I'm the fat one, I diet and work out but I'm still fat. But Ark loves me still."

"You're not fat." Sora sits up in bed. "Why won't anyone ask me to the dance if I'm not ugly?"

"Well, you're, you're in our group so like, they figure you're going with someone in the group or something."

"Like who? All the guys are taken, all the girls are taken. I'm the odd one out." Sora hugs Mira. "And if I did get a date Xana would attack them and hurt them. I can't date anyone unless I want to drag them into the fight and I don't want that for anyone." Sora squeezes Mira in her arms. "What am I supposed to do? A fat ugly girl who can't get a date?"

"You're not fat or ugly."

"Prove it!"

"Sure." Mira leans in and kisses Sora. "I think you're pretty. I mean, for a girl, and stuff."

"I think you're pretty to, love your blonde hair, I hate my red hair." Sora puts a hand in Mira's hair. "It's so nice to have blonde hair, the boys love blondes." Sora strokes her hand through Mira's hair. "And I don't mind blondes either." Sora leans in and kisses Mira. Sora puts her tongue into Mira's mouth. They kiss like this for a little bit when Mira moves her hand to Sora's breast. They lie down on the bed and continue to kiss.

In the Factory Skitz has her legs clamped on Barack's head as she cums again. "Oh God Barack!" Skitz pulls on his hair as she cums hard. "That was great, again Barack."

"I can't, third times the charm." Barack lifts his face up from Skitz's pussy. "I want to fuck you, have sex, make love, whatever you want to call it." Barack moves up Skitz' body kissing her body as he moves. He kisses each nipple before moving up her neck to her lips.

"Fuck me, fuck me Barack." Skitz grabs Barack by the back of the head and kisses him hard. "Fuck me, now!" Barack moves his dick until it is over Skitz's pussy. He slides his dick into her virgin pussy and breaks through the hymen in one stroke. "Barack!" Skitz calls out his name as he starts to thrust in and out of her.

"Skitz, Skitz, I love you." Barack quickens his pace as he can already feel his orgasm building.

A few hundred feet below and away Naia has Dante's pants and boxers off and is jerking his dick. "You like how it feels?"

"Yes, yes I do." Dante was going out of his mind. The pleasure he was feeling was incredible. He knew like when he saw Skitz in her underwear that it sent signals in his brain that felt good but it was nothing like this.

"Does it feel better then when you do it?"

"I, I've never done this before."

"Wow, you've never masturbated? Mmm, this will be lots of fun." Naia looks down at Dante's dick in her hand. She moves her head down and puts the head of it in her mouth.

"Oh Naia, what are you doing?" Dante didn't know about oral sex. He just knew that's where he urinated from and wasn't expecting Naia to do what she had done. "Don't stop." When Naia started to move her head up and down Dante decided he liked it.

"I won't." Naia pulls her head off and starts to lick up and down the shaft. She moves her other hand over and starts to squeezes his balls a little as she licks up to the top of his dick and tastes a little precum. "Yummy." Naia puts her mouth over Dante's dick again and starts to suck lightly as she moves up and down on his dick.

"That feels so good!" Dante starts to move his hips as Naia sucks his dick. "Don't stop."

"Don't worry Dante." Naia pumps her hand up and down on his dick as she licks the head with her tongue. "Are you going to cum for me?"



"I, I think so." Dante answers Naia's question soon as a stream of cum shoots out of his dick and gets on her face. She moves her mouth over the head and gets the next three squirts in her mouth. She feels it in her mouth noticing no real taste but a strange texture before swallowing it. "Wow, that was amazing. I never felt like that before." Dante's eyes go wide when Naia stands up and pulls her shirt off. She uses her shirt to wipe his cum off of her face. She then moves her hands behind her back and unsnaps her bra. Her breasts hang down and jiggle a little.

"Do you like them? I know 34c isn't the biggest but they're nice right?" Dante nods. He had never seen naked breasts before. The closest was seeing Skitz or Sanne in their underwear. "Ready for more?" Dante can't speak so nods again. "Good." Naia undoes her pants and drops them to the floor. She steps out of them and stands in only her pink boxers and white socks. "Time for the big reveal, I hope you like." Naia pulls her boxers down and reveals that she had trimmed her pubic hair but didn't shave completely. "Do you like?" Dante nods again. "A man of few words." Naia stands over Dante then kneels down. "I like that." Naia grabs Dante's dick and positions herself over it. "If you though getting head was good you will love this." Naia moves herself down onto Dante's dick.

"Naia, Naia." Dante can only say her name as his dick is completely taken into her soft wet pussy. Naia stops when he is all the way inside of her.

"If feels so good Dante, I love you." Naia looks down and sees a little blood come out. "I was a virgin, so were you, now we aren't." Naia starts to move up and down on Dante's dick. He breasts jiggle as she moves up and down. Dante starts to thrust up when Naia moves down increasing the pace.

"I love you Naia." Dante didn't even think of condoms or birth control, he didn't know about them. "I love you so much."

"I love you Dante!" Naia is almost bouncing as she moves up and down on Dante's dick.

"I, I am orgasming, no, cumming!" Dante had to think of the word Naia used as he feels his pleasure swell through his dick.

"Cum in me Dante, I want you to cum in me." Naia bites her lower lip as she feels her own orgasm building. When she feels Dante start to shake and cum in her she cums with him. Once the orgasm passes through Naia she collapses on top of Dante, his dick still inside of her. "Wow, that was amazing."

"Yes, I've never felt like that before." Dante wraps his arms around Naia. He can feel her breasts pressing against his chest. "Wow, um, are you ok?"

"Yes. More then ever." Naia snuggles against Dante's chest. "I love you Dante. I'm almost glad Xana locked us in here."

"Same here Naia." Dante and Naia fall asleep in each others arms.

Sora and Mira are still kissing but have removed their clothes and are groping each other. "You're not fat or ugly Sora."

"You're not fat either." Sora grabs Mira by her breasts and starts to massage them.

"Mmm, these are fat." Mira starts to play with Sora's breasts.

"Krieger liked to play with them. I'm bigger then all of you other girls. But he still left me."

"He was always in love with Sanne it didn't matter how incredible you looked he was going to date her in the end." Mira moves her head down and starts to suck on Sora's nipples. Thinking of something Ark liked to do Mira licks a nipple until it is nice and wet then blows on it.

"Oh, wow, that felt good." Mira does it to the other nipple and sends shivers down Sora's spine. "So did that."

"I know it does. Ark likes doing that to me." Mira kisses down Sora's body. When she gets to the belly button she sticks her tongue out and licks it. She then moves down to Sora's cleanly shaved pussy. Mira sticks her tongue out and licks Sora's slit. She does this a few times getting Sora wet before putting a finger in Sora.

"Go ahead, put more in, I'm not a virgin." Mira puts in another two fingers and then moves them in and out as she moves her mouth up to Sora's clit. Thinking of what she liked Ark to do to her she puts her lips around the clit and starts to suck on it lightly. Sora bucks her hips and squeezes her breasts as Mira continues to continue to finger her and suck on her clit.

Back at the Factory Skitz is on her hands and knees as Barack fucks her from behind. "Fuck me, harder!" Barack and Skitz had already came several times and were experimenting with different positions. Barack is fucking Skitz so fast and hard his dick slips out and when he goes to thrust back in… "Aaaa!" Skitz feels a sharp pain in her ass but Dante thinks she is cumming again and keeps thrusting. After a few more thrusts the pain lessens and Skitz starts to like it.

Mira buries her face into Sora's pussy as Sora starts to cum. Sora's pussy juices cover Mira's face as she shoves her tongue into her pussy. Mira tastes Sora's juices and keeps licking wanting more. When Sora's orgasm ends Mira looks up from her pussy and smiles. Sora sees her pussy juices dripping off of Mira's face. "Mira, you and Ark ever sixty nine?" Mira nods. "Good." Sora doesn't have to say anything else as Mira moves on the bed until her pussy is over Sora's face. Sora moves her right hand up to spread Mira's pussy. "Mmm, looks delicious." Sora starts to lick Mira's pussy as Mira buries her face into Sora's pussy again.

Sanne rolls on top of Krieger after getting him hard again. She gets Krieger's dick inside of her and starts to ride him. "Wow, this feels really good."

"Yes, yes it does." Krieger watches Sanne's small breasts as she moves up and down on his dick. He reaches up and grabs them to play with the nipples. Sanne moans as she moves down on his dick and leans forward so Krieger can suck on her nipples as she rides him.

Barack thrusts into Skitz cumming again. "I, I love you Skitz." He collapses onto the floor.

"I love you to." Skitz passes out completely exhausted.

Dante and Naia are still sleeping on the floor in the Control Room.

Mira and Sora collapse after sixty nining for nearly an hour. "That was incredible Sora."

"Yes, yes it was." Sora moves on the bed so she is spooning with Mira.

Xana is watching what is going on and is not amused. "Dante only cam in her once, that is not enough! And Sora and Mira are together? They won't get pregnant that way! My plan has failed!" Xana is infuriated. "But the other couples, yes, not a complete failure." Xana lifts the lockdown and goes back to Sector 5.