The Other Code Xana Missing Episode 5: A Honeymoon

Author: James the Lesser/The Bunnyman

Disclaimer: I Do Not Own These Characters! Moonscoop Does! Actually, I own most of these characters, I made them up, but the place and the settings and the back round stuff is Moonscape.

I got a request for a pure Arrow/Sanne lemon and so here it is!

I didn't know what too do. I really did love Sanne and I liked making love with her. But I felt it was a sin. But we didn't have a pastor too marry us did we? There were no churches and things like that. So could it be premarital sex if there is no marriage? How can some thing be before another if that other thing doesn't exist? "Lord please help me with this."

Sanne was busy with the radio. It hadn't worked in months but she was smacking it trying too will it to work. "Come on you stupid thing pick up some thing!" I flinch when she smacks it again.

"Sanne that's not going to do any thing." She turns towards me.

"It might. I can't stand not doing any thing. My mind wants action and we have nothing." Her shoulders slump and I can just feel the sadness.

"It's ok Sanne." I walk over to her. "We'll think of some thing soon ok?" I kiss her on the cheek. "Sanne I was wondering,"


"After the war will you um, marry me?"

"Is this a proposal?"

"Um, kind of I guess. I don't have a ring or any thing but yeah, a proposal." I am relieved when she smiles.

"Arrow that's adorable. Is it because of what we talked about before?" I nod. "Look you're so, faithy, is that a word?"

"I don't think so."

"Well it is now. You're so faithy I'm sure your God doesn't mind. Heck I'm sure He's happy for you. You get to have sex with a woman instead of masturbating furiously to a picture of a tree." I blush. "And that is so adorable too. Even a joke about that makes you blush." She kisses me on the lips lightly.

"We don't have pictures of trees." She laughs, I love her laugh. "Still it has been a sin for centuries. But we can't exactly go to a church right now can we?"

"A church? Arrow I'm pretty sure I'd burst in to flames if I got near one."

"I doubt that Sanne. If a sinner burst in to flames how would he be able too find salvation? It would defeat the purpose of the Lord."

"Well, ok, I guess." I see her face change, she was thinking.


"Why wait? Why wait until after the war?"

"Because right now we are stuck in the Factory. We don't have a Pastor, a church, witnesses, and other things."

"So? We don't need them. Aren't you telling me your dude is every where? So He's here right now. So why do we need a church and witness? Wouldn't your God be here as a witness?" I never thought about that. "And what is a Pastor for? All we need too do is say I do, right?"

"It's a bit more complicated Sanne. Um, if I remember correctly it goes like I, Alexander Isman, take Sanne Belpois too be my lawful wedded wife. Too have and to hold."

"I uh, Sanne Belpois take Alexander Isman too be my lawful wedded husband. Too have and to hold."

"Too love and cherish till death do us part?" Hopefully that would be a long time in coming.

"I do."

"I do too." I lean down and kiss her. She kisses me back. Her arms move around my head and she deepens her kiss. I wrap my arms around her and pull her in to me. Feeling her body pressed against mine, her heartbeat, her emotions. "So, are we married?" She simply nods.

"Now where do we go for our honeymoon?" I had no answer. "Well, we need too go some place exotic, different, a place we haven't been before."

"When this war is over we'll have a world of options."

"I meant right now." Her smile and posture changed. I realized what she meant and my body reacted.

"Uh, there is no where."

"How about in the passage? I'm sure there is a place in there where we could be all alone and as loud as we wanted too be. It would be different, exotic, our honeymoon." Her smile had my knees shaking as I knew what she was talking about.

"Yes Sanne, let's go." We left the radio room and went too the passage.

The way she shook her hips as she walked, I know she was doing it on purpose. I just wanted too reach out and grab her… Well, she was my wife now, right? "Arrow!" Her laugh puts an even bigger smile on my face. "Wait until we're on our honeymoon."

"Mmm, Sanne if we were on a plane or some thing we'd be making every one blush." I put my arms around her waist and start kissing her on the neck. "I love you Sanne." I whisper this in to her ear as I move my hands up from her waist and too her breasts.

"I love you too." Sanne turns around and nearly tackles me too the floor. "So Mr. Belpois are you ready to take your wife?"

"Mr. Belpois? Don't you mean Mrs. Isman?" She shakes her head.

"My name is way bigger. J INC depends on the name Belpois being world famous and it will continue." She stops and pulls her shirt off. "So are you going too argue about it or enjoy your wife?" I reach up and grab both nipples.

"Were we even talking?" I move up and put a nipple in my mouth. She starts too moan and grind against my waist.

"More, now." She rolls off of me and works on getting her pants off. I pull my shirt and then my pants off.

"I'll take care of that," Sanne grabs my boxers and pulls them off revealing my hard dick. "And I'll take care of that." She leans down and puts my dick in her mouth. I can feel her tongue on the underside and she moves her head up and down. I reach down and put my hands on her head controlling the speed.

I could already feel the tension building. If she didn't stop soon I would explode and I didn't want this too end yet. I pull her head away. "What? Not liking it?"

"No, any thing but that. If I don't stop I'll cum and I don't want our honeymoon too end so quickly."

"And what makes you think I'd let you go only once?" She smiles wickedly. "You're not done until I say you are." She moves up my body until she is able too slide my dick inside of her. The warmth, the wetness, the pleasure made my eyes roll back.

"Ahh!" I couldn't believe I went so quickly.

"I don't think you're done yet." Sanne starts moving up and down slowly and sure enough I staid hard.

"Sanne I shouldn't have done that inside of you. What if you get pregnant again?" She leans over so her breasts are just centimeters away.

"We're on our honeymoon, relax, enjoy it while it lasts." I move my mouth too a nipple and suck on it lightly. "Mmmm," Her pace increases. I suck a little harder and she increases her pace even more.

I quickly roll her on to her back and move at my own pace. With her legs wrapped tightly around me I slide deep inside of her before pulling back. I have both hands on her breasts playing with her nipples. Her eyes close as another loud moan escapes her lips. "Frak me Arrow, frak your wife."

"I am my love, I am." I increase my thrusts feeling myself build again.

I grab her legs at the knees and spread her wide. I can look down and see myself slide in and out of her. The sight is amazing and sends my brain in to overload. I pound her harder and faster. "Yes! Frak me Arrow, frak me!" Her back arches and I can feel her tighten around my dick as she orgasms.

"Frak, wow." I was still hard and hadn't orgasmed again. I slide out of her and lie down next too her. "Mmm, you are amazing Sanne." I move a hand up and down her side lightly.

"Who said I'm done?" Sanne moves so her pussy is over my face as she moves her mouth too my dick. I find her clit and start sucking on it as she sucks on me. Trapped between her legs her warmth and smell overwhelm me. I move my tongue over her lips.

"What the frak?" Sanne nearly bites me as she jumps. "Oh shit um, I didn't see any thing here!"

"Mom I, oh shit, frak."

"Aelita!" I grab for my clothes and only find Sanne's shirt. I put it over my waist. "Um, we were just, um, sorry."

"I didn't see any thing!" She turns and walks away.

"Frak." I lost it. I had been so close but after Aelita saw us it went away.

"Damn it." Sanne growls. "How about we get dressed and we tell my parents about our uh, wedding thing."

"Do we have too? Seriously your mom," She cuts me off.

"You're Mother in Law."

"Yeah, she just saw us um, making love."

"They know we do that it's just way embarrassing." I see her cheeks flush with color. "Maybe we could wait a few minutes."

"Yeah, a few."

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