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It was small and simple, the apartment, just like could be expected of one's first home. A bedroom just about big enough to fit a bed, a tiny bathroom, a kitchenette and a small living room were all it consisted of. This was just about all they could afford, what with one of them being just out of university and the other still a student. Their parents had told them it would be better to stay home for some more time, but Akutsu had wanted his own place as soon as he had finally found an actual job. Small or not, it was his – no, their home.

The main reason the tiny flat already felt like a home was standing right next to him, looking around with shining eyes. "It's just great," he sighed happily, leaning against Akutsu. "And it's all ours, just ours!"

"Indeed," Akutsu replied with a slight smirk. He put his arm around the other man's shoulder. "And we've even managed to move in without you getting killed."

Dan laughed. "People are just paranoid," he said with a confident tone. "You wouldn't really hurt me, would you?" His brown eyes were shining with absolute trust for his lover.

Akutsu smirked some more. "Depends on what kind of hurting you mean," he said, letting his hand slide from Dan's shoulder down to his behind and giving it a slight squeeze.

Dan flushed a bit but beamed up at him. "Don't you think we should try out the new bed desu?" he asked then.

Grinning, Akutsu took a hold of Dan's waist, lifting the smaller man off the floor. "I definitely like the way you think, Taichi," he said and started carrying his happily grinning lover towards the bedroom.

Oh, yes. This might actually not fail after all.