Author: Moi

Summary: Maybe that's what happens when Troy Bolton becomes her addiction and her his.

Paring: Troy/Taylor

Warning: Hints of drug and language, some sexual references and contact.

A/N: I own nothing. Yup. That reality is still sinking in.

A/N 2: This is sort of AU but it probably could happen in HSM universe. I think?

It's Like A Drug

A person excepts Ryan or Sharpay Evans to have horrible lives; no one excepts it from her. She with her beautiful long hair, her basketball boyfriend, and brains, but like everything she isn't beautiful or perfect. She's just messed up because she doesn't know how to be beautifully broken like Sharpay Evans.

She has wonderful parents and perfect friends. The perfect boyfriend too, even through he sometimes doesn't get it but always comes through. So it isn't like she's suicidal, though there are days. She's addicted.

It's like a drug; no it's exactly like a drug.

The first time was an accident, tipsy and bored she fell into it. The next morning instantly regretting all that happened, she vowed not to tell her friends or family. Let alone her wonderful boyfriend, but she keeps coming back to her addiction.

It's funny but she some how knows her own drug is addicted to her. It's the lust in his eyes that she knows. They know better then to do this in front of other people. The way she seems to tell herself to stop but finds herself on his doorstep.

Maybe that's what happens when Troy Bolton becomes her addiction and her his.

It was a vow of silence to never, ever talk about that one drunken night but one become two and two become four. Then it become so much more, they were excepted a lot from everyone. Her scholastic teammates wanted full attention on winning and his teammates wanted him away from the distraction of Gabriella.


Maybe that's the bitterest part of this sick relationship. She's slowing slitting the wrists of their friendship by fucking her boyfriend. Sometimes Taylor McKessie wonders if Troy feels guilty with Chad, her boyfriend and his best friend.

"You ever feel bad around Chad or Gabriella?" she asked him one night as they lay on his bed, a flismy sheet covering her. "Sometimes," he says softly as his blue eyes search her brown ones. "Why?" he asks to her now turned back, "It's nothing," she repiles.

He quickly kisses her bare shoulder before cuddling into her warmth, she found herself moving to face him. No, knowing that they had their own respective other wasn't the worst. Knowing that Chad was best friends with him, Gabriella best friends with her wasn't the worst.

The worst was they were falling in love.

It stopped being about sex a long time ago. When they found themselves just wanting to be with each other, needing each other for warmth and love.

It's not fair that they love each other this much yet can't find the courage to break up with their other. They're not sure why they can't. Where they scared once they broke up with Chad or Gabriella their romance would fizzle.

It was comfort with Gabi and Chad. Troy and Taylor knew that Gabi and Chad would always be there, they just weren't sure about each other.

It's wrong.

It's sick.

It's mean.

It's hurtful.

So why can't they just let each other go?


Taylor sits looking bored at the science movie they're forced to watch. She catches his eyes before looking back at the screen. She lets out a bored sigh as she feels Chad brush his hand on her knees. That's right. Chad, her boyfriend.

She knocks his hand off softly; she's not in the mood to feel guilty.

He seems persistent moving his hand back on her knee slowly moving up. She knocks it off giving him a warning look.

He seems taken back and scowls at her. She could care less as she focuses back on the screen. She feels disconnected from everyone and everything.

She feels lost in her sea of friends. It doesn't feel right to be in Chad's arms anymore. It feels wrong telling people Gabriella Montez is her best friend.

It feels worse to say she's only Troy Bolton's friend.

Finally the bell rings signaling the end of the day. She runs out before Troy or Chad can corner her about anything. She grabs her messenger bag from her small locker. Running towards her car she can hear footsteps behind her.

She only wonders which basketball boy it is.

"Taylor," he whispers and she knows who it is. His voice is smooth and calms her yet sends her on fire.

"Troy," she says so icy people might think she's trying to steal Sharpay's thunder.

"What wrong?" he asks instantly before she scoffs. Leave it to Troy Bolton to automatically think she needs him to be her white knight.

But in reality of course he is.

She turned to face him with eyes threatening to unleash tears that misted her brown eyes over. "What's wrong?" she yelled loudly, "You wanna know what's wrong? I'll tell you what the fuck is wrong!"

While she yelled at him using frantic hand gestures, he stood there and listened. This is what she said.

"What's wrong is I can't stand to have Chad touch me. And he's my boyfriend. My goddamn boyfriend. What's wrong is I hate Gabriella who's my supposed best friend. And the worst part…" her voice trails off as her tears fall gracefully down her cheeks.

He walks closer to her almost touching her when she starts to speak.

"The worst part is," her voice is softer this time. "The worst is I'm in love with you. And I can't have you because I have Chad and you've got Gabriella. I'm not even sure you love me anymore. And… and…," her voice breaks as her sobs get louder.

He quickly hugs her while frantically kissing her hair and face. "I love you. Only you. Okay? Don't ever think I don't. Okay?" Troy asks urgently before kissing her lips.

"Okay," Taylor says in between tears.

Troy quickly kissed her again as she accepted his kiss. Their mouths melting into each other, her petite frame fit perfectly into his muscular one.

Far more perfect then Chad's or Gabriella's could ever.

This is exactly how love should be between two people. Soft and passionate at the same time much like this tango of a relationship they've danced. Wondrous and unexpected like a rain shower in the middle of summer.

If only it wasn't behind closed doors. If only their love wasn't meant to be seen by no one. If only they could freely yell at the top of their lungs they were in love with each other.

If only Troy Bolton could shoot a winning basket and receive a kiss from her while the congratulating noise went around them.

If only Taylor Mckessie could seat right next to him while idly holding his hand and not under the table.

That's all they have together.

Besides the love that's meant for no one to hear about. Or the way her skin flushes when he's pressing her against the cool showers of the boy's locker room. Or how he can't help but kiss her when she's wearing his basketball jersey while lazily lounging on his bed.

All they have is if only.


"Troy," comes a high pitch voice. "Troy!" she yells again, her voice almost sounding whiny.

"Yeah," he says softly waking himself of this fogging daze. He couldn't help but silently glare at Chad, who pecked the side of Taylor's face as she forced a giggle.

"What wrong? You've been quiet," she said softly as she searched his face. "I'm just a little tired Gabi," he said while holding her hand and placing a kiss on it. She shyly giggled before tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

He tried hard not to roll his eyes. Gabi was far too shy for his taste. She was so different from Taylor, who fought for what she wanted. He suddenly felt a high heel graze his jean covered leg. He looked over to see Taylor laughing at one of Chad's lame jokes.

He smirked. There she was acting like the perfect girlfriend of Chad Danforth but she was picturing someone else.

Picturing someone else and that person's blue sheeted bed that she secretly adored along with that someone else.

If only everyone knew.

"So did you want to do something tonight?" Gabriella asked Troy as he nervously bit his lip. "Actually I'm doing something really important tonight," he said with a hidden message towards Taylor. Taylor tried to cover her smirk.

"Oh," was all the shy brunette could say. "Hey, Gabriella why don't you come watch a movie with me. I mean, Taylor's doing something tonight too." Chad offered before Gabi turned her head to Troy, almost asking for premising.

Wasn't he the king of cheating?

"Sure. You should totally do that," concluded Troy as Gabriella nodded her head to Chad.

Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don't like your girlfriend!
No way! No way!

"Hello?" asked Taylor as she answered her cell phone. Troy smiled slightly when he heard the lyrics. Can you spell perfect?

"Umm… I'm not really sure." She said while biting her lip, a habit she'd gotten from Troy. "A little over dramatic much Wallace. Just tell Veronica slowly. I mean I'm sure she'll get it."

She paused while the other person, Wallace, talked. More like yell since you could make out some words. "She won't taser you. Geez," the now annoyed girl said as she flicked back her black hair.

"I've got go, bye!" she yelled before cutting off the frantic caller.

"Who was that?" Gabriella asked curiously. "My cousin Wallace Fennel, he lives in Neptune, California." Taylor asked before slipping her phone in her quilted teal Chanel purse.

A beaded friendship bracelet dangling off her small wrist catching everyone's eyes.

"How cute. Who gave it to you?" nosily asked Sharpay after taking a bite of Zeke's signature apple pie. Taylor appeared nervous for only a second.

"My mom," she lied while showing off her white smile.

Troy held back a laugh. He got it for her a couple months after beginning their secret relationship. They were at a carnival in Playa Linda. Somehow they'd gotten lost while trying to go to the beach.

He could remember that day for the worst and best reasons.

"Troy. I'm bored," she whined as she pulled at his hand like a child. "Chill out Tay," he said trying to relax the up tight girl.

Something caught his eye as he released her hand. She looked him in the eyes looking slightly hurt. "I've got to get something. Wait for me by the Ferris wheel." He said before running off.

"Troy!" she yelled after the cute boy.

"Ferris wheel," he shouted back before getting lost in the crowd.

The now upset girl stalked in the direction of the Ferris wheel. She turned a wrong corner, getting stuck in a stupid corner of the woods. She turned to only run into a strong body.

"Excuse me," she said politely before trying to get past him.

"Where you going cutie?" he flirted as Taylor fought to roll her eyes.

"Move," she said harshly.

"No," he said coldly before pushing her against the tree.

Taylor tried to smack her high heel in his groin. The stronger boy grabbed her leg. This time, he roughly held her down with one hand.

The pressure of his body was soon gone. She looked to see Troy holding the collar of the boy's shirt while punching his face.

"Don't you ever touch my girlfriend ever again," he yelled in between punches.

"Troy. Stop," she pleaded with him. Troy seemed to be blinded by range.

He had gone to buy a small trinket for her to remember this day. He looked by the Ferris wheel but couldn't find her. He called her name only to her scream. He raced to find her pinned to a tree by another man.

He grabbed the guy. Anger taking over his every action and thought as he punched the lights out of the man.

Troy let go of him. The guy stood up, running cowardly away from the couple.

Troy grabbed Taylor while hugging the crying teenage beauty. "You okay?" he asked softly as she nodded into his blue t shirt.

"God… that guy… he could have… I'm so sorry," he whispered as his own eyes misted. Thoughts of what could have happened if he hadn't come soon enough plagued his mind.

"Where'd you go?" she asked simply, her voice slightly muffled due to her pressed against him. "I bought you this," he said simply.

He placed the bracelet on her tiny wrist. It was frayed slightly and had purple beads weaved in it. "It was a total rip off but I bought it. For you," he said nervously as he tried to look her in the eye.

Her eyes shot up from the bracelet to his deep blue eyes. "Thank you," she said softly before placing a gently kiss on his pink lips. He pulled away, walked towards the tree she was just pressed on a moment ago.

She watched as Troy ran a hand through his messy chestnut colored hair. He let out a loud scoff. Then turned to face her, "See that's not what I want." He said simply.

"What do you mean?" she asked nervously. Her heart beating faster and faster inside her white sundress. Of course, Taylor knew what he meant.

"You know what I mean." He huskily said while walking towards her like how a predator walks to his prey. He was just three inches away, his cool skin against her flush one.

"You know exactly what I mean," he said hoarsely in her ear. His hot breath tickling her earlobe, "But I'll tell you anyway." He faced her directly looking into her brown eyes.

"I'm in love with you Taylor Mckessie,"

The way he said it, so honestly sent chills down her spine. On an impulse she grabbed his face gently and kissed him. Seeking passion and love in that kiss. They pulled away breathless, her hands around his neck while her fingers played with his short dark brown hair.

His hands wrapped around her hips as he pressed his forehead against her own. Their warm breaths mingling in the cool Californian air as they locked eyes.

"Well you are in luck Troy Bolton," she said softly while smiling sweetly. "Because I'm in love with you too."

He felt his smile widening as he happily twirled her around. "Troy," she said in between his laughter and her own infectious giggling. He stopped and placed her on the ground.

He pulled her into a gentle kiss before pulling softly away. "You have made me the happiest man alive, Taylor Mckessie."

That was night that Taylor almost lost her innocence to a stranger.

It was the night Troy Bolton knew what love was. It was the night Taylor Mckessie returned that feeling.

It was the night that they both finally knew the difference between sex and making love.


"Yo Troy, man. Watcha thinkin' bout?" asked Chad while beating his fingers against a basketball.

"This girl I'm totally in love with," Troy said simply as they all 'awed' except Taylor. She was trying hard not to smile and kiss him.

"You are too cute Troy," Gabriella cooed before kissing his cheek.

"Thanks Gabs," he said softly.

"I love you," he said honestly while squeezing Gabriella's hand. His friends erupted in how cute of a couple they were.

If only they noticed Troy was staring at Taylor when he said it.

She silently mouthed, "I love you." He grinned widely oblivious to his friends.

Except one person who watched the two intently.

If only Troy Bolton and Taylor Mckessie knew someone knew their dirty little secret.


Yupp… That's my first chapter. 6 pages, oh yeah!

Yes. I did refer to Veronica Mars and Summerland. Veronica Mars with the whole Taylor's cousin is Wallace Fennel, Veronica's best friend. Summerland when Troy flashbacks to a time he and Tay went to a Playa Linda carnival.

It won't be a major crossover with those shows. I just wanted to give a shout out to those cancelled shows that were truly ah-mazing. CW or WB, you just suck!

The story takes place a little after the end of HSM. It'll be later revealed more detailed how Troy and Taylor got together.

Who knows their secret?

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