Author: Moi

Summary: Maybe that's what happens when Troy Bolton becomes her addiction and her his.

Paring: Troy/Taylor

Warning: Hints of drug and language, some sexual references and contact.

A/N: I own nothing. Yup. That reality is still sinking in.

A/N 2: It'll be revealed who knows their secret. Takes place after the lunch scene.

Aftershock Of A High

"You can't keep a secret can you?" the person asked Troy who was grabbing books out of his small locker. Troy kept his cool while eyeing the person oddly.

"What?" he asked feigning confusion. The person simply rolled their eyes.

"Don't think you're that great of an actor," they said in an overly bossy tone. Troy didn't let his guard fall.

"Whatever you think you know isn't true," he said coldly. He slammed him locker shut before walking past and away from the person.

"So you aren't in love with Taylor Mckessie?" they asked boldly before the bell rung. Troy stopped in his tracks turning to face the person as everyone sped past him. Soon the halls were empty except the two of them.

"I… I'm not…" he couldn't say it. Troy couldn't say he wasn't in love with Taylor. Sure, he could fake a lot of things like love for Gabi. But saying he wasn't in love with Taylor was saying he loved basketball. Both things were untrue.

"That's what I thought,"

"What do want?" Troy asked nervously.

"Nothing, just the truth."

"Will you tell Gabi or Chad?"


"Why not?"

"Cause they need to hear it from you and Taylor,"

The person walked away before Troy called after them. The person stopped but didn't turn around.

"Thank you Sharpay," he said softly.

She visibly nodded her head before leaving him in the deserted hallway.


"Hey loser," Taylor said after she hopping onto his large bed. Troy dropped his math book on the floor. She wrapped her arms around him, soon lying on top of him. He kissed her softly before pulling away.

"Hey," he softly said before kissing her again.

She pulled away letting her forehead press against his as she played with the watch on his wrist. "I was thinking we could watch a movie or something. Or maybe..." before she could finish she saw Troy's worried expression.

"What's wrong?" she asked innocently before he looked her in the eye.

"Someone knows," he simply said after letting out a loud sigh.

She instantly extracted herself from the gorgeous teenage boy. She moved to the side of the bed. Her painted toe nails dangling off the side.

"Who?" she nervously asked while not facing him at all.


"Is she going to tell?"


She turned to look into his blue eyes. An intensely between the two that sent shivers down both Wildcats' bodies.

"Why not?"

"She wants us to tell them."

"Doesn't she know we can't?"

"Why can't we Taylor? What's stopping us?" he demanded. He was tired of hiding even if exposing himself he would lose everything. He was in love with Taylor and somehow protecting himself just for social acceptances was stupid.

"I…" she couldn't answer. What was she so scared of? Nothing was stopping them from being with each other or letting other people know.

He moved to her side of the bed, sitting next to her. "Nothing's in our way," he huskily whispered in her ear as she remembered the first time he used those words.

"Hey! What are you doing here?" she asked casually when she looked up to see him in her doorway. Before she could say anything more, he grabbed her and kissed her glossed lips. She lightly pushed him away.

"Stop," she said softly, her eyes anywhere except on him.


"Because you're with Gabi and I've got Chad. You know your best friend," she angrily said.

"I don't care about him or Gabi. I just want you,"

"What? Cause Gabi doesn't put out?"

"NO! When I'm with Gabi I'm thinking about you,"

"Or inside my thighs," she said coldly.

"That's all I want. Till Gabi can finally get over herself,"

Taylor was weak and when she looked to his blue eyes, she became weaker. She couldn't deny Troy wasn't good. So she took in a deep breath.

"What about-?"

He stopped her by kissing her. He moved his pink lips to her ear.

"Nothing's in our way."

And she believed him while she sinned with her boyfriend's best friend. Her best friend's boyfriend.

"Everything is Troy," she said softly, pulling away from the disappointed boy. She felt her heart drop as she suddenly knew what she had to do.

"We need to stop."

Troy looked up quickly, "What?" shock written across his face. He couldn't grasp the idea. Life without Taylor seemed impossible.

Without her kisses.

Her touch.

Her love.

Her wonderfully baked chocolate chip pancakes.

"You heard me. It's gotten out of hand Troy. We should stop before anyone else finds out."

"Taylor… no… come on… I love you."

Those words started her crying as she placed a hand over her mouth, trying to stop her sobs. "Don't say things you don't mean."

"I love you. I mean it," he said trying to convince her. He grabbed onto her hand trying to place it over his heart. "I love you," he said frantically.

She ripped her hand out of his grip. "I've got to go," she said in between sobs. Troy got up to stop her from reaching his door.


She ran out before he could say anything else. He heard her car engine roar as it raced out of his driveway. Once it was gone, his eyes unleashed tears of sorrow and rejection.

He looked over to see a picture of Taylor smiling while wearing large sunglasses. A picture he kept hidden when Gabriella was there. He grabbed the picture before throwing it at his room wall. He ran over to his desk, angrily pushing everything off it.

His sobs were body shaking now as he sunk into the plush carpet. He looked down to see the cracked picture of the girl with a too big smile and heart.

"I love you," he said softly while running his hand across her face. He lightly nipped his finger along the glass. Blood oozing out of the cut with pain he couldn't feel.

He walked into the bathroom, searching the cabinets for a bandage which he found. Upon grabbing the box of plain bandages, he knocked down a bottle.

Picking up the bottle, he closely read the bottle label. "Anti depressants," he said softly, his handsome face full of worry.

Without thinking, he opened the small bottle. He spilled out two sky blue pills before looking closely at his face in the mirror.

He pulled out three more pills.

He quickly dry swallowed all the pills. He looked back at his reflection, this time a little bit more hazy. He stumbled back before hitting the wall of the bathroom.

Troy ran a hand through his hair and over his face. He shook himself, trying to wake himself up. He looked around the blurry room.

The world going black quickly as he remembered one person that he'd love even when she broke it his heart into a million pieces.




"Troy," someone said, happily. He slowly lifted his eyelids to see…

Gabriella. Not Taylor.

"Oh Troy. It's so good to see you up," she happily cooed as she kissed him sweetly on the cheek. He curiously looked around the room to see white walls and IV machines.

He questioningly looked at his parents and Gabriella.

"The doctor said you overdosed honey. Do you remember what happened?" his mother nicely asked as his father hardly looked at him.

"Back pain. I guess I just wanted to get rid of it. Took too many pills," he lied. His mother worriedly looked while his father shook his head.

The door to the room opened as someone entered.


She sweetly smiled at him while walking to his bedside. She gently placed a book into his hand, "The Great Gatsby. You'll like it." She kissed the side of his face before starting a conversation with Gabriella.

He smiled to himself after Taylor kissed him. He looked down at the book before flipping to the front of the book. Inside doodled hearts and flowers covered the title page.

In bright purple sharpie it read 'Taylor Mckessie owns this book'. The word owns was crossed off.

In its place was this 'Taylor Mckessie gives this book to Troy Bolton'.

He looks back at Taylor, who gives him a secret smile.

Guess she doesn't want to end it.

Then again, can they ever really end it now?


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