Day one. - New day

It was raining outside in the land of Konoha. It must've been a bad storm in order to keep Iruka's students inside. Even Naruto, the hyperactive brat who was desperate to prove himself, was debating on rather to try and train out in such heavy rain.

"This sucks." he sighed to himself and looked out of the window. "Today after I trained, I was supposed to have Teriyaki Beef ramen at Ichiraku." he whined to himself. He hated rain. Not only did it prevent him from training and consuming unhealthy quantities of ramen, but on a rainy day similar to this one, it was that day that he and Sasuke fought and when he left. "..Sasuke..." The boy couldn't help but clench his fist. "But that's all aside, nothing's going to ruin this day! Dattebayo!" he raised the fist up and ran outside. "Yeah! Nothing's goin' to keep me from being the next Hokage!" he grinned and started running down the trail into the forest. Who knows what type of training that knucklehead was concocting in his mind.

Nearby at a restauraunt, Shikamaru, Chouji, and Ino were looking out of the window. It was only a bit cloudy when they had arrived and expected to be gone before the rain, but of course, Chouji ate more than planned.

"How troublesome.." Shikamaru started and took another sip of his tea. Ino merely shrugged.

"It looks like training's out for today, maybe I'll go hang with Sakura and Hinata." Ino said to herself.

"Oh man! I was going to eat barbecue when I got home! My dad was making rib and pork." Chouji's face saddened. "Oh well, Waiter! Another plate of beef!" he commanded. Shikamaru and Ino merely shook their heads in shame.

Elsewhere, Kiba was in his house making some beef ramen, Akamaru asleep in his room. "Akamaru!" he called. "C'mon buddy, dinner's almost ready."

"Bark! Bark!" the expected reply from a happy nin-dog as he near-galloped over to his bowl and waited expectantly for the sweet noodles to be within range.

"Don't be so impatient, you pig." Kiba sighed and glanced out of the window, only to find Naruto running past the house. "That Naruto-kid is crazy. Having the nerve to train out in this weather?" he watched the blond-wonder run through all of the puddles. "Well, Akamaru..I can't just leave him out there." he sighed and slipped his parka on and ran after Naruto.

"Hey, Kid!" he called as he ran, but to no avail. Naruto's head was full of ramen and kunai knives.

"Yeee, ramen!" Naruto screamed as he dashed.

"Damnit. Naruto!" Kiba shouted and watched as Naruto skid to a halt and ended up falling into a mud puddle. Inuzuka couldn't help but laugh, but then ran to the boy with the dirty, orange jumpsuit.

"..Man..this blows. What do you want anyway, Kiba." Naruto wasn't especially fond of Kiba Inuzuka, nor was Kiba fond of Naruto Uzumaki.

"It's too wet for you to be outside training, that's all. My instincts are telling me that it isn't good idea." Kiba explained as he helped the not-so amused Naruto from the puddle.

"Well, Lassie, I'm going to train to be Hokage, and then I'm going to find Sasuke and bring him back! So I have to get stronger.." Naruto frowned.

"But, if you get sick, that will only slow down your training, right?" He grinned, showing those white fangs that were typical of the Inuzuka clan.

"..Well...uh.." Naruto glanced away, unable to think of anything to come back with.

"Exactly. C'mon, I have ramen at my house that's probably ready by now." Kiba shrugged, placing his hands in the pockets of his parka.

"...Ramen?" Naruto's eyes widened. "Let's go!" he grabbed Kiba's sleeve and followed his nose, which, although not as keen as Kiba's, always knows where ramen can be found.

"Slow down, kid! It ain't going anywhere!" Kiba was being dragged.

Once at his house, Kiba opened the door and looked around. "Here, you can take off your jacket and shoes, and I can loan you a pair of my pants while yours dry.." he offered.
"No way! They probably reek of dog!" Naruto froze in the midst of removing his jacket.

"What?!" Kiba glared at Naruto. "At least they don't smell like mud, you insulent brat!" he growled.

"Judging from my point of view, I don't see much of a difference!" Naruto finished with a 'hmph.'

"Well that's gratitude! Fine, catch a cold! See if I care." Kiba rolled his eyes, crossing his arms. "Well, kid." he started coldly. "Dinner is ready. Make yourself useful since you think you're so high and mighty and finish preparing the ramen." he grinned.

"Fine, I will!" Naruto had prepared himself before, but he was more accustomed to having it prepared for him, like at Ichiraku.

"Good luck. C'mon, Akamaru." Kiba gestured. "By the way, don't screw up, kid." he laughed and they walked into another room.

"Hmph, that Kiba." Naruto looked into the cooking noodles. "Treating me like..well, a kid. Just who does he think he is? I don't need him. I've been living just fine on my own." he mumbled to himself, adding seasoning lightly into the boiling water. "But I guess he's just being nice..I guess." he rolled his eyes and poured the ramen into three bowls. The brown one for Kiba, the grey one for Akamaru, and the blue one for himself. "Alright, ramen's ready." Naruto said less than enthusiastically.

"About time." Kiba said as he entered the room, Akamaru following behind.

"Bark..Bark!" Akamaru's happy reply.

"Yeah yeah, whatever." he sighed and sat down.

"Yeah, food!" Kiba and Naruto both said in unison and then started eating. Kiba was eating happily and then noticed something. "..Well this is amusing. I just now remembered that the blue bowl is Akamaru's." he laughed.

"What?" Naruto froze and then whined. "You mean I'm eating ramen with dog spit?!" he jumped from his chair and ran his mouth under the sink.

"I don't see why you're complaining. A dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's." Kiba sighed.

"Well that's hard to believe." Naruto said after wiping his mouth with his arm.

"Well, anyways, this ramen isn't too bad. You did good, kid." Kiba managed to smile before taking Akamaru's and his own bowl to the sink, running water over them. While he washed the dishes, he glanced out of a nearby window to see the storm pulling in. "You can't go home in this weather, you do know that, right?" Kiba sighed.

"I can't stay here, so I'll have to try! Besides, I'll be the Hokage soon, and I won't let a few measly raindrops stop me, Dattebayo!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Chill out, kid. Like I said, if you get electrocuted or sick, you'll only be slowed down. I have a guest bed for when my sister, Hana comes over." he said and proceeded down the hallway into the room. Moderately sized, Queen-sized bed..seemed pretty good.

"I guess I could stay for the night. I mean, Iruka-sensei is out in the village of the sound at a treaty conference..and Sakura-chan is probably with Old Lady Tsunade..." he thought aloud. "Alright, Dog-breath, I'll stay." he sighed.

"Whatever. This room's yours for the night, then." Inuzuka shrugged and went across the hall into his own quarters.

"Maybe this won't be so bad. I mean, it doesn't smell as bad as I'd think it would..It's soft and warm too.." Naruto smiled.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning crashed in the sky, sending Naruto's heart into fast-forward. He instinctively ran to Kiba, clinging to him like a frightened child.

"Kiba!" Naruto screamed, clutching tightly to Kiba's brown-gray parka.

"..Are you...afraid?" Kiba's brown, piercing eyes softened as he placed a hand on Naruto's head. Naruto nodded slightly, still holding Kiba's shirt with a firm grip.

"You can't be hokage if you're afraid of..lightning." Kiba rolled his eyes, but now deciding now wasn't the best time, he just kept his hand on Naruto's head. His hair was very soft, surprisingly. He always thought of it as sharp and spiky. "Alright, we'll play a game." Kiba grinned and sat down in Naruto's room, taking off his jacket. Naruto, who had been accustomed to such gestures from Sasuke, automatically found his face red.

"You okay, kid?" Kiba asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Naruto sighed. How could he tell Kiba that he still had feelings for his Sasuke-kun? "..Kiba..?" he started.

"What?" He looked up.

"Do you think Sasuke is ever coming back?" There. Maybe if he hinted that Sasuke was still on his mind, Dog-breath would take the hint..

"Who cares. I'm glad Shino doesn't have some sort of power complex." Kiba shrugged without giving much thought of it.

"..Shino?" Naruto blurted out loud.

"Yeah. There's more than meets the eye with him. Y'know?" Kiba smiled.

"..Shino. I can't believe it. I never even thought Shino was human. I thought he was just..a weird bug that was immune to bug spray. Wouldn't Shino give Kiba fleas or ticks or something? Is Kiba immune to bug bites then? That probably means Kiba has seem Shino without his jacket on. His glasses too?" Naruto was temporarily lost in thought, a blank expression on his face.

"Hey, kid, you alright? You're pretty spacey." he admitted.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine." the blonde boy laughed. "You know, ever since I came back from training with Jiraiya..-" he was cut off.

"A few months ago, wasn't it? I'm sorry that I wasn't there to welcome you back into Konoha. Plans that day and stuff. You know how it is." Inuzuka retorted, a slight hint of disdain in his tone.

"Damn. What could be so important." Naruto told himself. "Well whatever, I'm fine now. So you can go." after hearing about Shino, he suddenly didn't want to see Kiba for the rest of the night.

"Hell, after the way you clung to me like that, I was beginning to think you' want me to sleep with you!" Kiba smirked, obviously joking as he walked out of Naruto's room. "'Night, kid."

"Mmn." Dattebayo-boy dismissed him. Once he was sure that the dog ninja had left, he rolled over onto his back, looking at the simple design of the ceiling."That Kiba. Just who does he think he is? He better watch it once I'm Hokage, 'ttebayo!" he was wrapped up into is thoughts for only a short while until he dozed off.

"That Naruto. I saved him from an almost definite cold, offered him something dry to wear, fed him, and gave him somewhere to crash, and then he blows me off?!" Kiba clenched his teeth just thinking about it. "After training with old man Jiraiya, I question how much he's grown. Still seems like the same stupid brat to me. Maybe I'll test him in a way that'll give me some satisfaction as well..." he snickered.

"...nn..." Akamaru groaned and crouched back. His bed was to the left of Kiba's, so Kiba could always keep an eye on him. But Akamaru knew his master, and knew that whatever Kiba was thinking wasn't good.

"Don't worry, buddy. No harm will come of it. At least, not for me." he smiled devilishly. "But it's getting late. We better get some rest." Kiba rested on his other side and he and Akamaru both fell asleep, eager for the sunny day that awaited them in the near future.