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So, Brat, you're finally getting over that old crow.

"Huh?" Naruto uttered aloud.

"Is something the matter?" Kiba glanced over, but not paying too much attention. So, Naruto was crazy. What else is new?

"Oh, no, I-..uh..have to use the bathroom. Yeah! The bathroom!" Because of Uzumaki's prior stay at the Inuzuka household, he was quite acquainted with where everything was. Naruto ran into the bathroom and slammed the door. "That voice..who is this?" his back was up against the door.

"Brat, you don't know who I am? Even after you begged me for power? 'Begged me to bring back..your precious Sasuke?" The voice was very deep and the sound was a little unnerving.

"...Fox!" Naruto had a look of horror in his eyes. He hadn't felt 'Fox' in some time, but, no matter when it came, it was never a pleasant experience. "What do you want? I didn't call you, and, I don't think I'm in that much danger with Kiba.." he had to remember that Kyuubi usually only came for good reason, despite how loose the seal might be.

"I've saved you, you pest." Kyuubi growled. It felt odd inside of Naruto's head, but he felt like he could almost feel the rumbling in his abdomen.

"Yeah, but you saved yourself, too! If I go, I'm takin' you with me. So, don't try pulling that on me, Old Fox." Naruto grinned.

"You insolent little..-" The argument between Naruto and the fox in his head was interrupted by a knocking on the door.

"Hey, kid, are you alright in there?" Kiba pounded on the door.

"Oh, Kiba! Yeah, I'm fine. I'll be right out." Naruto opened the door and shut it behind him as he walked out. "Miss me?" he smiled, trying to put away whatever just happened in there. Of course, if you're Naruto, you'd never worry about what could possibly happen when you cut off a power, ancient fox demon, who just happens to dwell in your body. No, never.

"Haha, yeah. C'mon, I got us a couple drinks." Kiba walked back into the main room and reclaimed his seat on the couch. Naruto soon followed and looked at the two cups.

"Is the orange one mine?" he picked it up and took a sip without even giving Kiba a chance to answer.

"Yeah." Kiba drank from the gray one. "I hope sake is alright with you." They were just under drinking age, so, why not?

"It's definitely alright with..-" he dropped and shattered the glass. What gives? You aren't drunk by only one sip. It just doesn't happen.

"Brat, I'll teach you not to ignore me..."

"Old Fox,..what are you up to..." Naruto thought and looked over at Kiba and then the broken cup. "Geeze, sorry, Kiba. I-..I don't know what came over me." he started picking up the pieces of the glass.

"Hey, watch out for sharp--"

"Fuck!" Naruto screamed and looked his sliced thumb.

"..Sharp glass, kid." Kiba sighed. "Let me see it." Naruto nodded and slowly raised his thumb up for Kiba to see.

"It hurts.." he whined and pouted.

"You aren't careful enough. You'll never be Hokage if you never take caution in what you're doing." Kiba lectured as he scrutinized the dripping thumb. "Man, you're bleeding a lot, kid." So, the first thing he did was lick the wound. His heart was in the right place, I'm sure.

"Kiba, what the hell, your dog breath is gonna get the thing infected!" he yelled, but Kiba didn't stop.

"Shut up, it'll be fine." Kiba said in between tongue strokes. Naruto couldn't deny that it didn't feel..completely dreadful.

"Mm..." Naruto couldn't believe himself. He could feel his cheeks turning hot and red. Fortunately, or, should I say, Unfortunately, Kiba had stopped. The cut was no longer bleeding and Inuzuka had somehow managed to bandage it up while Naruto was lost in himself.

"All done. I'm surprised your weak-ass didn't cry. Good job. Now, if you'll excuse me, kid, I've gotta' wash this taste out of my mouth." He growled and mumbled on his way to the bathroom. Once he closed the door, you could hear the rushing of the faucet water. Brush your teeth, twice a day!

Naruto reclined back onto the couch. "Damn...I couldn't have really enjoyed that, could I?"

"Sure felt like it. Inzuka sure knows how to work that tongue. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Go back to your cage, and stay there, Fox!" Naruto gave himself a good punch in the gut, which was only followed by maniacal laughter from his missed target. "..Ow...Damn him."

Moments later, Kiba returned. "It took a lot of brushing, but I finally remember what my tongue tastes like." he licked his lips and glanced over at Naruto. "You wanna know, too?" Inuzuka grinned.

"..." Naruto gave him a really hard, yet, still awkwardly curious look. He knew Kiba, that's for sure, but, was he being serious? Wait, why haven't I just said no yet? Am I really considering this? Better play it off as a joke. He thought and just grinned back. "Bring it on, Dogbreath."

The grin Kiba's face faded. Damnit, Naruto, why did you say that! You knew he was kidding! Uzumaki thought to himself.

But the grin on the dogboy's face just revealed itself again. I suppose he was just seeing if Naruto would say anything else. Kiba sat back on the couch, but sitting quite close to Naruto.

"I can hear your heart beating, Kid." Kiba laughed.

"S-Shut up!" Naruto was already pretty red by now. He naturally moved his head as far back as he could because of how close Kiba was. At least now there was an entire three inches separating them!


Alright, I lied.

No real romance.

...but it's gonna be impossible for there to NOT be romance in the 6th chapter. 3 inches, really? I'm sorry, guys. I'm not intending to drag you guys out on this. Thanks for waiting. 33