KP-TZ - The Middleton Files: All the Nacos in the World

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(Public Service Announcement)

"Wade, you have got to be kidding!"

Kim looked at Dr. Load incredulously and at the small crate of fruit at his feet.

"I'm as serious as Rufus and cheese, Kim. The station came down with this: we need to do some more PSAs, and these people qualified as an under-represented group."

Kim reached down and picked up a piece of fruit. "But," she paused, "did it have to be those, again?" she whined.

Bonnie chose that time to walk in, and she squealed with glee when she saw the crate.

"Wade!" She ran in and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him on both cheeks.

"How did you know? I love their fruit," she reached down and grabbed a peach from the crate, biting into it. Juice ran down her left arm from the hand that held the peach.

"Kim, remember?" and Bonnie turned the peach towards Kim and pointed at Ron, who was talking to the director across the room.

Raucous laughter stopped their conversation, and Ron turned and looked in its direction to see Wade, Bonnie, and Kim all standing and chewing on something. They all had big grins on their faces.

"All right, Wade, if I have to," Kim, still laughing, looked at Bonnie, Kim displaying the PDP.

"What?" Bonnie asked.

"We need to do a PSA about these," Kim held hers up, and Bonnie smiled wickedly.

"I can do it without a script, K: just follow my lead," Bonnie slipped off her jacket, revealing her sleeveless shell and her firm arms, both upper and lower, as well as her shapely figure, all framed by her gold-colored shell..

"You got it, B," Kim, not to be outdone, slipped off her sweater that she wore in the studio before and between scenes because of the ice-cold temperatures, and her figure matched Bonnie's as well as her shapely arms in her purple short-sleeve polo shirt.

"All right, ladies," and they each picked up the largest peaches that they could find, arranging them on the coffee table in front of the cast's rest area.

"Let's shoot it here," Bonnie ordered, and the cameras moved into position.

"Just follow us, ladies and gentlemen: it's not rocket science this time: one camera on each of us, and we'll make the finals in the cutting room," Kim purred, and Wade held his heart in a faux pain, earning a whack on the back of his head from Joss, who had snuck up behind him.

"Ready?" The director asked, and the two ladies sat, got comfortable, crossed their legs, showing even more bare leg, and each picked up a large peach.

"Ready," they both said.

(Director) Cue the waterfall background sounds: softly, please, and...


(The camera zooms in Bonnie and Kim, sitting on the couch in front of a mound of peaches on the table in front of them their bare legs crossed. Bonnie picks up a peach and takes a bite from it, moaning not-so-softly. Kim laughs.)

"Bonnie, what has you that happy?"

"Kim, it's these peaches: they're to die for!"

"Bonnie, they're just peaches," and Bonnie wrinkled her face.

"Kim, don't you know where these are from?"

Kim shook her head 'no.'

"These are special: these are from the Aleutian Islands," and Kim almost choked on her laugh.

"Alaskan peaches?" she giggled, and Bonnie nodded with a huge smile.

"Yes, from the AIPGA, Kim: they've proven, year after year, that the biggest state, with the shortest growing season, can and does produce the 'biggest and the best,'" Bonnie picked up a fresh uneaten peach and twirled it in her hand.

"These are tree-ripened, firm and juicy: you remember, Kim, your Mom bought some a few months ago."

"Those were the same?" Kim leaned forward, and Bonnie nodded once again.

"They were delicious!" Kim exclaimed.

"And, Kim, they have an added bonus," and Bonnie turned the peach so that the joined side faced the camera and giggled, "well, at least for you, Kim, because it reminded you of someone in particular," and the camera swung over to Ron, facing away from the camera and bending over to pick up a piece of paper. He stood and turned to face the laughter.


"Nothing, Ron-ster," Kim giggled.

"Besides, Bonnie, you know what my dad always says?"

"No," Bonnie sounded tentative.

"Candy is dandy, but fruit makes you poop," and Bonnie and Kim both laughed as they each bit into a peach, juices running down their arms.

"AIPGA: the Aleutian Islands' Peach Growers' Association: they grow them fast, firm and delicious," Bonnie purred, and Kim giggled.

(Director) CUT!

Fade to black as the laughter was heard around the studio, Joss, Wade, Bonnie, and Kim all laughing with the crew both before and after Ron asked "What's so darn funny?"