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Fic started: September 7, 2007 (in the wee hours of the day...and I've got an exam in psychiatry besides! Sheesh! Anyway...)

Seeing as all my other fics are on hold until I could get my old HDD fixed (or retrieve the data therein), I've decided to start another fic in the meantime. I don't think this'll be as long as the others...probably only as long as my dothack..or perhaps just a little longer to accommodate story development. Additionally, I'm not really sure if it'll be as interesting as some of my other fics, as I'm merely tinkering around with ideas at the moment. Oh well...

This is mainly more of an alternate event storyline during the fieldtrip to Kyoto. There're gonna be some references to the actual events as far as the manga is concerned at least...

!!! So beware, for SPOILERS abound !!!

I'm rather partial to the side-characters (or the not-so-side characters at this point) in the series...hey, they need their own time in the spotlight as well, huh? It does no good to keep the main protagonists (or antagonists) as the focus all the time.

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Negima! Magister Negi Magi




The Night Before



"W-well...that is...um... " Nodoka Miyazaki stammered, her face as red as humanly possible and her eyes swirling from embarrassment.

"You have to win this contest, Nodoka!" Haruna Saotome shook the almost delirious girl. "Just imagine! A kiss with Negi-sensei! That'll be sure to seal the deal for you! It's the first step to a long and wonderful romantic life together!"

"Huh...!?! I-I-I..." It was then that Nodoka promptly passed out from all the excitement...or maybe too much blood to the face and, ergo, the brain, if it were even possible.

"Oh well...we'll just have to get her up in a bit," Yue Ayase shrugged. "I just hope the others don't give us that much trouble...this is so stupid, if ya ask me."

"Is that true, Yue..." Haruna smirked, now turning to the other co-member of the Library Expedition Club. "Or are you out to try something as well...?"

"W-wha...that's crazy. I'm just helping Nodoka out, that's all. Excuse me," Yue said calmly before marching into the bathroom.

It was the usual reaction: recoil and deny. Okay, followed up by one more: flee. It's gotten such that even the slightest hint of romantic innuendo has them all jumping out of their shoes to quell an impending 'rumor-epidemic', as Kazumi sometimes called the phenomenon.

Haruna scratched her chin. "What's she so worried about? Could it...? Hmmm...even if I was only kidding then...though we're not a hundred percent sure, I'm pretty certain I can smell something brewing. And it sure smells a lot like rotting candy almonds...the..."

Konoka Konoe interrupted. "Yeah, yeah...the 'love reek'. Though aren't you just psychic, Haruna?"

"Could be..." was the vague answer as Haruna shifted her glasses and a menacing spark lit her eye.

"Hey now, stop accusing everybody of something you're not even sure of yourself. Oh, and it's almost eleven, besides..."

"That's right! C'mon, let's get sleeping beauty here awake. Oh, I do hope Nodoka wins...I've got fifty lunch tickets on her against Kakizaki..."



A/N: Well...pretty much pointless banter from the Library club before the whole "Operation: Kiss Negi-sensei" bit, to set the stage.

Yea...I know the whole 'love-reek' thing doesn't appear until volume 7, but...well, it's here for purposes of humor.