First Day, Second Year: Meredith and Derek

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I Know How You Feel


Meredith and Derek lay spooned in an on call bed together. The door was locked against intruders. Derek gently pulled the thin blanket, the hospital grudgingly supplied its staff, over Meredith's shoulders. She was still having occasional aftershock quakes through her system. She was quiet again and emptied, as if the emotional boil really had been lanced.

"I love you, Meredith," Derek whispered to her, "We're together. I promise you, I'm changing. I want to be a better man for you. I am so sorry for everything I put you through before. I'm so sorry I called you a whore. I was jealous and stupid and trying to hurt you like I hurt."

Meredith turned in his arms at that, facing him and cuddling close.

"I'm sorry I drowned, Derek. You were right. I gave up, when I shouldn't have. I fought so hard to get back to you after that, please believe me. I love you. I want more than a whiff of you. Help me believe in us again, Derek. Help me believe in happily ever after."

Derek promised her by kissing her sweetly on the lips.

"I will."

Thank you all so much for reading and reviewing. It was a catharsis to get all this off my chest. I hope it was for you too. For Merek fans, here's hoping the writers of GA, over the summer, have learned how to write a couple in love. For Burktina fans, I grieve for Cristina right along with you. For Izzie fans, maybe the writers can actually write her sane for a season. For Alex and Mark fans, an actual storyline would be nice this year. It could happen. And for George/Callie fans, maybe the writers will let them grow up and be a real married couple. Bailey fans – no need to worry, she's Dr. Bailey. The Chief? In a brave new world, maybe he'll stop giving Derek bad advice.