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Summary: There are a lot of questions about Behemoth, so I've decided to find some answers. And they come straight from the horse's mouth.

I apologize if this isn't clear. I dont speak machine as well as Beelzemon does.

The first thing I remember was the feeling that something was wrong. Something was missing. I was incomplete and unstable. I remember sitting there, trying to think of what this thing was, for who knows how long. I was surrounded by sand, and large rocks sat in the distance. Heh. At first I didn't know what they were either. I thought they were things like me, sitting there trying to find out what was missing. The thought occurred to me (it was really more of an impulse, I guess) that we may be able to figure it out together, and so I moved for the first time. And fell right over onto my side.

I hadn't figured out how to control myself yet, I'd need a rider to help me for a good while. Of course, I didn't know this at the time. I figured 'I've fallen over. Now what?'. I revved and roared and sputtered and did everything I could to try to get back up, but I couldn't. It was really very frustrating. I still can't do anything if I fall over, but Master usually makes sure that doesn't happen.

I was very happy when something that could move on his own finally came into view, finally, something that could help us! (I'd long ago decided that the rocks had tried the same thing I did and had also fallen, so we were in this together.) I began to call to him for help, and couldn't understand why he was so hesitant to come up to me. I was speaking perfectly clear! Well, after a time he did decide to help me up, and began to circle me slowly. After three circles he walked up to me again and did what at the time seemed to be the weirdest thing. He sat on my seat.

It didn't feel right. Not one bit. The closest thing I can compare it to is you humans having another of your kind leer at you and lick their lips; I felt almost violated. I recall stiffening, and preparing to do whatever was necessary to get him off of me, when I felt something give way. Suddenly I was bombarded with these new, and sharper, senses. I could see in color, I could smell, and I could feel. I could feel everything my host rider could. The breeze, my leather seat, and the power coursing through his body. His power. Our power. My power. I was in complete control, his body and powers were my own. It was invigorating to say the least.

I saw myself for the first time through his eyes. Gazed at my wheels and headlights, ogled my rough steel frame (yes, it sounds off, but I did), and let my new-found sight settle on my dash. I revved, and watched as my host's hand moved in accordance to my speech. I attempted to move again and was amazed to find that it was much easier when I could see what I was doing. If possible I would've bounced for joy, my discomfort forgotten in leu of these great discoveries.

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