Okay people, as noted, this is just a filler chapter. I'll replace it with an actual chapter when I have an actual chapter. Until then, I thought I'd give you guys a description of how Behemoth sees things to tide you over. Seeing as sight is the only true sense he has without a rider, I figured this would be useful. If you don't care, dont read any further. It is interesting though.

Mostly because he sees in black and white, and I'm not talking like a dog sees the world. Everything is black, almost like he's blind to detail. To detail because he can see obsticles. That's it. He sees plain black until something that could get in his way comes into his line of sight, then it appears as a white blaze across his vision. This gives him an advantage against other creatures, as he can't fall into things like pitfall traps seeing as he sees things others can't. crickets I thought it was interesting.

This changes when he has a rider, because then he uses their senses, so hes vulnerable then. Not true with Beelzemon though, works different with him. But well get to that in a later chapter.

Now that thats done, some replies to reviews, cause I do like you people.

shadow wind- Thanks and dont worry, Guilmon has to be possessed. This is, after all, Behemoth's life, and that episode was a major portion of it.

Vartra- Thanks, I'm trying.

wind scythe- As I said, Guilmon's gonna happen, I can't say anythign about Renamon though. I doubt she's gonna happen, but Behemoth hasn't been very talkative lately. (I think he's pissed with me...) I'm glad your enjoying it.

Meg the Tamer- Thank you, I'll try to get one out as soon as possible, but stuff with him just won't show. And Impmon, leave him be or I'll write something with you, and I can be an awful creature when I want to.

HeavenHellButterfly- No prob. Thanks a bunch. Love hearing the word 'original' when it comes to my writing. I'm the only person that writes him, other than little three sentence references. And I will.

Midnight-Chaos-Flame- Thank you! I just thought Behemoth deserves a bit of attention. So few people love him.

See you later everyone!! Have to suck-up to the motorcycle.