Six years later, with the Triforce restored, the new King reigned over an era of peace and prosperity. The refugees from Hyrule, initially skeptical, returned to their homeland, along with many of the inhabitants of Refugee Village. Though his childhood friends kept a special place in his heart, Ogadai met and married a Hylian woman, Masi. In time she bore him a daughter, whom he insisted on naming Asana in his mother's honor.

Ogadai had been initially surprised when Zelda stepped down from the throne so quickly; but all became clear when he received an invitation to her wedding. He shared his father's disgust for such Hylian customs as those that had prevented her from marrying the one she loved, a man of unquestionable valor but unknown heritage. So it was with great joy that he bestowed his blessing on her and Link. Both Zelda and Namu spent plenty of time in the throne room, however, as the King's trusted advisors; as did Link, the new Captain of the Guard.

But despite Ogadai's best efforts, and Zelda's public declaration to her people regarding the Blood Curse, a small but vocal minority insisted on having nothing to do with the Gerudo. After a lengthy and fruitless discussion with the head of one of the less militant rebel groups, he retired to his study with his head in his hands.

Zelda put a hand on his shoulder. "The effect of the Great Schism has been felt for many years; it may take just as many for the divide to be closed."

Namu nodded. "It is difficult for many to accept, for there is much bad blood between our two races. Even though we will never be as one again, there are those that cannot handle the idea of the two living side by side."

Ogadai nodded sadly. This bitter truth had been all too clear when Zuma committed suicide upon his coronation. She could not live in a world so different than the one her father envisioned.

"Could I be alone for a few minutes?" he asked. The two women nodded and quietly shut the door behind them.

Ogadai stood by the window, staring out at the country he had inherited. Not for the last time, he wished his mother were there to guide him. Even his father would have been welcome, in some form that could do no harm, for it had been his ambition to end the Gerudo's sad plight. Prayers to the Goddesses gave him little solace. Both Farore and Nayru echoed Din's advice to follow his heart; but often he could not tell where his heart lay.

He watched the sunset set the mountains ablaze, then fade into purplish darkness and finally give way to the stars. It had been a long day; he turned and made for his chambers, ready to retire for the night.

An hour or so after midnight, Ogadai tossed and turned in the bed, Masi asleep beside him. His head felt heavy, like during a cold, and his ears buzzed. Fearing he was falling ill, he stepped over to the window and shut it, then climbed back into bed and attempted to sleep once more.

A woman's voice startled him out of a doze. "Ogadai, wake up."

He turned over and nudged Masi, thinking it was her who had spoken. "What is it?" he demanded.

"Huh?" She opened one eye. "I didn't say anything…was I talking in my sleep again?"

"Nah…hearing things…" Ogadai rolled over and settled back into the pillow.

"Ogadai," said the voice, more urgent this time. "Wake up, Ogadai. Your daughter is in danger."

"What?" His eyes flew open and he jumped out of bed. As his wife looked on in confusion, he threw on a bathrobe and ran out the door, the royal guards tumbling over themselves behind him.

To his surprise, he saw Asana walking toward him, grumpily rubbing her eyes and dragging her blanket behind her. "Dada, I had a bad dream," she informed him as she raised her arms to be lifted up.

Ogadai sighed in relief. "A bad dream? Is that all it was?"

She nestled her face in his shoulder. "Uh huh. A scary man told me that a monster would eat me if I stayed in my room. He told me to go find you."

"A scary man?" Ogadai repeated in puzzlement.

"Oi!" one of the guards called from inside Asana's room. Ogadai heard yells and the sound of a scuffle, then saw two of the guards leading a scruffy, bleeding man out of the room.

The stranger fixed his eyes on father and daughter and spat with unbridled malice, "Foul son of the Usurper King! All the Gerudo and the half-breeds will be driven from our country!"

Shocked to the core, Ogadai turned to one of the guards. "An assassin?"

The guard nodded, and produced a long, sharp knife. "He sneaked into the Princess' room somehow through the window."

Ogadai turned back to the stranger, his blood boiling with anger, and addressed the guards. "You know what to do."

The man cursed at him as he was led away, but Ogadai took no notice. Carrying Asana, he returned to his room after doubling his guard.

First thing next morning, Ogadai sounded out his advisors on the subject. "I know this sounds crazy," he said, voice shaking, "but I feel as if my mother and father intervened somehow, and saved Asana's life."

Zelda shook her head. "It's not crazy. Your mother was right when she said that the dead never really leave us. While I can't say exactly how they reached you, I do not find it impossible that both still watch over you from the other side."

Namu nodded. "Your father had many faults, but I can certainly believe that he would want to protect your daughter…either out of respect for his kin, or as some small penance for your mother's death."

Ogadai said nothing for a long while. He got up and walked to the nursery, where Asana played happily, completely oblivious to the events of the previous night. "Dada, will you play tea party with me?"

He smiled obligingly. "Of course." Bowing slightly before taking his seat at her tiny table, he asked, "To what do I owe this honor?"

"The Zora king is coming to visit today," she stated with an air of high importance, taking a stuffed Zora doll and placing it in the chair next to her. "He wants to talk about the fishing laws."

Ogadai accepted her offered teacup with a smile. Mother, Father…thank you for my daughter.

The End.