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CHAPPIE ONE: The Invitation

Mrs. Kamiya was loading the dishwasher when there was a knock on the door. "Kari, could you get the door? I don't want to get soap everywhere."

Kari sighed but obediently let the visitor in.

In the hall of the apartment building were three people. One was a stately elderly woman wearing a long skirt and old fashioned blouse, one was a cute red headed girl with a bob cut, and another was a handsome young man with dark hair and glasses.

Mrs. Kamiya had found a dishtowel and stood behind her daughter. "May I help you?"

The old woman spoke. "Is there a Mr. Taichi Kamiya home?"

Mrs. Kamiya blinked. "Tai? He's on the roof, practicing with his friends. Why?"

The foreigner sighed. "May we come in? There's a lot to explain."

Tai Kamiya sighed and plopped down onto one of the amps. He hooked up Izzy's laptop to the Internet and searched.

"Did you find that song yet?" Matt added to his friend in an undertone.

Tai shook his massive head of hair. "I got squat off Google, and every other search site I could think of. No lyrics."

TK, who was in on the plan and happened to be passing by, said, "Aw, man! Wicked bummer!"

Tai sighed. "Guess we're just going to have to listen to the song a few times on the CD and write down the lyrics we can depict." (A/N: I know. Soccer Jock. Big words. He's not as dumb as he looks!)

The two brothers nodded and walked back to their respective positions.

Tai stood up, closed the computer, and went back to the keyboard and mike. "Alright, guys! That was pretty good! Let's run it one more time!"

Izzy went to the audio board, TK sat down behind the drum set, Matt picked up his guitar, Davis picked up the bass, and the others (Yolie, Cody, Mimi, Sora, and Ken) sat down on the ground to watch.

"When the beat goes on,

Get on the floor.

It might be social suicide,

But she'll be yours for-ever more!"

The door to the roof opened, revealing Kari and three foreigners.

"Guys – guys, stop!" Tai shouted above the din of the music.

The band fizzled out.

"Tai, Matt, Sora," Kari began with a solemn face. "We need to talk."

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