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'Ziva…' Tony whispered. She turned around to Tony, his face merely a breath away from hers. He was looking so deeply into her eyes, she wanted to pull away but t the same time found herself powerless to do so. She could feel his heart beating jut as fast a hers, gradually she leaned in and closed her eyes and…

Tony's phone rang, and the moment disappeared. They both became horribly aware of the situation they were in, they were frozen half in half out of an embrace neither of them daring to move or even breathe. Then as one movement they sprang apart and Tony hastily picked up is phone, not soon enough so Ziva couldn't see the caller ID. Jeanne. Ziva excused herself andran into the bathroom, so nobody on the other end of the phone would know that they were together. While on the phone she spied a fire escape through the open window and while Tony spoke animatedly, she clambered through it. She took a last look back and saw a distinctly feminine perfume bottle next to Tony's aftershave and miserably ran down the steps.

A few minutes Tony pushed open the door.

'Ziva-' he started, but then he saw the curtains billowing from the wind coming from open window. He stood and stared at it for a few minutes before turning away disappointed.

Tony purposefully got to work long before anyone else had arrived, he knew that Ziva would use her cunning way of sneaking up on him to her advantage, and today more than any he really wished that she wouldn't. He knew she would want to talk about what had happened, and what had happened? He had single handedly ruined any chance of a friendship with Ziva. He couldn't believe he was going to do that to Jeanne. The one woman in the world he loved. And Ziva? I mean sure she was hot but he had gotten over that a long time ago. He couldn't help remembering the awkwardness of the previous evening, and winced. He turned red with shame just recalling the incident. He crawled under the desk, as Mcgee came out of the lift.

'Why are you under the desk?' asked a puzzled Mcgee.

'Hiding from Ziva…' he mumbled.

'Well, for starters you're not doing well,' a said a female voice,

Tony then said a very bad word and crawled out, only to be hit on the back of the head by Gibbs coming round the corner.

'Desks are for working not for playing hide and seek.' He said taking a sip of his coffee.

'We've got a case boss?' said Tony rubbing the back of his head.

'Yeah, Romeo Hart's missing.'

'Yeah, I heard about that on the news, Abby's in mourning.'

'Abby likes Romeo Hart?' asked a bewildered Tony.

'Yes…' said Mcgee slowly.

'The same Romeo Hart, whose last single was called 'I know you want to do nasty things to me'? And whose video mainly consisted of attractive models dancing around in their underwear?'

'Yeah.' Said Mcgee grinning. 'She's full of surprises.'

'Hang on a second,' said Ziva interrupted.' He's a singer? Isn't that a bit out of our area?'

'Not if his brother was a marine.'

'No way! Hart had a brother?' said Tony

'Abby did a bit of digging and found him.' he explained. 'She is his number one fan after all'

When they entered the Lab, Ziva was almost sure they had taken a wrong turning somewhere, because Abby had redecorated. Every available surface was taken up with Romeo franchise. The walls were covered with posters of him and she was pretty sure that it was his music played at full volume form the stereo in the corner. Abby ran out to meet them, her black eye makeup smudged from where she had been crying. Over her usual uniform of black was an outsized tee shirt with a picture of Romeo on it. She clung to the front of Gibbs' shirt.

'You've got to find him.' she sobbed. 'Promise me you will!'

Gibbs pried her from him and held her at arms length. "I promise, now what have you got for us?'

'Not much I'm afraid, Vincent Hart was born a healthy kid on the 19th December 1972…' she showed them a birth certificate on the large screen. 'Mother : Elizabeth Hart, now deceased, Father: unknown. That's how I found out that they were related. He joined the marines 22 years later, left 7 years after that due to a back injury, and no-one's heard of him since, could be dead for all we know. What's weird is I have read every interview with Romeo and he says he's an only child, his mother miscarried a few years after he was born and no other scrap of a sibling. Now why would he lie?'

'Not all of us have families we are proud of.' Said Ziva quietly and Tony shot a quick sideways glance.

'Or maybe he didn't know.' Said Gibbs. 'I want you all to search everything phone books addresses bank statement phone bills. Anything that ties to Vincent.'

'So we are going to be at our desks all day?' moaned Tony.

'Oh, I'm sorry would you like for somebody to be murdered? Because you're going to be next if you don't stop whining' snapped Gibbs.

'Yes boss' he said sheepishly.

Tony and Ziva sat at their desks in silence both getting more and more frustrated with the people on the other end of the phone.

'Yes I would like to speak to your supervisor just don't put me on….hold…' sad Tony as the opting bars of 'Eye of the tiger' trilled from the speaker. He glared at Ziva who was attempting to stop laughing.

'It's not funny,' he hissed.

'No of course it isn't' said Ziva failing to keep a straight face.

As Tony sang along into his phone as it reached the chorus and then stopped abruptly as somebody picked up the other end. 'Hello this is Tony DiNozzo, NCIS…'

Several hours later Gibbs approached them.


'No. He lived with his mom when he first came back from the war, but she died and left the house to Romeo so god knows where he is now.' said Ziva

'His bank account has no idea where he is either and they wanted to let them know when we find him as he is several thousand dollars in debt.' Said Tony

'I see,'

'I thought that maybe, after his mom left the house to his brother he'd probably be crashing on a friend's couch, but there are no phones registered in his name since before he joined the marines, so I have no idea who that friend could be. We're chasing ghosts here boss. Vincent Hart has disappeared.' Tony explained

'Ok, you guys might as well go home. There's nothing more you can do tonight.'

'Thanks.' Said Ziva gratefully, grabbed her bag and left.

Ziva strode up and down the corridor fighting an inward battle before deciding her next move. She stood outside the door, hesitated, then knocked. As the door swung open she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and said very rapidly.

'Hi, um yeah about last night well I'm not sure really what happened but if I think what is though happened and well you haven't mentioned it all day, and the point is, if you wanted it as much as I did, I'm here and we could start where we left off if…you…want…'

Here she trailed of as she had finally open her eyes and before her was Tony's NCIS shirt, but Tony wasn't wearing it. It was a woman who was staring at her in bewilderment. Ziva didn't need to guess who she was, especially considering that apart from the shirt she didn't seem to be wearing anything else. She looked past her into Tony's apartment and saw piles of cardboard boxes, some of them opened with books and clothes spilling out, and it all made sense. An awkward silence enshrouded them like a thick fog as Ziva stumbled to find something to say,. Something that would fix everything.

'Tony…' said Jeanne. 'Tony who is this?'

Tony came shuffling down the corridor in his boxers.

'It's probably somebody trying to sell us towels or some rubbish like that' he said snaking an arm round her waist. He looked up and Ziva saw over Jeanne's shoulder his eyes widen.

'This…this is Ziva. We work together.' He said carefully.

'But you were off last night, so what is she talking about. What happened last night?' said Jeanne sliding out from his embrace. Tony stuttered and Jeanne looked so hurt Ziva felt guilty.

'A project,' she said believably.

'A project?' said Jeanne skeptically.

'Yeah,' said Tony going along with it and nodding his head vigourously.

'There's a promotion opened up. We think that if we really impress then with or presentation we can both get it,' continued Ziva without batting an eyelid. She was lying, doing something she was good at. 'Sorry, I didn't know the two of you had plans.'

'We didn't. Tony had asked me to marry him and I needed to get my head around it. But now…' she held up her hand and Ziva saw the ring on her finger glisten in the light. One diamond beautifully cut.

'Your engaged?' said Ziva her voice sounding unnaturally high.

'Yes' said Tony carefully as if tip-toeing with his voice. He watched her trying to tell what she was thinking but she wouldn't let her emotion show on her face. 'She's moving in with me.'

'That's..that's…' terrible, stupid, idiotic, dreadful, 'Fantastic!'

'Oh, that's a nice dress,' said Jeanne. Ziva had on a long, dark red dress which showed off her back. Tony averted his eyes, he knew if he looked he'd have that disgusting butterfly feeling again. The same feeling he had last night. 'Are you going anywhere special?'

'Well I thought I was,' she smiled. 'It didn't work out.' She aimed the second bit at Tony who stood shamefaced.

'Jeanne, I need to talk to Ziva about work stuff outside, can you wait a second?' Tony said dragging Ziva by the arm into the corridor.

'Sure, I'll miss you!' she said sweetly.

Tony blew Jeanne a kiss and Ziva carried on smiling until they were out the door when she stopped abruptly.

'What the hell are you playing at Tony?' she said shaking with anger.

'What with Jeanne?' he said.

'Yes of course with Jeanne what else would I be talking about?" she said a hands balling into fists.

'Oh you're going to hit me now?' he said in mock seriousness.

'Trying very hard not to! You can't … you can't keep messing with people's heads like this!'

'I'm not messing with her head!'

'My head! You're messing with my head. We haven't spoken for months then in one night we almost kissed. Why would that happen if you really loved her?'

'I love her, I love Jeanne' said Tony pointedly.

'Are you telling me, or reassuring yourself?' said Ziva looking straight into his eyes, making him uncomfortable. He didn't reply.

'If Jeanne hadn't called you last night, hadn't interrupted us would you be engaged? No. Would you be moving in together? No. Because you would have kissed me.'

'I wasn't going to kiss you,' said Tony trying to not raise his voice so Jeanne would hear.

'Tony I have spent the last 15 years judging peoples actions, predicting what they will do next. Please don't insult me.'

'Ok maybe I would have kissed you, but my head was a mess, it didn't mean anything. It's not like just when you kiss someone you fall in love with them. If that was true I would have broken many, many hearts.'

'It really does confuse me how your ego manages to fit inside your body.'

Ignoring her Tony went on. 'You obviously got the wrong idea last night. You seem to have taken it as an invitation to walk up to my door dressed…dressed…' he paused here and took this as an opportunity to look her up and down. 'You know you really ought to dress like a woman more often.'

'So I dress like a man the rest of the time then?' she said laughing. He smiled too.

'I miss this.' He said wistfully.

'Miss what?'

'Us. Talking.' He said quietly. 'We haven't in ages.'

'Yeah and whose fault was that?' said Ziva angry again.

'Look last night was a drunken accident-' he started but Ziva stopped him.

'You were sober when it happened.'

'Fine it was a sober accident.' He said

'And that's really how you feel?' she said narrowing her eyes at him.

'Yes.' He said defiantly.

'Fine deny it. Deny everything that happened last night. Just don't expect me to hang around to hear it. I officially was my hands,' she did the action with her hands. 'Of you'. And she turned on her heel and left. Jeanne came out into the corridor.

'Oh, Ziva left.' She said disappointedly.

'Yeah,' said Tony, still watching the space she had been a few seconds ago.

'She seemed nice.'

'Yes, she is…' said Tony smiling.