This is going to be a little series about Allen's lovers and the way their relationship works. Each chapter will be around this length, it is nothing too big, just a little fun for me to relax from my school work. I don't own anything.


Kanda: A Physical Love

"Kanda?" Allen stepped into the dark room.

"What?" The cold voice snapped.

"Can you hold me?" Allen closed the door. The room was enveloped in darkness again. A pair of arms slipped around his waist, pulling him close to another body.

Allen turned around in the hold and looked up, not surprised to see nothing but black shadows.

"Kiss me." Allen whispered.

A pair of lips meets his; the two came together in a chaste kiss. They parted and they meet once more, this time the passion, the hate and the anger all rushed out. Kanda bit and sucked at Allen's bottom lip, making the other groan in pleasure. His tongue slipped into the warm heated cavern, their tongues met in experience. They parted; a string of shared saliva linked them yet together.

"The night is young, where's the love?" Allen whispered huskily into the ear of the other exorcist as he licked the shell of Kanda's ear.

"Keep dreaming, Moyashi." Kanda's smirk could be felt upon Allen's skin. A roll of eyes showed that Allen was annoyed by the use of nick names. Allen reached up and pulled sharply at Kanda's hair, making him grimace in pain. Allen smirked.

Kanda pushed Allen towards the wall, making him slam into it full force. A smile graced the pale face of the white haired teen. Kanda had the other pinned to the wall, biting, nipping and sucking at the pale flesh. His hair fell upon the two of them as his hair tie was pulled from his hair by none other than the white haired exorcist.

There is no love.


Any comments? Yesh, I know a lot of people will think these two have tremendous love for each other but to me… for now… they just want each other for their bodies. If you have anyone you want to pair off with Allen (that is not Rabi, Tyki, Rinali, or Rhode) please tell me, the stranger the better.