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Allen: A Self-Proclaimed Love

People say love is a funny thing; and Allen Walker absolutely agrees with that.

Love was different in everyone's eyes, but according to Allen Walker, there is only one kind of true love and that is self-love.

Yes, self-love, meaning love for oneself, obviously not to the extent of self-obsession. But Allen knew that there would never be another person that would make him love them as much as he loves himself. You can call him selfish, but aren't we all?

You can live without your love one, it may hurt a lot but it will still work. But you can't live without yourself, and that will be true till the end of time.

"Is there anyone that was special to you?"

"Yes, but I lost them long ago."

Allen would reply with a gentle smile on his face.

There was a time in Allen's life when he truly had something important to him, someone very dear, someone very close to his heart.

Someone he loved more than himself.

But unfortunately that was then and this is now.

Allen grew up and developed his own ways to love, without ever giving all his heart in.

That way he learned it won't hurt as much.

But loving them all came with a consequence too.

Allen knew from the very start of his game that one day he would come to the question, in which they were all going to ask him.

Allen would smile just thinking about it.

"Who do you love best?"

And Allen would answer them truthfully that day.


Because there was no longer anyone for Allen Walker to place before his own life.

Love is only a feeling, it can't save this world.


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