Ok Disclaimer, I do not own Bleach or Claymore. But this will be spoilers for both the mangas. This story is influced by some of Akira Kurosawa movies, Onimusha, Rurouni Kenshin and Samurai Champloo.
In the future tim, there are several planes of reality with little or more changes but shares a common history. These are the Real World, Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the plane of Alchemist. Just to name a few. But the Real World lies in the middle. The Sixth forbidden world that shouldn't be access is the world less developed. So in order to have it catch up to our plane. The late Central 46 had forbid access to the world until they develop a proper tecnology. Such volations should be punishable by death. Also there are those who want to disrupt

And So begins out story...

Soul Society 20XX

It was night time. The stars and the moon shone pefectly bright. Yamamoto was watching the moonlite at his Compound in peace. Soi Fon was visiting Yoruichi in the real world. Unohana was treditionally drinking her tea under the moonlite with Isane and Hanataro. At the the Point Of No Return. It the place where their is very little civilazation and vegation. Some have villages with some shinigami posted there in case of any hollows. In the middle of the plane, there was a circle forming in the sky.

At the outpost. The outpost was a field, A Female shinigami just came in in her cloak. She put it up on a coat rack. Her partner was sitting on the computer checking his email. They really didn't belong to any special Division, but the Shinigami that are stationed there to answer to Division Two.

"So is was there anything there?" He asked.

"No as usual." The female Shinigami sat down at her desk opposite of ther partner.

"Oh yeah you heard." The male Shinigami tried to spark up a conversation to kill time. "Those Shinigami Representives have been reconized as a new sub-Division."

"Yeah I heard that there is two Shinigami representives," She joined in as she picked up her paper for her reports. "an unseated one, two humans, Vice-Captain of Division 6, and a Quincy. They really don't have a leader and they answer directly to General Yamamoto."

"Well, since Aizen, Gin and Tousen deflected to Hueco Mundo." The Male leaned back on his seat putting his hat on his face covering his face from the light. "On Captain's Ukitake request, Yamamoto made them an unofficial Division."

"Wasn't long time ago that there was a secret Division hiddend within the other Divisions of the 13 Courts Sqaud?" She put the finnished paper on on her desk. "Then late they revolte..."

"All that is all li.." Then a rumble had shaken the post. It was like an earthquake. Then it stopped as quickly as it came. Then the two Shinigami went outside. They saw the cracks on the ground.

"What the hell?" The male went and looked around. Then they saw a hoarde of monsters. There wasn't like the Hollows. They was something else. Then as the male Shinigami was about report to Seireitei. As soon as he was about to call. He was stabbed in the heart by his partner, an instant death and betrayal. Then three people approched her. It was a tall mascular man, a man with a long katana and a woman.

"We have to hurry," She sheathed her katana and faced her comrades. "Seireitei must of felt it by now."

"Right." The big man said. and behind them was an army of monsters and some that looked like humans. "Company march" Then they followed the three people including the female Shinigami to Seireitei.

Later at another plane of reality. In a grassy plain. The place looked peaceful like Soul Society but it was quiet. There was a female with a giant claymore sword strapped behind her. She was wearing a black clad cloak. She had her hair braided and it hung from her right side. She was standing on the clif over the plains watch the portal in the sky. Then another female approching her.

"Tabitha," The female called her. She had short hair and two swords instead of one. "What's going on?"

"I don't know," Tabitha turned and looked at ther comrade. "I feel a strong Yoki presence, but there is something else a similar power that is just as powerful."

"What?" The Short haired one looked at her in suprise. "Could it be Priscilla?"

"No, it's not an Awaken Being." She looked up. "It's something else."

Then there is a rumble in the area, like in Soul Society the ground rumbled. But it disappeared suddenly. Meanwhile at base camp, there was one the was also in leather cald, but it was all over her limbs. She was eating an apple, as she was waiting for her friends by the fire. Then the two young women from the cliff came to the fire.

"Hey, Deneve what's up?" the woamn called out her friend after she had finnished with her apple. The woman with the two swords was named Deneve. Her friend who was eating an apple was named Helen, a bit of a wild child. But we'll get into that later.

"Where's Miria?" Deneve asked as she looked around the area.

"With Uma, Cynthia, and Clare," Helen took another bit of the apple and looked at her friend who usually has a stren look on her face.

"We need to get out of here." She replied.

"What?" Helen dropped her apple. "What do you mean? Is Isley nearby?"

"No." She looked at the sky. "It's something else."

"What?" She grabbed her friend "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Something is about to happend." Then as seeing Deneve and Helen talking. Tabitha went to where the others are at. At another plain near the waterfalls. There was four other women with their swords, The three with their swords out except one she still had her sword sheathed. Then the two ran up to her, then at great speed appeared behind her. Then in a flash the woman deflected thier attacks blowing them away. At that point the Leader was watching them fight with incredible speed that an human eye can't see it. As the warrior turned around to the leader, but she was gone. Then she looked around herself and saw that the leader made mulitiple images of herself. As she was about to make her move, she attacked the image instead. As she had her back turned she, the leader had her sword near the woman's neck.

"You're too careless, Clare" The Leader looked at the girl, but the girl had her sword up the Leader's legs.

"You too, Miria." Clare looked at Miria. They used to be Claymores, saving people from these creatures called Yoma. Seven years after Pieta they was left for dead in the cold mountians and left that part of their life. The term Claymore was used by common folk people who they protect.

"Miria!!" Tabitha called out as she ran to the others.

"What is it?" Miria and Clare sheathed their swords.

"When I was on watch." Tabitha looked at Miria with such urgancy. "I sensed a powerful yoki at the sky."

"Was it Priscilla?" Clare looked at her.

"No it was something else another power source." Tabitha looked up. "Something just as powerful."

"Everyone get back to camp." Miria ordered. "We have to leave."

"What?" What's going on?" Uma questioned her.

"I hope I'm wrong about this." Miria and the other went back to camp to pack up.

Meanwhile at another part of land. A man dressed in black with sunglasses and a fedora hat looked up and smiled.

"This again?" He fixed his hat. "It happend sooner than I thought."

At the sametime a person in a grey cloak looked up. Only his blue eyes was visable. He was armed with a large sword. Then he walked away.

If only I could see her again

In our world. Somewhere private and secluded. The place looked like a dry waste land. There was rocks everywhere. A black blur jumped to his hiding spot. Then someone had slashed through his hiding spot with a giant sword. Then the person leaped out of his spot just in time. At that he unsheathed his sword at his oppent. His opponet was older and was dressed in a school uniform. Her hair was braided and she was wearing glasses.

"Here goes." The young boy charaged at her with his sword out. As approched her she dodged out the way and whacked him with her sheath. At the distance Ichigo was looking at his student Souta Higurashi. He yawned and was about to lay back only to the whack in the head by a sandal.

"You dickhead," The short blonde vizard looked at him as Ichigo was rubbing his head.

"What was that for?!" Ichigo got up. Yet again he was whacked in the head.

"You student is just as worst as you!!" The girl was named Hiyori a Vizard. Along with the people in the underground training spot, they too are Vizards. Similar fashion as the Claymores, they are half Shinigami and half hollow. Ichigo who has somewhat mastered his hollow abilities has taken Souta Higurashi under his wing as his student. Like Rukia before Ichigo has to train Souta to the best of his abilities, not quite ready for his bankai training. As Ichigo and Hiyori was reaching their breaking point.

"hey dinner's ready!!" Kensei the other Vizard. 'Last one to get has to wash the dishes."

Both Hiyori and Lisa, the girl with the glasses who was fighting Souta, had raced before Ichigo. Souta had sheathed his sword.

"Come on Souta," Ichigo called out to him. "I don't wanna wash dishes again."

"Yes, sensei." Souta and Ichigo had raced to beat the female vizards.

Meanwhile in the surface Shinji was looking at the sky from atop of the hideout. His coat was blow against the cool spring breeze.

"It's goin' to be busy." he said to himself. Then over Shinjuku a rift was opening up. It was the same one that was in that world and Soul Society. The one with weak reiatsu couldn't see it, but those who have the strong will can see it. Just like he said, thing was going to be very busy.

Ok this is my first Claymore fanfic so please RandR. In this fanfic like the my Bleach fanfic..I'm goingto pin the Characters against each other. Some will be on mutral terms, other romantic and some just friendship. but I will have Ichigo (bankai) and Clare (Awaken from) fighting each other at the their fullest. Since the story line takes place During the Hueco Mundo Arc in Bleach and Seven Years after the War in Pieta. I will have some more characters from Bleach and Claymore to join in the fight.