Author's Note: This one-shot is based off of a true story. Want details about said story, ask me in review. Remember, this is AU.

"You want us to What!?!" Beast Boy asked, his voice dripping with incredulity. Here was the famous Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire asking him and Raven to join the Teen Titans but on one condition.

"You are telling me that he and I should be...married!" Raven half whispered and her eyes narrowing. Robin backed up slowly.

"It's for the moral good. No one would accept you two as heroes if you refuse to do this." Cyborg thought his and Robin's face couldn't get any paler. It had been about a month of visiting the couple and watched their incredible abilities utilized with great teamwork that it was impossible to not want them on the team. But the problem was that they were living together and weren't married. The public would not allow them to be heroes, or join the Titans without the reputation of the Titans going down the drain. Everyone wanted/needed a moral example for their children.

Beast Boy saw Raven's eyes start glowing, quickly pulling her away from them. "We're going to talk about it." They went into the back room of the house. Cyborg turned to Robin so slowly that it could be considered that his joints needed to be oiled.

"Think we're rushing them?"

"Friends, it is for the good of the greater." Robin acknowledged his agreement with Star; Cyborg rolled his one eye. Those two would need to be married soon if they kept it up.

The Titans sat and waited, and waited, and waited. Four hours had passed and they could hear yelling, crying, and begging on both sides. Cyborg was reconsidering the whole thing. They could help from the sidelines or behind the scenes. Maybe they weren't ready...

The door opened quickly, abruptly ending all thoughts of the other three. Beast Boy looked a little pale while Raven was breathing deeply. "Very well, we'll get married."

The wedding was very simple, just the vows, rings, the "I Do's." and they were on the job as heroes. The constant fighting between the two of them in the early years gave them all headaches. Starfire was constantly in tears when the two fought while Robin and Cyborg passed it off as one of those couples. The years went by and the fighting decreased to the point where the only time they fought was who got to shower first after a long day of crime-fighting, and the choice of pizza toppings, and who did the dishes, and...okay they still fought a lot. But it was with more teasing and love than it was before.

For thirty years the married couple lived and fought together side by side. No one ever questioned their life. It was not until they were sitting around the table playing poker when Beast Boy asked "Why did we have to get married anyway?"

Nightwing looked up with wide eyes...well as wide as you could tell from behind the mask. "You've been a hero for thirty years and you still don't know what people expect from their role models?" Raven shook her head with a slight smile on her face.

"It wasn't like that at all. You told us we had to get married if we wanted to join the team. We did." Nightwing and Cyborg raised an eyebrow each.

"Not like that?"

Beast Boy laughed. "Dudes. We weren't dating. I was renting out her basement. I had only been there for a week before you guys showed up."