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Chapter 1: Gone

Edward's POV

I left Bella at her house then returned home. I needed to hunt again, I had put it off too long. Alice, Jasper and I got into my Volvo while the others, minus Rosalie, piled into Carlisle's Mercedes. Rose was staying to watch over Bella.

We drove to a spot 45 minutes away that had a grizzly bear problem. Once we got there, we split up and each went a different was. It was silent as I walked quietly through the forest. Then I smelt a grizzly, and I took off after it.

When it came into my view, I slowed. I snuck up to it, not making a sound. Then I crouched, getting ready to pounce.

Then, the silence was shattered by a scream. It was Alice. I turned and ran towards Alice, completely forgetting about my need to hunt. I ran swiftly through the trees and I could hear the others doing the same.

I arrived first and I knelt beside Alice. "Alice, what happened?" She looked up at me sadly.

"Bella," she whispered. Just then, Jasper came into my view. I got up and ran back towards where I had left the car. I got in and started the engine. I then pushed on the gas and turned it around. I sped back towards Bella's house. Not surprisingly, I made the 45 minute drive in 30. I jumped out of my car before it had even stopped. I jumped in Bella's open bedroom window and looked around.

There was no Bella. I ran quickly through the house, but I couldn't find anything. Then I heard a thump upstairs.

"Edward?" It was Rosalie.

I ran up to her, not even attempting to mask my anger. "Where's Bella?"

"I don't know. I went home for about 5 minutes to get my cell phone. I just got back and I found you here. What's going on?"

"I don't know. Look for something, anything." I looked on Bella's bed and Rosalie looked on her dresser. Then I heard paper rustling.

"Edward, look." I spun around and found a slip of paper in Rosalie's hand. I grabbed it from her and read it.

Dear Edward,

You haven't kept up your end of the bargain. I heard that Bella wasn't changed, so I came here to check for myself. It's a pity really that you risked your human like this. Such a shame.

Now you have 2 options. You can continue your life like she never existed and I can dispose of her. Your second option is to play a game. How I love games! If you choose 1, then forget about this human. If 2, then here is your first direction. Go to Bella's favorite place. I will know which you choose.


Oh no! Bella! I jumped out the window and Rosalie followed. We got into my car and I sped down the road, back towards where we had been hunting. Halfway there, I saw a black Mercedes.

I pulled over and Carlisle did the same. We gathered in the middle of the road.

"Bella's gone," I said. "The Volturi took her." They all stared at me in shock. I turned to Carlisle and handed him the note. "What should we do?"

He quickly read the note then looked at me. "What's Bella's favorite place?"










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