A New Generation

Summary: Teddy Lupin is leaving for Hogwarts! What happens during his years there, and what misadventures does he get into? R&R much appreciated.

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The smoke billowed out of the shocking red steam engine. In the front of the old-fashioned engine were the words, large gold and emblazoned: Hogwarts Express. On top of the barrier that separated them from the muggle world and the wizarding Platform, were the iron wrought words Platform 9¾.

Teddy Lupin emerged from the barrier, panting. He glanced at the gleaming face of his new watch and noted that there was still fifteen minutes left till the train left the platform.

"All right there, Teddy?" Harry asked as he, too, emerged from the brick barrier. Teddy nodded, and glanced around in awe. He had eagerly anticipated the Hogwarts letter of acceptance ever since he had known what it was. Having heard about his godfather Harry's stories about the legendary school, he could only imagine what would happen there.

Andromeda Tonks emerged, followed by Ginny, her belly stretching her clothes as the baby inside continued to grow. Her sons, James and Albus Severus Potter waddled in after her, grinning from ear to ear, eyes tinted with sadness that their best friend and mentor was leaving. Following them, came in Fleur Weasley, along with an extremely grumpy and agitated looking Victoire.

Ginny instantly swooped down on Teddy and kissed his cheek. "Good luck Teddy!" she said, her eyes shining with happiness. "Tell me when you learn the Bat Bogey Hex, 'kay?" She bent down with difficulty to pick up Albus, who was beginning to whine. Once in his mother's arms, he turned to Teddy and grinned again.

"Bye bye, 'eddy!" he cooed, clapping his hands. Ginny kissed her son's cheek.

"What are you going to say James?" she asked. James walked over and grabbed his father's hand.

"Bye bye, Teddy. Write loads." he said, slightly remorsefully, yet happy that his friend was going to Hogwarts.

"Au Revoir, Teddy." Fleur said, smiling brightly. "'Ave fun!" She pushed a reluctant Victoire forwards.

"Bye Teddy." she said grudgingly, and then turned away. Teddy stared at her sadly.

Harry clapped his hand on Teddy's shoulder. "Write loads, okay? I want to see what you get up to." he grinned wistfully.

"I promise." Teddy said, his throat choking up with emotion. He turned towards the train and picked up his trunk. Harry helped him push it in. The minute the trunk was inside, he turned to Victoire. The moment his eyes were on her, she burst out.

"Why are you leaving?" she asked, her voice cracking. The beautiful blue eyes that she inherited from her mother gleamed with tears. Her shoulder length, silvery hair swung gracefully as she turned away, her shoulders shaking with suppressed sobs.

Teddy smiled sadly at his best friend. "I have to, Vic." he said softly. "I need to go to Hogwarts. You'll come too, in a few years."

Victoire stamped her foot on the platform impatiently. "But I want to go now." she insisted. Teddy shrugged.

"Don't worry, I'll come home for Christmas." he said, but it was too late. Victoire had gone to stand by her mother, tears magically dried and an expression of grim acceptance written across her face. Teddy looked away sadly and turned to Harry.

"Bye Teddy," he said quietly. "Your parents would have been proud of you." His words struck a cord within Teddy and he turned away, his throat too tight to speak. He simply nodded and decided to walk into the compartment when Harry stopped him. "Teddy I have something for you." he said. Out of his pocket, he pulled out a scrapbook with difficulty. When it was finally out, Teddy caught sight of the beautiful olive cover, marked with beautiful black embroidery. The edges were lined with a gold coloured metal. In the middle, within another embroidered rectangle, was a picture.

Remus Lupin grinned at the photographer and put his arm around his wife. Nymphadora Tonks, her hair the familiar shade of pink, smiled widely, and in her arms was...

"Me." Said Teddy in awe. He saw his younger self wave his hands around in the air, his hair a bright black and slowly changing to a nice shade of yellow. He fingered his own hair at the moment, and saw that the shade matched the one in the picture perfectly.

Harry smiled at his young godson. "Like it?" he asked. Teddy looked up and nodded. Harry relaxed and fingered his scar absently. "Best of luck then." he said. "And about Victoire, don't worry about her. She'll be fine." Teddy nodded again. The train whistled shrilly. Teddy, grinning widely at the prospect of finally going to the much anticipated school, waved at them all.

"Bye!" he hollered. Everybody waved back, except for Victoire. Even from a distance, Teddy could see her eyes staring at him blankly, boring into his soul.

He turned away and dragged his heavy trunk with him, trying to find a compartment. He didn't much fancy going into one that was already occupied with a zillion people. A band of sixth years laughed at some joke that someone had said. Pulling up the hood of his sweater, he hid his yellow hair and continued to make his way into the train, searching for a compartment.

After a fruitless search, Teddy made it to the end of the train. He was gasping for air, and the brand new trunk had several scratches, thanks to the dragging he was doing. He stopped for a moment and looked into the nearest compartment. Something about it was familiar, and he frowned as he searched for the meaning. With a jolt, he remembered. This was the compartment his father had been in when he had first met Harry.

Not caring whether it was filled with seventh years, Teddy pushed open the door and glanced around. It was mercifully empty, and he dragged his trunk in. He lifted it with surprising strength and set it on to the luggage rack and sat down beside the window and opened his scrapbook.

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