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Flashback: Brittany and her two best friends had been in the store for 3 hours searching for the perfect "outfit." After almost nineteen years, she was going to do it—she was going to lose her virginity. The girls were excited for her, but Brittany was so nervous she hadn't been able to eat all day.

She wanted to go out. She needed to go out. Tonight should have been a happy night: her five month anniversary; however, a few hours ago she caught her boyfriend with another woman. After almost an hour of yelling, he confessed he'd been cheating on her for two months now.

Flashback: Brittany planned on surprising Matt when he came home from work. Matt usually got off around 6 P.M. so she would have dinner ready for him when he got home. She would be waiting at the front door with a kiss and surprise underneath her dress for later. Around 4 she drove over to his apartment to get ready, but could never be ready for what she walked into. As Brittany slid the key into the lock, she heard a crash and thought Matt's dog had knocked something over. When she opened the door, however, Brittany was frozen in shock as she saw her boyfriend on the kitchen table with some blonde.

Brittany couldn't get the image out of her mind. As she lay curled up on the couch crying she replayed the afternoon over and over again: how guilty Matt looked when he saw her, how he tried to defend his actions by claiming the blonde meant nothing more than sex, how the blonde smacked him on her way out the door.

She couldn't take it anymore. Brittany wasn't the kind of girl to just lie around and cry over a guy. She called Ashley and Sarah up. They wanted to burn the lingerie they purchased earlier, but Brittany liked it too much to do that. Instead, the three girls decided to go to a club and dance off the days events.

When the girls arrived, they went straight to the bar for a shot. None of them were big drinkers—just one or two drinks for the sake of having fun. After a quick hair and lip gloss check the three were out on the dance floor, aware of all the men staring at them.