Happy New Year! I said I was updating multiple things over the holidays-so here it is.

I haven't updated this story since 2008. I'll be surprised if anyone actually remembers it exists.

I was reading through the old chapters and saw where I said John wouldn't get hurt. You will notice this statement has changed again. I had an idea hit me, and I'm going with it.

I'm bringing in someone new-the final girl from the Fab Five. Wow, that seems like it was so long ago. Maybe we'll rekindle some conversations :)

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Charlie snatched the cup of hospital coffee away from her friend and handed her a cup from Starbucks before sitting on the couch in the waiting room. "Brit, I don't ever want to see you holding some disgusting brown cup from here ever again. Girls like us don't drink coffee from places like this." Brittany sipped from her new cup and couldn't help the smile that came to her face. "Thanks, Chaz. That coffee was horrible—I just didn't want to leave in case the doctor came out. I'm starting to worry…the surgery wasn't supposed to last this long." Charlie rubbed her friend's arm and assured her once more everything was going to be fine. "Just think: All he has to worry about for a while is rehab and pleasuring you. Sex, wrestling, beer—his three general thoughts, in that order. Maybe Dom will write an injury into Randy's storyline when she hits her horny trimester." For the first time in over 24 hours Brittany laughed, "Thanks for coming with me. I don't know how I could have done this without you." The two friends sat together on the couch waiting on news from the doctor. Brittany stared at the TV in the waiting room, not really watching whatever they had on. She was thinking back on the past twenty-four hours and thinking about what all of this meant.

"Something's wrong." The girls were all backstage watching the match between Brittany's boyfriend and Mr. Kennedy. Becky didn't see whatever Brittany saw. "What are you talking about? The match is going fine. Just like Dom wrote." Domonique was equally confused. "Yeah, babe, Randy's running in now. What's wrong?" Brittany jumped up with a gasp and ran for the door. "John's hurt!" Becky got up to follow her friend while Charlie and Domonique tried to figure out what she saw. It became clear as Brittany entered on screen followed by the medics. "Chaz, this isn't supposed to happen. Someone gave the signal…someone is hurt. I didn't write this!" The women left to go to the medical area to find out what happened.

"What did you do, Randall Keith Orton? This is not part of my storyline." Randy grimaced hearing his girlfriend quickly approaching. "It's not his fault, Dom. Don't blame Randy. I landed wrong or something. It happened while I was still fighting Kennedy." Domonique assured everyone that she would be having a chat with Kennedy after reviewing the footage from tonight. "Will you please cooperate, John?" John stopped trying to grab Brittany while she was examining him. He focused intently on her face, looking for signs of her breaking down. They had never thought about what would happen if he was injured. "Something's torn. I'm calling Dr. Andrews—you'll need surgery." John looked at his girlfriend in shock. "How can you say I need surgery? What's torn? How do you know?" Brittany looked down at him, forcing herself not to cry. "I don't know what's torn. You have too much muscle for me to say without an x-ray or MRI. But this area is tougher on your arm—something's messed up here that is causing it. Because of the muscle, we can't just rehab it. We have to go in under it all. I'm switching our flight to Birmingham. Mark, help him into this sling while I call James."

"Miss Marquette?" Brittany willed herself to stand up. "What's wrong? It shouldn't be taking this long!" Dr. Andrews gave her a reassuring smile and motioned for her to sit back down while he sat on the table in front of the two women. "I'm sorry. I should have sent someone out to give you an update. John came through surgery just fine. Once we got in there, we realized there was more muscle than we originally thought so it took longer to isolate the injured one and fix it. He'll be out for up to six months—physical therapy will be very important in his rehabilitation. Do you have any questions?" Brittany breathed a sigh of relief as Charlie squeezed her hand. "I don't think we have to worry about John doing his rehab—more like making sure he doesn't go overboard. When can I see him?" The surgeon led her to his recovery room. "He should be waking up soon. He's going to be pretty out of it when he does. I'll be by to check on him in about an hour when the anesthesia has totally worn off." Brittany thanked him and went in to the room, followed by her friend.

Charlie sat on the window seat while Brittany sat on the edge of the hospital bed on John's good side. Charlie watched her friend reach across his chest to softly stroke his right cheek and couldn't help but smile at the couple. Brittany felt the muscles in John's face move slightly as he came out of the anesthesia with a quiet moan. "I'm here—it's okay, I'm here." Her smile was the first thing John saw when he opened his eyes. "Am I fixed?" Brittany laughed as a tear escaped her eye, "Yes, you're fixed. You have to take it easy though." Charlie muffled her laugh from the other side of the room not wanting to break up their moment just yet. John taking it easy—when pigs fly.

John weakly reached up to brush the tear away and dropped his arm to loosely wrap it around his girlfriend's waist. "I love you." Brittany leaned down and kissed him. "I love you too." Charlie couldn't take it anymore. "And I love both of you. Sorry, John, I love Brit more than you. Probably about two times more." She was pleased with herself when she saw him laughing. "Seriously, though, I'm glad you're alright. We all are." John sat up a bit in bed with his girlfriend's help. "Don't get too used to my absence—I'll be back in the ring before you know it." Charlie squeezed her friend's arm knowing she was forcing herself not to roll her eyes. "I'm sure you will, John. Oh, I have something for you: a get well present. Randy doesn't know it, but he gave us the idea. This is from Dom, Becky, and I. You can't open it until you get home—or at least back to your hotel here." John made a face at her and promised he would wait.

"You should rest a bit, hun. I'm going to walk Chaz out; she has to catch a flight to the next show." John groaned in protest. "I am resting. I don't like it." Brittany gently patted his chest, "We'll have to work on that then, won't we? Try to get some sleep. I'll be right back." John nodded, suddenly realizing just how tired he really was.


Brittany hugged Charlie before she got in her rental car. "He'll be fine, Brit. Don't worry." Brittany pushed her hands against her cheeks, fighting back tears for the umpteenth time in the past few hours. "I know. He's just never been hurt. I think I subconsciously believed he couldn't get hurt—that maybe he really was a real-life Superman. Pretty stupid huh, Chaz?" Charlie laughed and rubbed her arm. "I think all of us probably thought that at least to some degree. Have fun, girl. I'll text you when I land. Call me tomorrow and give me an update."


Dr. Andrews let John leave the hospital after a significant amount of begging, making him promise to listen to his girlfriend and not do anything to stress his arm. They made an appointment for physical therapy for the following morning and left for the hotel. "You are impossible, John." He turned to look at her from his unfamiliar spot in the passenger's seat. "It's part of what you love about me." She shook her head and turned into the hotel's parking lot. "Did I tell you Domonique hired an assistant? Her name's Danielle. She's going to be in charge somewhat while Dom's out after she has the baby. Apparently she has some great ideas for storylines—must be true if Dom is willing to let go of a little control and collaborate on ideas." John nodded his head. "Knowing you girls, she'll be part of our group in no time. Who are you going to hook her up with?" Brittany glared at her boyfriend. "Chaz and Jeff make total sense. He was ready to propose the second she walked through the door. So you can just shut up." He chuckled and kissing her forehead before trying to fight her for his duffle bag. In the end, he lost after Brittany swore she'd tell the physical therapist on him. "I'm not letting you do this because I want to. I hate this as a matter of fact." She playfully stuck her tongue out at him and reminded him that since they'd been together he had barely let her carry her bags and that she needed practice since he was going to be out a while.

When the couple got to their room, John asked for his present from the girls. "She said I could open it in the hotel. I can't wait anymore." Brittany giggled and handed it to him as she sat down next to him on the couch. "And you say I'm impatient. Here you go." She held the bag so he could open it with his free hand. "Baby girl, remind me of this the next time one of the girls pisses me off." Brittany quirked her eyebrow in confusion. "What could possibly be so great that…you've got to be kidding me. I think it's pretty presumptuous of them to give you ME as a get well present." John laughed, "Still the best present I've ever gotten. Come on, I'm hurt!"

Brittany went to the bathroom and returned in John's "present" from her best friends. "Actually, remind me of this moment the next time they piss me off." John was gaping at his girlfriend in front of him. She was wearing a nurse's outfit—the naughty version of one at least. Brittany grinned before closing the distance between them. "Need help getting out of those clothes?" John reached out to pull her down to his lap. "My own sexy nurse. I guess I can check this one off my list." Brittany kissed her boyfriend and felt relieved for the first time all day. "I love you." John kissed her before leaning back and pulling his girlfriend down with him.


Brittany watched as John did his first exercises in physical therapy. They were flying home to Tampa in a few hours, and John would continue his therapy there. They would get to spend a few days together before Brittany had to fly out to meet the roster for the Monday night live show. She was looking forward to just being with him. They hadn't had any down time since they met, really. "You ready, baby girl?" Brittany slipped into his side and nodded. "Let's go home."