This is the prolouge to the story. The actual story itself is more...well...better. More twists. But you have to read this to understand, sucky as it may be. Sorry. It's suspence. Nyah!

Kilee Drifter

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It had been two years since Shisui and Hiromi had a young girl. Her name was Harra Uchiha, and other than her dark red hair, she was the splitting knock-off off an Uchiha.

But that wasn't the point of why Tsunade called him down to her office. He could tell from the somber ninja that brought it that wasn't good. But what was it.

When he got to the office, outside the door Sasuke was standing confused. Something was very wrong. Haara was fast asleep in her mother's arms, and Shisui was nowhere to be seen.

Tsunade called them in, sadly. Itachi sat down next to Sasuke.

"Is something wrong Lady Hokgae?" Sasuke asked, suspiciouly.

"You see...I have to tell the two of you something. Shisui is dead."

So what will happen...