Chapter Fifteen- Postlude/Finally

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The Delphinus had a really large crew. Vyse hadn't really acknowledged how many people followed his command until the first lunch in Crescent Island's Mess Hall. It was a wooden cabin, but Polly and Urala had assured him that they could use its resources to whip up a feast. Izmael had been sure to build in several large tables and plenty of chairs to accommodate everyone.

Many people were seated to either side of their captain, the din of their talking a constant background noise. Vyse grinned. "We must have thirty, forty people here, David."

"More than that, if I count the kids and Pow," The Vice Captain said, watching the purple Huskra scramble under tables and eagerly consume anything that was tossed overboard. From Merida, dancing on a raised platform for the entertainment of the masses, to Lawrence, who sat by himself as he ate, the widest range of people were visible. Princess Moegi and Prince Enrique were currently enduring the friendly teasing of Aika, and occasionally he would see their faces go as red as her hair. Marco, Pinata and Maria sat at a smaller kids' table, Maria's Hamachou bouncing near her indolently. Izmael and Brabham were indoctrinating Hans and Kirala, who seemed eager to learn from the older generation. Osman secreted several pieces of silverware away to turn a profit on later, but Vyse caught it and made a note to talk to her later about her fencing Polly's stuff. His Vice Captains sat across from him, David explaining the Mid Ocean dishes to Naomi.

Currently, the member of his crew that he was focusing on most was Fina. Even as he ate quickly and in great volume he found his gaze returning to the beautiful Silvite. She noticed this, and occasionally their eyes met and a profound uncomfortable feeling would float over them. As he had angrily thought the first day they met Fina, he recited the mantra:Damn these hormones to Deep Sky. Surprisingly, this didn't help.

Don had been sampling the loqua, which was of no surprise to anyone with eyes. The Esperanzan chuckled, having a seat next to Lawrence. The mercenary obviously wanted to be alone, but that never much mattered to the newer pilot. "Ey, check those two out," He said, nodding subtly to Vyse and Fina. "Notice anything awry?"

"It's been obvious for months," Lawrence replied deadpan, eating the neatly-sliced bits of steak in a detached manner. "Aika's been with both of them, far as I can tell. Not that I'm interested."

"Course not," The man hiccuped and waved his gloved hand, grinning. "But what if that keeps on going? It's different, dontcha think? What'f it interferes with their job performance. Then it would be your issue, and you could help me with my plan."

"Plan?" He echoed, cocking an eyebrow under his flowing jet-black locks. He paused to take a small sip of his own Green Loqua and looked towards Don.

"Nothing too complicated. Heh, can't really think that complex when the juice is acting up 'side me. 'Neway, we just put a little of my special loqua grinds into their own drinks. Nothing too bad, just a little behavioral loosener. Help 'em relax, kick back, maybe resolve all that tension. Polly and Aika think it's a great idea, y'know."

"Well, if Aika's endorsing a plan, it must be the height of genius," The stoic pilot replied in his best sarcastic voice. Even with the biting cynicism clear, Don still snorted in amusement. "... If you were to implement this plan, it would need to keep their motor functions intact."

"Thought of that," He dismissed. "Everything's in place. I just needed someone help me deliver it. 'Case you ain't noticed, me and stealth aren't a good combination." He pulled out two small white packages. "Pour a little bit into each. Not the whole bag, although that'd be plenty amusin' too. So, whadya think? Gonna go for it?" He wiggled his eyebrows in what Lawrence assumed was meant to be an encouraging manner.

"Why don't you get Piastol to do it? She's the stealthiest person on the entire island. Even I couldn't find her if she didn't allow it." He stopped eating, signaling Don now had as much of his attention as he could ever hope for.

"I don't think I ought to be talking at her for a while," Don sighed. "Accidentally got her upset yesterday."

"That's a formula for long life."

"Yeah. But she was more sad n' angry. Vyse wasn't too happy, and the Doc looked sad something fierce too. Something goin' on between those two? Piastol and Doc, that is. Heh."

"Only if incest gets his goat. Adopted relation."


"Maybe if she feels bad, you can ask her to do it. She might try and 'redeem' herself and all that. She'd practically take a bullet for Vyse cause he forgave her sins. You could also try pointing out that it'd be helping those two get over a crippling lack of initiative." Lawrence sighed. All of this talking and sociability was annoying him, even if he was a participant in the event. "In other words, get her to do it somehow. I don't feel like getting caught." In truth, he didn't think he could do it with the small Loqua content in his system, either.

"Aight. Thanks for your help," Doc sneered, chuckling. "Where is she? Probably be handy to know that, lookin' for her n' all."

"Moons if I know. Try the most secluded place on the entire island." Lawrence pondered the possible outcomes to this situation. Either: Don would offend Piastol some more, and possibly get himself hurt, or Piastol would get Vyse and Fina to finally sex each other and their minds would be at least partially back to their responsibilities.Win, win.


It had been there even when Vyse first shipwrecked on the island, and Izmael had converted it into Crescent Isle's main supply depot. The large, circular cavern was cut into the side of the crescent cliff face, and held hundreds of wood and metal crates. Tarps covered barrels bound together by rope, holding water, loqua, juices and oil. There were also slots to put in torches, but currently there were none and the cavern was shrouded in inky darkness.

Don gathered up his courage, assisted by the fine loqua brew waiting in the bottle in his hand. Going into the dark with Piastol wasn't something he particularly looked forward to, but he honestly wanted to help Vyse and Fina, and clear the air. "Piastol? Are you in 'ere?" The pilot had been everywhere else on Crescent Island, so he already knew the answer.

"Yes." She was on the ground, leaning against one of the many supply crates and facing away from the opening that spilled light into the cavern.

"Come to have a talk," Don said, as gently as he could manage. "Can't rightly talk to the dark, can you come over here, please?" There was no reply. "Look, I know I was some kinda heartless, but it was just a shock... can't we talk?" He heard the soft patter of her boots against the packed earth floor and smiled. She came into view in the shadows directly before him, still silent, and with her white hair over her eyes.

She was taller than most girls, Don noted to himself, and she was a little above eye-level. This didn't help at all, but he strained himself not to show his anxiety. The last thing he needed was to ruin any chance at diplomacy with her. "Um... so... guess I should just say it. Piastol, I'm sorry I got you so upset, I didn't realize... well, a lota things. Just hadn't sunk in. Didn't know you were gonna react like that, and it's made me feel an awful bad fellow."

"... I can understand why you would think what you did." She turned to the side, looking out into nothingness. "It's not incorrect to think that. Really, I should be better able to cope with it now."

"What? But Vyse vouched for you, everyone says that you're a way better person," Don objected, refraining from burping at the most inopportune of times. "I'm hopin' we can both put this behind us, as I got no problem with you 'ne more."

"Very well." Piastol nodded, facing him again. "Let's try again. I am Piastol, a member of the Delphinus' crew."

Don chuckled. "Wash-out pilot Don reporting for 'duty'. A pleasure, I'm sure." He stuck out his hand, and after a moment of hesitation, she grasped it firmly. "Couple of people in the Mess Hall were a little worried, y'know. You ain't joining in the feast."

"I'm not all that hungry," She said, but then her stomach rumbled slightly and she kicked herself for her lack of discipline. "Well, perhaps a little."

"Then c'mon," He encouraged. "And I have a favor to ask of you, as well..."


Everyone was happy to see Piastol finally join them, of course. Vyse tried to stop her, but she insisted on bringing him and Fina their drinks. Aika had joined them, but had gotten a refill earlier and declined. She walked over to Polly's counter, where she subtly handed off the packets to her. "This seems so deceptive," She whispered, disdainful. "I don't like to lie to the Captain."

"You ain't lying," Polly smirked. "He never asked weither you spiked his drink. Pour in just a pinch, just a dab. Then take it there quick. We won't interfere any further, just let nature run its course." Maybe Vyse will cheer up once he's a bit more honest.

Saying nothing further, the former bounty huntress took the two cups back to their table, placing them before Vyse and Fina. "Thanks," Vyse said, smiling happily. "It's glad to see you're feeling better, too, Piastol."

"Thank you for your concern," She said, bowing and hiding her face. "It was nothing... I will grab myself a plate, now." She did so, collecting a few pieces of spare food and looking around for a place to sit. Most of the seats were occupied, but Lawrence's table remained open. She walked up, looking at the long-haired pilot. "Excuse me. Do you mind if I sit here?"

"Only if you don't mind not talking," Lawrence replied. This flew well with Piastol, who still wasn't terribly social most times.

Vyse was beginning to second-guess his own judgement, a rare event given his legendary confidence. He had distanced himself slightly from Aika and Fina, as he thought a Captain should properly do. Aika's reaction was to be expected- she wanted the old, regular teenager back with her. Fina also seemed a bit sad at this chance, which was a surprise. Somehow, the thought of doing with Fina what he did with Aika the last time they were on the island was... odd. Certainly pleasant, but a little confusing.

Even he noticed the lady-like Fina's signs. According to Aika's harassment, she felt ready, and he was the gum in the works. Despite this, he remained reluctant to advance any further, almost as if in a rut. With these thoughts on his mind he sipped his juice, and found he quite liked the flavor. He was soon swallowing it down at a prestigious rate. Fina did likewise, eating quietly.

Aika grinned. "Hey, I'm feeling kinda tipsy. Wanna come with, Fina?" She leaned over, putting an arm around Fina, who colored decently. "Vyse?"

"No thanks," Vyse said flatly. "You're too drunk to do anything anyhow." He ignored a slightly odd feeling on the edges of his mind and shook his head to clear it.

"Maybe you're correct," The redhead admitted, clumsily pecking Fina's rose-colored cheek. "I am rather drowsy, even though it's only a few until nine."

"I'd rather go down early than late when loqua is involved," Vyse said, rising from his own seat and tucking his chair back in. Fina followed suit, and they helped her out of the Mess Hall. They made it across the short space to the living quarters, taking her up the gentle ramp of the wooden building. The sun was just setting, bathing everything in fiery red hues across the sky.

Aika really did feel a little out of it, but not as much as she made it seem to them. She figured this would be one of the more plausible ways to remove herself from the situation. There'll be another time, possibly during the week... but right now, this looks to be a personal matter between these two. The redhead hiccuped and said, "Thanks for the help, guys."

"No problem," Vyse assured her quickly. "You know the old saying." Blue Rogues had a lot of sayings, new and old, so he elaborated. "'When you can't run, you crawl. When you can't crawl...'"

"'You find someone to carry you'," Aika finished. "Yeah. Or two very pretty someones."

"It's not pretty, it's handsome," He corrected her, shoving her lightly into her room and onto her bed. "Go pass out now, and try not to puke on the sheets. Cause you'll have to clean em later." With that cheery pronouncement, he shut the door behind him. "Honestly, after last time you think she'd know better."

"Last time?" Fina quietly asked.

"Yeah." He chuckled nervously. "I'm sure Aika told you about that sometime, huh?"

"Yes, she did," The Silvite said. She looked like she wanted to say more, but was hesitating to do so. "You two made love, and I have with her..." Even blushing, she struggled to keep a firm grip on her resolve. Regularly she wouldn't have spoken at all, but something else also emboldened her. "And we feel the same way about each other, don't we?"

"... Yeah," Vyse said, looking away from her. "Fina, I really like you. Like, love. But it is a little different from Aika..." The teenager was fabricating on the fly, anything to put a little distance up.

"How so?" This time he detected hints of nervousness. "Vyse... am I not as good as Aika? Is that why you don't want to? I've been trying to learn from her, honestly, and I want to show you."

Oh, man. He rued the thoughts that came to mind, which were messing up his plan in a severe way. "First off, you're just as good as Aika to me, Fina. I wouldn't lie to you about anything, much less something like this. It isn't that, at all. It's just..." He let out a long sigh. "I don't think we should." Even in his own mind his rationale started sounding a little flawed.

"Butwhy not?" She insisted more forcefully than she usually spoke. Fina also took a step closer to him.

He honestly couldn't find any words in his defense. After a long pause of consideration, he looked back up into her eyes. What he saw there was unmistakable. Voice finally returned to his throat. "Tried to be proper and all of that. Starting to realize how that isn't going to work out. Mainly because I have a beautiful, beautiful girl urging me to have sex with her, and that's tough to decline."

Apparently her new courage wasn't complete. She blushed again and said, "I only believe it is the right thing to do in our situation. And because it would be very pleasurable."

"That's the goal, yeah." Vyse closed the remaining, surprisingly short, distance between them. Vyse wrapped his arms around her neck, pulling them completely together as he kissed her. The teenager was neither forceful or gentle, but gladly tasted the last bits of loqua on her lips. He had to force himself to remember to breathe regularly through the nose.

Fina shivered in delight, practically melting into the boy's arms, her lips soft and sweet against his. She pressed herself closer to him, feeling his heart beating against his chest. Even though the Silvite's mind was fogged over, Cupil exhibited no reaction but a mild boredom as it floated above them. She had been training to temporarily weaken their link, for just such an occasion, to spare the poor creature a mental meltdown.

He hadn't even kissed her in so long, but easily remembered the familiar feeling of her against him. One of his arms shifted downwards, around her back. Very quickly he felt his own arousal, and was sure she could too, but focused himself upon the kiss. He wished to the Moons it would never end, and did his best to keep at it for so long.

She blushed, indeed feeling it pressing against her but too engorged in the passionate kiss to do much about it. Her tongue softly skirted over his lips, in a curious sort of manner, hands slipping down to rest on his hips.

Vaguely he realized what he was tasting, and thought that they had intentionally avoided such a thing. These minor thoughts were nothing compared to the sensations he felt, and he ignored them in favor of focusing on her taste, scent, and feel. His mouth opened more, allowing his own tongue to flick itself against hers.

She squirmed softly, finding the sensation rather ticklish and pleasant. "V-Vyse...?" she whispered, breath light on his lips. "We should go somewhere else.."

"It's my base," He said in a heated breath between kisses, grinning impishly. "But we might need a bed for this." Luckily for them, the barracks' second floor, where they now stood, also held both of their rooms. The door to Fina's quarters was only a handful of feet away, and he took her hands, leading her quickly inside. She stumbled after him, holding tightly to his hand, fingers laced together. Cupil followed idly, wondering what they were up to.

Vyse didn't pay any attention to the floating silver balloon-being, but instead lavished his care upon its owner. Once the wooden door swung shut, he was at her again, with more intensity than before and his tongue fully conquering her mouth. Fina let the little being know, at the very least, that they wanted privacy. He huffed a bit, sitting outside. The timid girl gasped softly at his assault, hands resting softly on his arms.

Vyse honestly couldn't see why he'd been holding himself back before. His mouth disconnected just long enough to descend. Although her neck was covered by the top collared bit of her white dress, there was an open triangle of flesh directly above her breasts that he licked and suckled. At the same time, his hands began to work on the golden collar, having difficulty with the alien mechanism.

Fina blushed considerably, back arching ever so slightly towards his leanly-muscled body. Her nimble hands ran down his chest smoothly, head tilted back to allow him further access. There was still a tiny part of her that squealed and said that she shouldn't be doing this, but to heck with it.

He had always been a handy lock-pick, and luck favored him. The metal choker clicked and opened, falling backwards. It took the cloth with it, revealing the upper parts of her delicate, pale skin. Vyse continued his journey, mouth personally exploring every single inch of her that he could reach. As if the feeling of her hands, skin, and mouth weren't enough, the look of pure ecstasy on her beautiful face only served to inflame him more. The dress was now beginning to fall from Fina more with his free hand's assistance.

The girl shivered, arms wrapping around herself lightly in meekness, the exposure new to her. "Nnngh...Vyse.." Oh, Moons...

"Don't hide it," He whispered, looking up into her eyes. "I wanna see all of you, Fina." It didn't seem possible that such a beautiful creature existed, but here she was before him, laid almost bare as the wisps of alien white cloth flowed away. Fina blushed, shyly letting her arms slide away from her body, revealing her in full. She still blushed, but gently leaned into Vyse with a shiver, the fresh air cool on her skin.

Even under the sway of the Red Moon, the chilling air of the night had begun to seep into the wooden building. Vyse was more than happy to act as her warmth, rapidly unbuttoning his blue tunic. He kissed her again, with a quieter intensity, before shedding the tunic and undershirt to reveal his upper body.

With ginger curiosity she pressed her lips to his warm flesh, first at his throat then trailing down to his heart. He was so warm and smooth against her lips... It was his turn to blush and shiver. Only once before had anyone ever been so close to his heart, but like the last time it was a welcome encounter. His leather belt came off in moments, falling to the floor amongst his tunic, and the pants were not slow to follow. He made all possible haste to undress, pressing against her.

Her tender body was warm to him, yielding to each touch. As he became quite nude she shyly tucked her head under his chin, blushing deep.

"Hey Fina," He gasped, drawing in a deep breath in a vain attempt to stay calm as he slowly walked over to Fina's large, soft bed.

"Y-Yes?" she whispered, looking up to him, passion in her eyes. "What is it, Vyse?"

"I love you." He smiled his earnest, most sincere smile, and wrapped his arms around her once again. "Taken me a while to get my head out my ass. Let's enjoy that together."

"I...I love you too.." she stuttered, gently pressing into him again, leg brushing against his arousal. "Shall we?"

"Sure. Did Aika teach you how a man and woman do it, too?" His grin turned slightly teasing as he leaned further down, touching one of her nipples with his tongue for the shortest of seconds before pulling back. "Or do we need to take it slow?"

She gasped, shuddering in amazed delight at how good that had felt. "I-I know how, gentle..."

"I will," He swore. Even with his desire paining him in the most delicate of regions, he could never think of being rough with Fina. Fina was all that was gentle and good, and was a soothing spirit even now. That didn't make him so tame as to not, say, lick her other nipple, and this time remain

to suck on it while laying her on the bed.

She moaned softly, squirming about a bit. "A-Ah...Vyse..." she whispered, watching him with her mind filled with strange, tangled thoughts.

His sense of balance was excellent, and he could massage one of her breasts, suckle the other, and position the rest of his body above her simultaneously while having only the most gentle and controlled touches for her. This precision meant he had to ignore his longing for just a while longer, even thought he was getting quite anxious. It was now almost totally dark, night having fallen and left them in the shadows of each other.

Suddenly Cupil slid into the room as a ribbon, a bit alarmed by his master's soft moans. Fina blushed and giggled, quickly explaining to the confused creature what was going on. With the innocence of a small child, the shape-shifter quickly recalled that time. It chirped happily and offered to 'help' them in any way it could, and thought of some possible shapes to send to her mind. Vyse looked over, pausing for a moment in his ministry to her divine body. The pirate blinked twice. "... Cupil?" He said.

She nodded, now really blushing. " to help." she explained with a crooked little smile. "And he's quite creative."

"Help?" Vyse blinked, then he said, "...You mean..." He took another moment to ponder, and then grinned wickedly. "Sounds good to me." His knee found itself between her legs, pressing ever so slightly upwards on reflex.

She gasped, back arching as he pressed against a most sensitive area. Fina relayed to Cupil the 'ok' from Vyse, wondering what he'd do. Suddenly a cool, thin ribbon slid along both their bodies, feeling almost like a liquid. It was Cupil who was, admitted, curious.

Vyse shivered at the cool touch, but chuckled. "Hope he learns a lot of stuff," He said. "But we still have something to take care of, Fina..." He pressed himself into her thigh and nibbled her ear. "And I'm not a very patient person."

She moaned gently, mumbling "Yes..." Cupil slid around their arms and waists, exploring.

"Maybe Cupil can learn how to do this, too," He suggested as he carefully aligned their hips, and pressed downwards, into her. Despite the fact that neither were virgins, it felt to him like it was so, and thus he was overtly slow and cautious in his first thrust.

She moaned into his ear, slowly adjusting to the position. Cupil, a little alarmed, slid around Vyse's most vulnerable area, as if making sure both were ok.

He was, of course, better than ok, and Cupil felt like a human hand sliding around his shaft. Combined with the feeling of being inside the warm, tight space, it made him shiver and curse involuntarily out of pleasure. A moment later he pulled mostly out and pushed in again, a little more urgently. Fina shuddered, gently pulling him in a bit further, eager now as well. Another moan spilled from her lips as Cupil now decided to see if she was ok, slipping into her a bit.

The man pushed all of his considerable length in, pulling out and repeating, developing his tempo in time with the movement of her hips. His mind was now devoted exclusively to that task, nearly forgetting Cupil's existence, except a dim note that he would make a good condom when the time came. He felt the pressure build up until he could scarcely bear it, but forced himself with all of his will not to cum yet. She gasped and moaned encouragingly into his ear, gripping his hips to keep herself steady. Cupil slithered around their legs, playful now.

"Cupil, Back, In," Vyse ordered, punctuating each word with another penetration. He would love to one day have children, but a pregnancy now would be incredibly inconvenient and dangerous.

"Fina..." He gasped, his voice more gentle now, as he began to quake. Cupil slid back in, wrapping around Vyse's length gently. Intuitive lil' bugger. She was begging for release by now, body pressed tightly into his.

Vyse pushed in one more time, and then suddenly his mind snapped and went utterly blank. Every muscle convulsed and then relaxed, his seed spreading safely inside Cupil. Vyse let out a long, raspy and contented sigh. Fina shuddered and moaned softly, muscles quaking at the release of pressure. Her body went limp against his, soft and pale as a doll.

Their breathing entwined, the only sound beyond Cupil's light squeaking in the dark, cool room.

Vyse was beyond exhausted, his fatigue so overwhelming he could barely lift his head to gaze once more into Fina's eyes. Fina sighed happily. Cupil unwound, returning to his bulbous form, quite wet now. "Cupil needs a bath," Vyse chuckled. She nodded with a breathy giggle.

Fina bade Cupil to go clean himself, snuggling further into the comforting warmth of her lover. The creature formed its usual tail-wielding balloon form and floated off, twittering happily as it mirrored the extremely happy emotions of its user.

Nothing else needed to be said, and they sat in silence until both were sleeping, entwined deeply on the bed. Some time after she was sure they were asleep, Aika gently pushed open the door and walked in, smiling. "Finally," She whispered, more to herself than anything. She grabbed a spare sheet from the corner of the room and draped it over both of them, to keep them warm. The redhead felt like such a mother that she couldn't resist kissing each lightly as well.

She pondered joining them, but realized even in their state they would be disturbed and awoken. Another time, she reminded herself. I'll get to hear those delicious cries from both of you, at once. But for now, I am fairly drunk and tired.

Outside the room, Don, Polly and Piastol were all waiting for her. She giggled and nodded. "It actually worked. Thanks for all your help, even if they feel bad about our little scheme in the long run they'll be so thankful."

The pilot chuckled. "Anything for friends. Luckily we didn't use the whole thing, or we'd need a new barracks about now, heh."

Piastol looked away. "Although my part in this was small, I am glad that I was able to help."

Polly said, "This is just like one of the plays they put on in my tavern's stage sometimes. I hope this one has a happy ending..." She peeked in. "Ah, yup." Pulling the door closed, the cook chuckled.

Most of the crew turned in early, besides Brabham, who decided to get to work tonight on the first jobs of repair and refit. Crescent Isle, with its new inhabitants and purpose, was once again laid at peace amongst the night skies of the Unknown Regions. In a week, their mission would resume once again, and their war with Valua would continue.