Digimon Savers: Forever Chosen

Rating Pending: K+

Written By: DarkMagicEradicator67

Summary: Digimon: Digital Monsters 10th Anniversary Special! While exploring in the Digital World, DATS is confronted by Millenniumon, a synthetic digimon, who he sends Tohma, Yoshino, and Ikuto into parallel universes, leaving Masaru with Agumon, Gaomon, Lalamon, and Falcomon, but who are the Chosen Children?

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon Data Squad/Savers or any of its characters. They belong to Toei Animation and Disney.

Evolution Line:





Do you all know? This is the Digital World that many interesting creatures called Digimon live on. Many dangerous, dark beings have tried to destroy its beauty, but the Earth has sent defenders, "chosen children" to stand up to evil.


Yagami "Tai" Taichi/Agumon

Ishida "Matt" Yamato/Gabumon

Takenouchi Sora/Biyomon

Izumi "Izzy" Koushiro/Tentomon

Kido Joe/Gomamon

Tachikawa Mimi/Palmon

Zero Two

Motomiya "Davis" Daisuke/Veemon

Inoue "Yolei" Miyako/Hawkmon

Hida Cody/Armadillomon

Takaishi "T.K." Takeru/Patamon

Yagami "Kari" Hikari/Gatomon

Ichijouji Ken/Wormon


Matsuda Takato/Guilmon

Wong "Henry" Lee/Terriermon

Makino "Rika" Ruki/Renamon

Akiyama Ryo/Cyberdramon

Katou Jeri/Leomon

Shioda Kazu/Guardromon

Kitagawa Kenta/MarineAngemon

Wong Suzie/Lopmon

Ai & Mako/Impmon


Kanbara Takuya/Agunimon

Minamoto Kouji/Lobomon

Himi "Tommy" Tomoki/Kumamon

Orimoto "Zoe" Izumi/Kazemon

Shimbaya "J.P." Junpei/Beetlemon

Kimura Koichi/Lowemon


Yagami Taichi/Zero (V-Dramon)




Tatsuno Tsurugi/Agumon

Kitajimi Ami/Pichimon

Inue Yuu/Gaomon


Willis/Terriermon + Lopmon

Washington Michael/Betamon

Their passionate hearts protected this world's beauty. Four people inherited the souls of these warriors and continued the fight.

It was near the crack of dawn, and the sun hasn't even risen yet. Rain was pouring from the skies of the Digital World nonstop, as it blended in with the dark turmoil. The DATS group, Daimon Masaru, Norstein Tohma, Fujieda Yoshino, and Noguchi Ikuto, along with their partners Agumon, Gaomon, Lalamon, and Falcomon, were facing off against a new enemy: Millenniumon, a digital monster much different from anything DATS has fought before.

"So, you are the humans that partner up with the digimon." Millenniumon said.

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?!" Masaru shouted violently.

"Simply everything." Millenniumon said. "Digimon should act freely on their own, instead of following the will of humans, and I intend to make it that way." Millenniumon's cannons started to charge.

"We're not gonna let that happen!" Masaru yelled, and he looked at Agumon. "Let's go, Agumon!"

"Okay, Aniki!" Agumon shouted to his partner. The two ran towards Millenniumon.

"Let's go as well." Tohma said.

"Yes, Master." Gaomon said while Ikuto, Falcomon, Yoshino, and Lalamon nodded and took out their Digivices.


"Gaomon evolve!"

"Lalamon evolve!"

"Falcomon evolve!"




"You're not going to get your way!" Masaru yelled. He leapt up into the air and thrusted his fist into Millenniumon. Although his DigiSoul came, Millenniumon didn't flinch a bit.

"Aniki, let's go!" Agumon shouted.

"MirageGaogamon, attack!" Tohma said.

"Yes, Master!" MirageGaogamon responded. He, Rosemon, and Ravemon headed towards Millenniumon.

"Full Moon Blaster!"

"Forbidden Temptation!"

"Blade of Heaven!"

The three attacks hit Millenniumon dead on, but he merely laughed.

"You and your weapons are no match for me." Millenniumon said calmly. Agumon jumped up to Millenniumon's chest.

"Baby Flame!"

The small attack hit Millenniumon and just burned out.

"You will be the first." Millenniumon said, pointing his cannons at Agumon.

"Cannon Fire!"

Three energy spheres were fired out of the Machine cannons and they hit Agumon straight on and he fell into a nearby lake.

"Agumon!" Masaru shouted as he leapt into the lake after him.

"Masaru-kun!" Yoshino yelled as Rosemon flew up at Millenniumon's face.

"Thorn Whip!"

A small mark formed on Millenniumon's face and his eyes glared right on to Rosemon.

"Such weak attacks." Millenniumon said. He formed his hands around Rosemon and they started to shine.

"Energy Blast!"

"Rosemon!" Yoshino yelled as Rosemon was hit by the energy blast. Tanemon fell down from the sky into Yoshino's arms.

"Y-Yoshino…" Tanemon said weakly.

"Tanemon, are you okay?" Yoshino asked.

"Ravemon, punish him!" Ikuto said as Ravemon flew up to Millenniumon with his claw creating a gust of wind.

"Spiral Raven Claw!"

As Ravemon attacked, Ikuto gasped as Ravemon's claw got stuck in Millenniumon's skin.

"Be careful!" Ikuto yelled.

"MirageGaogamon!" Tohma said.

"Yes, Master!" MirageGaogamon yelled as he flew up to rescue Ravemon.

"Gale Claw!"

MirageGaogamon's claw was able to break Ravemon's claw out of Millenniumon's skin.

"Thanks, MirageGaogamon." Ravemon said as MirageGaogamon nodded.

"Now, we're going to need to team-up to stop this one." MirageGaogamon said. "He's different than anyone we've ever battled before, and without Rosemon…" MirageGaogamon looked over at Yoshino holding the weak Lalamon. "And without ShineGreymon…" Ravemon looked at the lake, where Masaru and Agumon haven't resurfaced as of yet.

"You bore me." Millenniumon said as he opened his mouth.

"Time Unlimited!"

Two black orbs formed around MirageGaogamon and Ravemon.

"MirageGaogamon!" Tohma yelled.

"Ravemon, no!" Ikuto shouted.

"I-I can't move…" Ravemon said.

"Master…we're stuck…" MirageGaogamon said.

"This is my power to distort time and space." Millenniumon said as his eyes began to shine.

"Dimension Destroyer!"

The two black orbs which contained MirageGaogamon and Ravemon began to implode and caused a great explosion, and Wanyamon and Pinamon fell to the ground.

"Falcomon and Gaomon…" Ikuto said as he and Tohma caught their respective partners.

"They're regressed past their Child forms…" Tohma said.

"This is my power." Millenniumon growled, with his cannons blazing.

"Time Warp!" Two vortexes came out of Millenniumon's cannons and the third out of his mouth and they headed for Wanyamon, Pinamon, and Tanemon.

"No!" Ikuto said as he, Tohma, and Yoshino stood in front of their partners.

"We're not gonna let you hurt them!" Yoshino said.

"The digimon are our partners, and we'll protect them!" Tohma said.

"Very well…" Millenniumon said as the vortexes formed in front of the three humans. "They'll take you instead." The vortexes started to pull them in as they resisted.

"Master!" Wanyamon yelled.

"Ikuto!" Pinamon said.

"Yoshino!" Tanemon shouted.

"This is your fate." Millenniumon said. "Those who enslave digimon to do your bidding shall perish." One of Millenniumon's cannons fired a yellow sphere at the three, knocking them into the separate vortexes as they closed.

"We can't protect ourselves…" Wanyamon said. "Without Tohma-tachi, we can't evolve…"

"Now…" Millenniumon said. "You three shall be killed and reborn to follow my will."

"Like hell they will!" An aggressive shouted. From out of the lake, Masaru emerged atop ShineGreymon shoulder as he flew towards Millenniumon.

"Masaru! ShineGreymon!" Wanyamon, Tanemon, and Pinamon yelled.

"Millenniumon, what you did to Tohma, Yoshino, and Ikuto was unforgivable!" Masaru yelled.

"GeoGrey Sword!"

Millenniumon caught ShineGreymon's sword and broke it in half with his cannonfire.

"GeoGrey Sword was ineffective?!" Masaru gasped.

"You are the last of the digimon I need to defeat." Millenniumon said. "Your betrayal is unforgiveable and for that, you must die by my hands."

"No way!" Masaru shouted. "ShineGreymon, use the power of our will!"

"Right, Aniki!" ShineGreymon shouted as he held up his arms into the air and a huge ball of fire formed.

"Glorious Burst!"

As the attack hit, an explosion followed and Masaru smiled.

"That had to work!" Masaru shouted, but his smile faded once he saw Millenniumon's body disappear, but in its place stood a giant crystal with a spirit resembling Millenniumon's old body dwelling within.

"Aniki…" ShineGreymon said. "He evolved…"

"Whether he evolved or not…" Masaru said. "We have to defeat him!"

Millenniumon, who just evolved into MoonMillenniumon, floated in front of Masaru and ShineGreymon.

"Now you shall perish by my hand." He spoke as the center of the crystal began to shine.

"Death Crystal!"

MoonMillenniumon's body entered ShineGreymon's chest and a hole was left. Seconds later, ShineGreymon let out a glass-piercing scream that caused Masaru to lose balance and fall off of him and onto the ground.

"Masaru!" the baby digimon shouted as they went to him. The four watched as ShineGreymon's body completely dissolved.

"AGUMON!!!" Masaru cried. The remaining data formed into Agumon's body and he crashed into the ground next to Masaru, with his training braces shattering.

"A…Aniki…" Agumon said as Masaru helped him up. MoonMillenniumon flew over the four.

"Your existence is about to end." MoonMillenniumon said. As his crystal body began to shine, a shock wave hit it and caused a mini-explosion.

"Who was that?" Masaru gasped.

"Aniki, look!" Agumon shouted, pointing at another direction. Masaru and the others turned around to see a Monodramon growling at MoonMillenniumon.

"You…?" MoonMillenniumon said harshly.

"That's right." Another voice spoke. Masaru turned and saw a boy walking towards Monodramon.

"Aniki, who is that?" Agumon asked.

"I don't know." Masaru said.

"Akiyama Ryo, we meet again." MoonMillenniumon said as the boy, presumed Ryo, glared at MoonMillenniumon.

"Akiyama…Ryo?" Masaru gasped as he, Agumon, Wanyamon, Tanemon, and Pinamon watched in awe as Ryo and Monodramon faced off against MoonMillenniumon.