Digimon Savers: Forever Chosen

Chapter Six

Final Conclusion! Tsuredashite Ageru Kara!


"ShineGreymon Burst Mode!"

"MirageGaogamon Burst Mode!"

"Rosemon Burst Mode!"

"Ravemon Burst Mode!"

"GO!!!!!!" The Data Squad screamed.

"Final Shining Burst!"

"Final Mirage Burst!"

"Aguichant Lèvres!"

"Musou Tenshou Yoku no Jin!"

All four of the attacks combined into one super-charged attack and it hit Chronomon in the chest and created a gigantic smoke cloud, covering the sky.

"D-did we win?" Masaru coughed. He soon got his answer as the smoke was blown away by Chronomon, who was still standing after that onslaught.

"No way!" Tohma shouted. "He still stands?"

"It's time to show you the real power of Chronomon Destroyer Mode!" Analogman yelled as Chronomon loomed over the four Burst digimon.

"Grand Atonement!"

Chronomon's entire body emitted a dark digisoul and it continued to grow, blasting back Koromon, Wanyamon, Budmon, and Piramon, along with their tamers.

"You will never be able to defeat us!" Analogman sinisterly snickered as he and Chronomon continued off to the Human World, leaving the Data Squad and their baby digimon falling to their deaths.



Masaru opened his eyes and saw Koromon looking down on him.

"Agu, no…Koromon?" Masaru said as he stood up. Everyone else was still out cold, except for their digimon partners.

"Tohma! Yoshino! Ikuto! Ryo! Taichi! Yolei! Zoe! Henry!" Masaru called as he went and woke everyone up from their state of unconsciousness.

"Master, are you okay?" Wanyamon asked Tohma, and he nodded slightly.

"Everyone is at their In-Training forms." Tohma said. "What an unusual thing to happen."

"We can still fight, though!" Budmon squealed.

"Budmon, what are you talking about?" Yoshino asked. "We're no match for Chronomon. He defeated you guys in Burst Mode, and that's all we have left!"

"If you give up, then that's what'll happen!" Henry shouted. "We'll just lose!"

"Yeah, don't you guys know your own dub theme song?" Yolei asked, and the Data Squad said nothing.

"When you have to face a fight…" a voice sang from nowhere, causing everyone to look around.

"Be strong, and give it all your might…" another voice sang.

"Who's there?" Ikuto asked. From the hearts of Ryo, Yolei, Taichi, Zoe, and Henry, an orb of light appeared and it flew into the air.

"Well, that was a waste." Terriermon said. Soon enough, four beams of light hit the ground and voices could be heard.

"You guys are just going to quit?" a familiar voice said. From the light appeared Tai Kamiya, Davis Motomiya, Takato Matsuki, and Takuya Kanbara, along with their respective partners Agumon, Veemon, and Guilmon.

"Hey, Takuya!" Zoe said as she hugged her boyfriend.

"If you guys just give up, what's the point of your dub theme song?" Davis shouted.

"How does everyone know that song?" Ikuto asked.

"Never surrender, never be outdone!" Takato and Guilmon sang, even though Guilmon was off-key.

"'Cuz the challenge ain't over…" Takuya said.

"…we've only just begun!" Masaru shouted, as his digisoul began to burn.

"You're right!" Tohma said.

"The fight isn't over as long as we're still breathing!" Yoshino said.

"In fact, we'll fight with every last breath in us to save the world!" Ikuto said.

"Yay!!!" the baby digimon cheered.

"Alright, you know what time it is, everyone?" Masaru asked everyone as he pulled out his new digivice. "It's fightin' time!"


Koromon's body began to glow, and Tohma and Wanyamon watched.

"Tohma, I can't do this without you!" Masaru yelled. Tohma nodded and took out his own new digivice.


Wanyamon began to glow as well.

"Koromon evolve!"

"Wanyamon evolve!"


"We'll all help you!" Tai said as he, Davis, Takato, and Takuya held up their respective digivices.

"Agumon warp digivolve to…"


"Veemon warp digivolve to…"


"Guilmon Biomerge to…"


"Execute Now! Fusion Evolution!"


"Let's fight, too!" Ryo shouted, as everyone else unclipped their digivices.

"Terriermon Biomerge to…"


"Hawkmon warp digivolve to…"


"Monodramon Biomerge to…"


"Veedramon warp evolve!"


"Execute! Beast Spirit Evolution!"


All thirteen of the newly-evolved digimon basked in the light.

"The power of humans…" Masaru said.

"The power of digimon…" Omaogamon said.

"We'll show them all what we're made of!" The Chosen Children cried as their boarded their partner-digimon and flew into the air after Chronomon.


Analogman and Chronomon were flying towards a Digital Gate that was in the sky.

"Good, we're almost there!" Analogman shouted. "Nothing can stand in our way!"

"Guess again!" a voice yelled. Analogman turned around and saw the Chosen Children riding on their partner digimon.

"Like hell you're going to kill all humans!" Masaru shouted. Omaogamon flew in front of the Digital Gate, leaving all of the other digimon surrounding Chronomon.

"No matter." Analogman said. "I'll just delete all you guys that are in my way!" Chronomon's body began to shine.

"Death Flare!"

Gallantmon and WarGreymon held up their shields and they blocked the flames from spreading. Imperialdramon and Aldamon flew after Chronomon.

"Positron Laser!"

"Atomic Inferno!"

The two attacks smashed into one of Chronomon's wings, heavily damaging it.

"Guys, get the other wing!" Tai ordered.

"You got it!" Justimon yelled. "Digimon, attack!"

"Justice Burst!"

"Punishing Storm!"

"Gargo Missiles!"

"Hurricane Gale!"

"Shining V-Force!"

All four of the energy attacks formed around the Gargo Missiles and they created an energy field around it and it blasted off Chronomon's other wing.

"Now, let's go!" Tai yelled.

"Terra Force!"

"Lightning Joust!"

"Mirage Cannon!"

"Aguichant Lèvres!"

"Musou Tenshou Yoku no Jin!"

All five of the attacks hit Chronomon in the chest and it appeared that his body was completely destroyed, but they still heard Analogman laughing.

"What the hell is so funny?" Masaru asked atop Omaogamon's left shoulder.

"H-he's still standing!" Tohma shouted upon Omaogamon's right shoulder. The smoke cleared and Chronomon's body had completely regenerated, and Analogman was clutching a black digivice in his right hand and laughing insanely.

"As long as I have the power of the Dark Digisoul, we can't be beaten!" Analogman cried.

"Maybe…we don't have enough power to beat him…" Ikuto said.

"Yeah," Yoshino agreed. "We'll just lose again…"

"Shut up!" Tai shouted, as his chest started to emit an orange color and the Crest of Courage symbol appeared as it flew into the air. Seconds later, a million points of light were fired onto the ground and a million of the Chosen Children came from the sky with their partner digimon.

"Look at all of them." Tohma said.

"You guys can't give up." Kari Kamiya spoke with Gatomon by her side.

"If you lose, then the whole world loses." Kouji Minamoto said.

"You guys aren't quitters, right?" Rika Nonaka said in front of Renamon.

"NEVER GIVE UP!" Every single Chosen Child yelled, and the light that was surrounding them began to flow into Omaogamon's body.

"We need to give Omaogamon our power as well." Masaru said as the digisoul of the Data Squad all combined into one and flew inside Omaogamon and his body began to shine and a miracle happened.


Masaru, Tohma, Yoshino, and Ikuto's digivices all shined and they thrusted them into the air.


Omaogamon's body started to catch on fire, and the Shine Blade burst into flames and and the Mirage Cannon started to form a crescent shaped sword.

"Omaogamon Burst Mode!"

Omaogamon stood in front of Chronomon and Analogman in his new appearance.

"This is the true power of Burst Mode." Ryo said. "With the hopes and dreams of all of the Chosen Children, this is how far you can truly evolve."

"All right!" Masaru shouted. "It's fightin' time again!"

"Shining Burst ZERO!"

Omaogamon's blazing sword fired a powerful fireball at Chronomon, covering his body in flames.

"What is this?!" Analogman gasped.

"This is…" Masaru said.

"…our power!" Tohma shouted.

"MirageGaoga Burst!"

Omaogamon's crescent sword fired crescent shaped blasts at Chronomon, completely paralyzing his body.

"Chronomon, move!" Analogman yelled. "I command you!"

"It's time to deliver the final blow!" Masaru shouted as he held up his Digivice Twin R. "Everyone, send me the power of your digivices!"

As they were told, every single member of the Chosen Children held up their own respective digivices and the light that came out flew into Masaru's digivice, and the Air Signal function began to activate.

"VictoryGrey Sword!"

A blazing version of the GeoGrey Sword appeared in Omaogamon's hands and he held it into the sky and it began to emit a powerful wave of energy.

"Final Shining Blade!"

Omaogamon swung his mighty sword and stabbed Chronomon through the heart, and his body started to turn into digital data, and it was deleted, leaving Analogman trying to flee into the Digital Gate.

"You can't escape!" Masaru shouted as he leapt off of Omaogamon and slammed his fist into Analogman's face, and his own body started to dissolve into data.

"We did it!" Ikuto cheered.

"Alright!" Yoshino yelled.


Masaru, Tohma, Yoshino, and Ikuto stood on a cliff, watching the digimon frolic.

"Aniki, we beat that guy!" Agumon shouted as he, Gaomon, Lalamon, and Falcomon devolved from their Ultimate forms.

"Great job, Agumon!" Masaru shouted.

"Master, is something troubling you?" Gaomon asked Tohma, who was staring into the sky.

"The Chosen Children…" Tohma said. "What became of them?"

"I don't know." Yoshino said. "They just disappeared."

"I hope they're okay." Ikuto said as Falcomon nodded in agreement.

"Nonetheless," Masaru said. "Anyone who threatens the Digital World will have to face the Digimon Data Squad!"

"Awaken in our fists, Digisoul!" the Data Squad shouted as their digimon partners jumped into the air behind them and silhouettes of their evolutions appeared behind them.


Kizutsuita hane ga
Kiseki o yobiokoshite
Futatabi mau yo
Yume no kaze ni nori
Kirameku niji o koete
Tabi no tsuzuki e

Sora o miagete saa!
Michinaru sono tobira hirake!

Mirai e in the sky
Kanjita mama ni
Shinjita! it's my soul
Doko made mo iku yo
Michibike! in the sky
Minna o tsurete
Shinjita! it's my soul
Hirari maiagaru



My name's Wada Hiro! I'm 13 years old and I love playing with the Digimon V-Pets! My Agumon is the best fighter! My friends don't believe me when I talk about the real Digimon World, but something strange happens and I get sent there, and I get to meet my Agumon in person! Read as Agumon and I venture to save the Digimon World!